The Popsicle Parade – Part 1!

With summer just over a month away, I’m only a little early in launching Dino Drac’s latest recurring feature. Introducing The Popsicle Parade, a multi-part series celebrating dozens of the wonderful things we used to buy from ice cream trucks!

There’s a certain “artistry” to popsicles that’s easy to admire. The colors! Those weird shapes! The impressive skill with which random cartoon characters’ heads were somehow forged out of quick-melting water ice!

Nearly none of the treats I’ll be featuring are still on the market. They came out at various points in the past 25 years, delighting our eyes and stomachs for a limited time only. Don’t let any of these things make you too specifically hungry, because you just can’t get most of these beauts anymore.

#1: Street Sharks Popsicle!

Street Sharks was a mid ‘90s cartoon about heroic shark-men who battled a bunch of bizarre humanoid sea creatures. You could whittle it down to “Ninja Turtles with sharks,” but the series wouldn’t have such a cult following if the story stopped there. (Of course, the fact that Street Sharks had such amazing toys didn’t hurt.)

This popsicle takes its likeness from Ripster, the “great white” Street Shark who served as team leader. Course, you don’t need to care one bit about the series to appreciate a shark popsicle with tiny bubble gum eyes. The fact that its flesh was made of somewhat unusual strawberry ice made it all the sweeter.

#2: Big Bang Popsicle!

Edible Americana, but with a twist. The last of the three “sections” was stuffed with Pop Rocks, which aside from heightening the flavor, also made the popsicle crackle and pop in our mouths!

A brilliant upgrade, no doubt. While I wouldn’t have normally chosen an everyday “Bomb Pop” over the slew of icy hero heads waiting in the ice cream truck, that Pop Rocks bonus would’ve changed everything.

#3: Klondike Double Decker Sandwich!

Okay, technically, this isn’t a popsicle. I’ll be breaking that rule fairly often during this series, so get used to it.

The beauty of the Double Decker was how it helped us skirt guilt. Surely there have been times when no single item from the ice cream truck would’ve been enough to satisfy you. Klondike’s Double Decker was almost as good as buying two treats, while totally removing the fear that the ice cream man might call you a demon. No longer would we pretend to pick up second desserts for imaginary younger sisters. If we wanted to feel sickly full, the Double Decker was our lord and savior.

#4: WWF Superstars Ice Cream Bar!

One of the most famous popsicles ever! With a middle of vanilla ice cream and a backplate of hardened milk chocolate, the key component was the mushy cookie front, each stamped with the likeness of a pro-wrestler!

Debuting in the ‘80s, WWF Ice Cream Bars survived for ages, never changing the core formula but always swapping the featured wrestlers. (Lex Luger may have enjoyed ice cream stardom in 1994, but by ’97, he was sooo out of rotation.)

These were required eating for wrestling fans, but with the bars being so unique in their presentation, even many non-fans couldn’t resist them. As an added bonus, each came with a free trading card!

#5: Super Mario Bros. Bar!

The Super Mario popsicle was available in spurts over the course of many years, and for all I know, it’s still being made today.

Nintendo kept things simple, sticking with the flavors and extras that were already proven hits. For one thing, the popsicle was made of cherry ice, which is one of those “safe” flavors that everyone loves. Then, borrowing an idea from several popsicles that preceded it, the vaguely Mario-themed head was topped with a big pink gumball nose.

In the realm of popsicles, we must never discount the power of gumball body parts. Through the years, I have suffered through some pretty piss poor popsicles to get at those things. In truth, for many of us, the gum was the whole point. We’d toss the popsicle after two licks just to hurry the process.

#6: The Great White!

While I certainly remember these, I can’t recall their flavor. Smart money is on “lemon,” but I can’t rule out the possibility that this was one of those popsicles that hid “cherry” under an unassuming cloak of white.

More importantly, IT’S SHAPED LIKE A SHARK.

Great White bars never looked as good in person as they did on the stickers. If you wanted perfectly visible eyes and gills, you had to get the freshest Great White bar, kept at the most impossibly accurate temperature. Most of the time, it looked more like a beached shark, slowly decomposing into something cryptozoologists might call a “globster.”

#7: The Mask Popsicle!

From 1997, these weren’t based on the Jim Carrey movie, but rather the cartoon series that spun from it. Which, to be honest, I have not seen one single episode of.

Even if I had no passion for anything Mask-related, I don’t know how I would’ve resisted a popsicle with TWO gumballs tacked on. Especially these gumballs, which were painted to resemble The Mask’s psychotic eyes! (Neatly, even if the eyeballs were placed in totally unsymmetrical positions — a common popsicle mishap — it still fit the theme.)

#8: Bubble Play!

This one was HUGE for me. I don’t remember the flavor, but that was never important. It was all about that baseball gumball. The stitching really sold it!

A sports-themed popsicle wasn’t exactly up my alley, and as cool as the edible baseball was, that could have only been part of it. Actually, I think I gravitated to Bubble Play bars as a method of obtaining a little street cred. “Look, guys! I may go home whenever someone brings a bat outside, but I’m eating a baseball glove! We have common ground!”

#9: Orange Polar Pole!

This wasn’t something I ever remember getting from an ice cream truck, but we always had boxes of these in the house. I see this, and I’m instantly four-years-old again. If memory serves, I knew them as “Push Pops,” and I’m fairly certain that the ones I used to eat had some promotional link to Fred Flintstone.

