Friday the 13th!

I’m not quite ready to come out of my cave, but you don’t get a chance to wish strangers on the Internet a happy Friday the 13th often.


Speaking of which, here’s a promo I worked on for EPIX’s all-day Friday the 13th marathon, which is happening as I type this:

Thanks to creative director JB and editor AM for spending way too much time making the movies seem friendly.

Also, notice the wacky signs? I shot those in the woods and have the bug bites to prove it.

This was just one of the many projects that turned me into such an awful webmaster over the last several weeks. I’m trying to remember how to run a website. I know it involved my camera and a lot of adjectives. Gonna spend tonight piecing together the rest. See you soon!

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  1. I haven’t read Jaws yet but most people say the movie is way better than the novel. I’d like to find out someday. A lot of people say that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was a better film than novel, but again, haven’t read that one so I don’t really know. Also need to read The Exorcist, because why not.

    As for The Shining, I like Kubrick’s film better than King’s novel. I also liked the movie It better than the book. The book just got…weird. And not in a good way, in my opinion.

    This will undoubtedly get me shot, but I like the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice way better than the book. And I like the Lord of the Rings trilogy a lot better than the book (sorry, fellow nerds).

    Also, I didn’t know Psycho was based on a novel! How’d I miss that?

  2. I read Jaws one summer. Great beach read. The appeal of it is that you feel like you are there – Benchley really did well in describing this hot little resort town. You can practically taste the margaritas and feel the gritty sand on your neck when Brody leaves the beach to go to the bar to meet his wife. Great writer. But in terms of sudden action, movie might win. They kinda do two different things.

  3. Donald J. Sobel is dead? And he was only 87. Seriously, I love reading those books even now.

    You know what was really tragic? Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage Stallone, died last week. He was only 36.

  4. I also know that the author of “THe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” died today. That one at least made CNN. I might have read this in my college business class, but I’m not sure.

  5. @Cheetara I saw it!

    *Spoilers ahead*

    Any speculation for why he needs the M-60 in the flash forward? I’m thinking he is going to survive the season (as opposed to the popular theory that he will die at the end) and use it to kill off most of the principal characters at once, for wronging him in some way throughout the season. He will kill Jesse, Hank, Saul and the other principal criminal elements, then move away with his family, having completely devolved into an inhuman monster. Skyler will commit suicide rather than be forced to live the rest of her days married to a psychopathic madman. Final scene: Walt and Walt Jr. eating breakfast, the son blissfully unaware of his dad’s evil.

  6. I am a HUGE Stephen King fanatic. I loved the film version of ‘Shawshank Redemption’– they really did the story justice. The film, ‘Stand By Me’ I actually liked MORE than the story, ‘The Body’, which it is based on. As for ‘It’, the book was EPIC and the film…not so much. It was good, but didn’t do the book justice is all. ‘Misery’, ‘The Mist’ and ‘Dolores Claiborne’ were also great film adaptations of his work. However, the film version of ‘Dreamcatcher’ was horrid. I also thought that the book version of ‘Carrie’ was better than the film.

  7. Genius promo.

  8. The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me are both great examples of getting the feel of things just right when adapting one of King’s stories into a screenplay. I think I prefer The Body by just a bit to Stand By Me, but I’d rank the film and book of Shawshank as pretty much equal.

    I read the English translation of V. K. Arseniev’s Dersu the Trapper a while back, and liked it, but the film version Dersu Uzala will always trump it because HOLY SHIT KUROSAWA. Similarly, I read the Strugatsky brothers’ novella Roadside Picnic, and really enjoyed it, but it still pales in comparison to Stalker because HOLY SHIT TARKOVSKY. Only other one I can think of offhand at the moment is Dennis Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out, which was alright, but the ’68 Hammer film with Christopher Lee and Charles Gray beats it by a country mile for sheer entertainment.

  9. I’m with Jugendsehnsucht in that usually when I read the book right before seeing the movie, I end up picking the movie apart, and 99% of the time, like the book a lot better.

