Dinosaur Dracula!

Madd Matt reviews an 18″ Michael Myers doll.

It’s 8 AM. I haven’t been to bed yet.

Really reminded me of the old, old, OLD X-E days, when overnight “shifts” were the norm, and days could be slept into virtual nonexistence. I rarely have the chance to fall this far off the grid anymore, and it was fun to rekindle my love of silent nights and crow-cawing dawns.

The reason for this overnighter? I put on the ol’ face paint and reviewed some giant Michael Myers doll:

Had to re-render the thing like five times. I am so sick of watching this video.

I’ve owned this doll for many years, though “action figure” might be a more accurate term. It certainly sounds less shameful. Sort of.

Michael Myers is 18 inches tall, comes with a knife, and plays the Halloween theme when you wave your hand in front of him. Made by NECA, this guy can fetch a pretty penny. I’d considered hawking mine on eBay, but who needs $50 when you can have a YouTube video with 200 views, four likes and six dislikes?

Great toy, if you can find it. It looks like a statue but poses like a figure, or at least, some parts of it pose like a figure. The head moves. The arms sort of move. I don’t know. I haven’t slept since Monday. Or Tuesday. Not sure. Days confuse me right now.

Rice Krispies Treats Pumpkin Kit!

Thanks again to everyone who ordered a Dino Drac Halloween Print. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they sold, and from all I’ve heard, people seem to dig them. Still have some left, so if you want in, this is the week!

In other, more pressing news, I made pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies Treats.

This past month has been a bit of a blur, but if I remember things correctly, I found this at Walmart. The Rice Krispies Treats Pumpkin Kit gives you everything you need to create fourteen edible creatures, right down to a tiny tube of radioactive dye.

The box features Snap, Crackle and Pop in their Halloween costumes. This year, I’m giving the ribbon to Crackle. He looks great as a mummy, and though I doubt he intended this, his hair looks like an amoeba.

Pop comes in last. He’s dressed like a waiter at Applebee’s, and I’ve never forgiven them for the French Onion Soup Incident of ’08.

Don’t ask. Read More…

Vlog: “Horri-Ballz” Monster Doll Review.

My kind and generous buddy, DJ D, sent me an incredible Halloween care package with all sorts of goofy/great stuff inside. Including this!

His name is Marzian, and he’s one of the Horri-Ballz – furry alien monsters who make strange noises when you beat them up. Like Tribbles, but a hundred times cooler.

I’d never heard of them before, and even after Googling, there doesn’t seem to be many people talking about Horri-Ballz online. This is a sign that we as a society have failed. These are terrific toys, and if you can stomach six minutes of me doing nothing, this video explains why:

Huge thanks to DJ D for saving my season with a fuzzy blue death monster. Be sure to check out his radio show, Dark Entries. Especially if you like music that could potentially score a protracted murder scene.

5 Halloween Things!

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have so much wonderful stuff left to cover. This post aims to decrease the number of bullets on my Must-Write-About list by five. I’ll feel better about the world when it’s done.

SpongeBob Plastic Cup with Straw: I could not have fewer uses for this, but for two bucks, who could pass up a pumpkin-themed SpongeBob head? I am mortal, not god.

Of course, now that I actually sit here and look at the thing, it’s obviously just a repainted regular SpongeBob head. It’s the normal mold, with not even a modified tooth to tell you that this is a special edition SpongeBob who serves Satan.

Don’t care. Still love it. It’s orange, but more specifically, it’s the best kind of “Halloween orange.”

Halloween orange knows many shades, from bright neon to dim and earthy. This one is smack in the middle. Like a wad of perfect cheddar, from a cheesemaker who really took pride in it.

EDIT: I’m a fool. There are defined “pumpkin lines” all over SpongeBob’s head. So this really was a custom mold. Now he’s triple great. Read More…

McDonald’s Scooby-Doo Halloween Pails!

For the third year in a row, McDonald’s brought back the ol’ trick-or-treat pails. Think of them as the spiritual successors to the “McBoo” pails of the ‘80s. What they lack in charm, they make up for in sooo many stickers!

2012’s pails have a Scooby-Doo theme. This surprised me. I was unaware of any recent Scooby-Doo exploits that could possibly warrant co-branded buckets stuffed with greasy food. What has this dog been up to?

Hmm. Looks like it came with a coupon for the Big Top Scooby-Doo DVD. I guess that’s it? Must be.

I never heard of that movie until now. If Wikipedia can be believed, there’s a very good reason to see it: Mindy Cohn supplies the voice of Velma. Why didn’t I know this? You’ll probably remember her as Natalie Green, but let’s not forget Mindy’s legendary spot on Celebrity Ghost Stories, where she battled against Pasadena’s trickiest dead kid. I love Mindy Cohn.

There are three different pails available, but at different times. You’re supposed to eat at McDonald’s all through October if you want a shot at a full collection.

Fortunately, I got the one I wanted most, right off the bat. The white one, with the ten decapitated Scooby-Doo heads on it. It called to me. Read More…