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    Monster Mashes: An Art Project.

    Yesterday afternoon, I asked the folks on Twitter for help with a special art project: They could name any two people or characters, and I’d merge them into one. So like, if people ever wondered what it might look like had Godzilla been part Ninja Turtle, I was their guy. Dozens were hap

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    Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 6!

    A reader/pal who we’ll call “MZ” sent me a huuuuuge pile of old taped-off-television videocassettes, loaded with commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s. What a score. I’m now armed with enough material to keep the Five Retro TV Commercials series going until 2050. One of those tape

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    Five Random Action Figures, Part 27!

    Everything featured in this edition of Five Random Action Figures was found last weekend. Four came from that flea market, while the fifth was hiding at a yard sale just down the street. Total cost? Eight bucks. Considering that any two of them would’ve been a bargain for that price, I

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    2016 Flea Market Finds, Part 1!

    And we’re off! The 2016 flea market and yard sale season has begun, and I’m super excited to spend the next umpteen weekends buying dirty garbage from total strangers. Thank God I have this site to help justify so many frivolous purchases. Remember this when I toss an iffy GoFundMe up

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    Meet my new cat.

    We adopted a new cat. She doesn’t have a name yet, though we’re testing out several. “Storm” is among the contenders, so for the moment, let’s just call her that. Adopting a new cat was not at all on our radar. During a weak moment, I started looking over a list of shelter cats i

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    Purple Stuff Podcast: All About 1992!

    1992 was an interesting year for me. I was still very much a kid, but the climate of junior high had a way of pressuring me away from “baby” stuff in favor of more “mature” arenas… like comic books, dumbass sneakers and TV shows about space aliens. No, it didn’t make any sense

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    This Fright Flicks poster is my everything.

    One of Dino Drac’s very first articles was about Fright Flicks trading cards, released by Topps in 1989. Whereas most of Topps’s trading card sets dealt with only one property, Fright Flicks tackled tons of them. A huge pile of classic horror movies were represented, from A Nightmare

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    Six Snacks I Want Back, Volume 7!

    More amazing snacks from the '80s and '90s, reviewed! This time, I'm digging up Crunch Tators, Jolt Cola, Undercover Bears and more!

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    The Madballs eBay Dig!

    Today’s objective: To find the best and weirdest Madballs collectibles currently on eBay. For an added layer of difficulty, I’m disqualifying any of AmToy’s original Madballs from this list. I want this to be a deeper dig. The goal isn’t just to show you a bunch of cool crud, but a

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    Returning to the Best 99 Cent Store Ever!

    We spent Sunday in Atlantic City, taking advantage of a free room offer from The Borgata. Sometimes you just crave a hotel bed, y’know? The cold, windy weather left the boardwalk pretty empty, but I wasn’t about to miss out on crane games and Atlantic City’s infamous souvenir shops.

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    Dino Drac’s April 2016 Funpack is here!

    I guess Saturday night is a stupid time for a product launch, but whatever, I’ll live. Dino Drac’s April 2016 Funpack is here! (AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY!) You all know the drill by now, right? I sell monthly Funpacks. Without them, there’d be no Dino Drac. Subscriptio

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    Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 5!

    Today: Another batch of retro TV commercials! Like the five featured last time, these were all pulled from Batman: The Animated Series episodes that aired back in ‘93. For maximum effect, picture eight minutes’ worth of oddly touching Clayface moments between each one. Terminator 2

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    Doritos 3D’s STILL EXIST.

    Get ready to have your minds blown: Doritos 3D’s still exist. No, I’m not talking about those Jacked 3D things. I mean the really real deal versions. The ones that look like pregnant Bugles. THESE: But hold on. There’s a catch. To the best of my knowledge, Doritos 3D’s are only

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    Ssseven Sssensational Sssnakes.

    Tonight’s article is about ssseven sssensational sssnakes. Specifically, monster snakes from all walks of pop culture, and by that I don’t just mean “very large snakes.” (You won’t find the Basilisk on this list.) I was more interested in unearthing creatures that were predominan

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    The Angriest Whopper is awesome and red.

    Burger King’s Angriest Whopper is like a surprise hit of Halloween during springtime. They’re not advertising it this way, but it’s obviously a “sister burger” to the legendary (and infamous) Halloween Whopper. I love Burger King’s increasing obsession with dyeing bread, and I

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    Purple Stuff Podcast: Wrestling Memories!

    It’s WrestleMania weekend! While I admit that I’ve become more of a fair weather fan, WWE’s WrestleMania still feels like a holiday. The event is this Sunday, but there’s enough wrasslin’ shit going on for fans to make a whole weekend out of it. I’m very much looking forwar

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    A huge buncha toys from 1985.

    Some print ads are worth spending whole days obsessing over. …like this one, from 1985! As part of a special co-promotion between Toys “R” Us and Post Cereal, kids had a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree. If you plucked the winning game piece from a box of Super Golden Crisp,

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    The Best Vintage Simpsons Junk on eBay!

    After my TMNT eBay romp, reader/pal Sammy Hain suggested doing one for The Simpsons. I’m so game. Below are some of the most interesting pieces of Simpsons memorabilia currently on eBay. I stuck with stuff from the show’s earliest years, when Homer and Bart were still the coolest dud

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    The best Ninja Turtles junk on eBay!

    Below: Seven of the most interesting TMNT items currently on eBay. I can afford nearly none of them. TMNT Sewer Hockey! Asking Price: $224.99 Table hockey is fun under any guise, but when your team includes the likes of Casey Jones and Genghis Frog, you’re compelled to never stop playin

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    Five Random Action Figures, Part 26!

    Get set for another edition of Five Random Action Figures! Admission: I’m trying to hurry through these so I can get to the next milestone edition, which is when I’ll allow myself to splurge on toys that aren’t already hiding in my office bins. Can’t wait to finally buy that old Se