    One notable exception? Jurrasic Park. I liked the movie a lot better than Crichton’s novel. Michael Crichton has a habit of disappearing up his own ass describing minute scientific details, and forgets to keep the action moving along.

  10. I can think of 5 movies that I liked more than the books. The Green Mile – what was that ending?? Rebecca, Trainspotting, Clockwork Orange and the aforementioned Jaws.
    Oh, and The Devil Wears Prada…not that I read that or anything…

  11. I haver never seen the Will Smith version of “I, Robot.” I probably never will.

  12. Consider yourself lucky, I wish I never saw the Will Smith version of “I, Robot” and “I Am Legend”. :( Awful!

  13. Vwarb: I have no idea how it’s going to end, and I love that. Walt has clearly reached the point of no return. The only person he really has to contend with is Mike (one of my personal favorites) and to a lesser extent, Hank.

  14. I preferred the film “Bladerunner” to its source novella “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. I know it may be blasphemy to others but I just could not get into Philip K. Dick, while Bladerunner is on my top 10 movie list.

  15. “… A Clockwork Orange …”Faith

    Another good call. A good book, but the film vision of it had an even bigger impact on me, and that was even after reading the book first, which is quite a rarity. As far as I’m concerned, Kubrick was one of those rare directors that had a long career and pretty much no duds. I still haven’t seen The Killing or Fear and Desire, but it sounds like the latter (which he pretty much disowned) is the only real blemish on his career.

  16. Hey all. TC back fresh from doing battle with student loans. Sneaky jerks. Gave em $800 extra bucks this month and they deducted it, and then decided not to have me pay again till December all so they could keep snagging the interest. I don’t think so chumps! I’m paying this evil thing off. $16,000 more to go! Geez beasties that would buy everything from the 80′s I ever THOUGHT about wanting!

  17. Keep up the good fight on those student loans, TC! Me and the wife don’t have any and it’s a huge weight off our shoulders! Paying off the house is the next biggie…after that? All the toys I can buy! mmwwaaahhahahaha!

  18. Just when I was about to retire for the night I see that Evil Dead 2 is on IFC. Sleep shmeep.

  19. I don’t have any student loans but I also don’t have a degree. Murf.

    Best of luck to you, TC.

  20. TC: Ouch, that’s brutal man. It’s almost enough to make a guy feel guilty for skating by on the Post 9/11 GI Bill ;)
    It seems like they’ve got you every which way you turn these days. Even though I won’t end up with any debt, I’m still glad I’m finishing undergrad this year and hopefully starting grad school next year. My current school just raised tuition again and tacked on some new fees for the upcoming Fall/Spring school year. It’s still heavily discounted for military students, but it hurts a little all the same. I’ll be very curious to see how much longer this new GI Bill lasts in its current form. Receiving a monthly housing allowance at the E-5 w/dependents rate is awesome, but I can’t imagine that it’ll be sustainable for the long term. Especially in such a rough economy.

  21. That actually IS grad school. Oh don’t worry, I’ve got the benefit for college, but my specialty required my masters before I could join. I’m planning on just passing my ed benefits down to my kids so they don’t have to put up with this crap. It’ll either be spread across three of em, or one will get a full ride. Guess they’ve got the next 14-18 years to duke it out.

  22. Movie remakes that are better than the original book:

    First one that comes to mind is “Planet of the Apes.” How many didn’t even know that was a book?

    How many knew that the book was by the guy that wrote “Bridge over the River Kwai.”

  23. I did not know any of those things.

  24. I actually read the “Planet of the Apes” book and the movie (1968 not that 2001 piece crap) is far better. Didn’t know that Pierre Boulle wrote “Bridge Over the River Kwai” too. The more you know…

  25. How did I miss this post for five days? Pay those bills Matt, but come back when you can :)

  26. TC: Ah, cool. I hear the timing of the transfer is critical. Maybe it’ll come down to whichever kid is ready for college within the proper time frame.

    And just out of curiosity, you wouldn’t happen to be at Tinker would you?

  27. Indeed, my terrifying claws reside there! How did you know?

  28. Gone With the Wind definitely needs to be added to the “movie was better than the book” list. Also, this is a random one where neither the movie or the book are particularly memorable, but I read the book that Wag the Dog was based on (can’t remember the name right now). The movie was okay, but the book was not really good at all.

  29. “The Man Who Would Be King” was better in its movie form. The filmmakers took Rudyard Kipling’s 25 or so page short story and turned it into an epic. Not that there was anything wrong with the original short story, Kipling is great. What makes the film better in my opinion is the amazing on screen chemistry from the principles and how they fleshed out the story. Awesome Sean Connery / Michael Caine buddy film.

  30. Reader for years and years, occasional commenter-

    I wanted an f13 tattoo for awhile, and decided to make it happen last Friday. I figured if anyone would get a kick out of it, it would the folks here- let me know what you think, I think it’s pretty awesome!

  31. TC: When you mentioned your specialty it reminded me of a couple of references to Oklahoma and the AF you made on X-E once upon a time. It stuck out to me because my brother is stationed there at the moment. He’s a Tech Sergeant who works as a Chaplain Assistant, he’s real skinny, wears glasses, really tech savvy, just turned 30 at the beginning of the year. Now I’m wondering if maybe he’s somebody you might actually know.

  32. @all dads go to heaven: hardcore dude :) Is that on your inside arm or leg? Hard to tell in the photo.

  33. So this is cool! Fearnet Saturday mornings the cartoons Crypt Keeper and The Real Ghostbusters will be on. Why couldn’t these be my Saturday morning cartoons growing up?
    Time to eat cereal indian-style in front of the TV. Or I’ll just drink coffee on the couch and read the paper with this as background sound. Either way…

    all dads go to heaven- BADASS!!! I love it!

  34. If the last name is the same (and not an elaborate persona – spoiler alert, I don’t actually have claws) I might bump into him. Explaining how I “know” you would be weird though.

  35. This is just kind of an elaborate derivative of a form of my real name. It’s…complicated. Kind of a long boring explanation behind that. Anyway, this isn’t my real last name. Despite my Scottish/Irish heritage our legal last name is actually quite German, and relatively rare.

    I can’t remember if you’ve ever said what you do, but you certainly seem like the Chaplain type so I was just wondering. It’s always interesting to be reminded just how small the military world really is.

  36. @johnv back of my calf. I put all of my funny tattoos on my legs so they can be covered up easily when necessary. Have a gag ghostbusters one on the same leg!

  37. all dads go to heaven – That’s pretty sweet man! I have been contemplating getting a F13 tattoo as well. After seeing that, I’d say, maybe it’ll be my next one(not the one that you got though, gotta be different).

    Bill – That is awesome! Is the Tomahawk still in that box? If that was in my office utility closet, I would see if I was able to take it home with me. :)

  38. Bill – I had that copter! I wonder if somebody bought that for his son years ago and forgot about it…

  39. Bill-

    Awesome it even has the ad for the “Refrigerator Perry” action figure giveaway.

  40. Can you guys believe that nut that shot up a midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises? Jesus Christ- can’t we all just let each other enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like Batman? I wonder if the guy was just your run-of-the-mill crazy person, or if he decided to play League of Shadows.

  41. Woah! Bill is…is the copter still in there? I may need to send some funds to help out your blog if you mail it to me! :)

  42. The shooting at the midnight showing of Batman is just a tragedy. Faith in humanity is shaken again. My love goes out to the families of the victims.

    It seems trivial at this point, but my original reason for posting was to tell Matt that we miss him and his delightful writing, and to take his time…we’ll be here.

  43. It’s a sad day.

  44. The link below was posted at aintitcool. It’s a short and moving request that people go see movies this weekend.

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