The rod of sherbet became progressively messier as you ate your way through. There was no way to look graceful while eating these. If you don’t believe me, try it. Whether by “Rich” or another maker, bars like this are definitely still around.

#10: Bart Simpson Popsicle!

Another classic that came and went and came again. So long as The Simpsons remains in production, we can only consider Bart Simpson pops as “alive” or “dormant.” Never “dead.”

Bart’s flesh might not look delicious, but with sour cherry and lemonade flavors, it most certainly was. Bart adopted the gumball eye strategy as well, even if his were a bit on the small side.

As I recall, it was especially fun to eat his hair, as it let you provide Bart with a series of alternative hairdos before finally killing him with the death bite.

I hope you like ice cream, because I think I have enough ammo to do at least 5 of these posts. Stay tuned!

74 Responses to The Popsicle Parade – Part 1!

  1. I want to shove all of these into my mouth.

  2. Push-Ups. That’s what they were called. I was close.

  3. Brings back a lot of memories there. Now to go track down an ice creak truck…

  4. I only remember ever buying 1 WWF bar even though it was amazing. I got a Macho Man motion changing elbow drop card. Not the best but not the worst, though I wanted Undertaker or Hulk Hogan of course.

  5. I always wanted the WWF bar because it was shown in all the imported comic books and in WWF Magazine, but as far as I know never crossed the water.

    Still, we had Freaky Feet and that makes everything ok.

  6. I loved that the gumballs were never in the right spots when unwrapping any character popsicle.

  7. Slightly OT as this is a current Popsicle product; but the Sour Patch Kids popsicles are amazing.

  8. This comes just as I finish wolfing down a Magnum bar for lunch. Good timing, or BEST timing?

    We had the best ice cream guy on our street, but my parents never shelled out for anything unless it was a particularly lucky day. Even then I was more of an ice cream novelty kinda gal. :(

  9. Damn i remember those push pops – I can taste it in my mouth and i havent eaten one in probably 30 years!

  10. I bet that pink baseball glove’s flavor was bubble gum. We started buying orange Push-Ups for our daughter and then found a store brand version called “Orange and Mango Sherbert Swirl”….we buy those for ourselves, feeling all grown up, and let her have the Push-Ups. My favorite was always the Scooter Crunch bars.

  11. Pardon my blaspheming, but I was just the opposite in terms of gumball body parts. I was never a fan. Hard, cold and usually flavorless, they felt like a disappointing way to end such a delicious treat.

    But man, were those WWF bars delicious.

  12. Future editions will probably shorten this to 5 instead of 10. I just couldn’t narrow it down for this first go. :)

    @Melanie: Yeah, that was probably it, taking the title into consideration. I’m alarmed by remembering that one so well. It’s not my style at all, but I used to get it all the time. (Still, my norm was always the plain old snowcone.)

    @Alex: Oh, I agree with you, but I never seemed to care. A lot of it had to do with timing. Kids around here never let the truck pass without a purchase, but we weren’t always in a position to spend ten minutes eating ice cream. At least we’d get gum before dropping the popsicle in the street and riding off.

  13. PLEASE tell me you haven’t hanged onto these all these years like those Halloween Kid’s Cuisine’s or whatever from a few years ago! LOL

    I’m sorta-kinda guilty of doing the same thing, mostly with Halloween cereal boxes (without the cereal) or at least the premium’s, like stickers. And some cases, advertisements from magazines – like one with Herman Munster in a candy bar ad. Whatever I’ve kept is stashed away in my many many orange/black Rubbermaid totes filled with all my Halloween stuff.

    Collecting anything Halloween is as much of a hobby of mine as Star Wars. The older and more vintage, the better. The oldest thing I have is a plastic light-up jack-o-lantern on a shock of fodder from 1969 and keep it displayed year-round. It’s pretty unorthodox around here, EVERY day is Halloween in Scott’s house!

  14. Matt, how did you do the images for this post? They look like they were cut out of heavy tag-board and then photographed, but that’s not possible, is it? Are these from original ads, or did you make them to look as if they were original?

  15. I’m eagerly awaiting Fat Frog and Bubble O’Bill.

  16. @Thorzul: They’re the original stickers (unpeeled), which I photographed. They’re not made of cardboard, they just seem thicker in some cases due to shadowing. And then I threw fake Dino Drac stickers over them because these are the types of images that are usually swiped. ;)

  17. As a kid, I remember the grocery store near our house sold some type of vampire-themed popsicles that were coated in a black-colored flavoring and filled with cherry “blood”. My mom would never get them because she thought they were too gross to eat. I’ve never been able to find em since, or even find a picture of the box. Any one else remember popsicles similar to these?

  18. @wulfskull: Vampire’s Secret bars. Infamous on old X-E food discussion threads. :)

  19. You know, I’ve never had that Mario one. I should remedy that.

    What I did have, though, was the Super Mario Bros. ice cream sandwich from way back in the day. Those were SO good, I got them all the time at the expense of just about everything else. I guess they were just vanilla ice cream sandwiches, but I still loved them.

    I don’t know how common they were in ice cream trucks, but I hope we see some of the Disney stuff, like the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars that had chocolate ice cream ears covered in a chocolate shell. Or the molded character popsicles… those were good molds, as I recall, and gave the pops an interesting texture.

    I hate that I never got to try the WWE ice cream bars, though. I think my life is going to be incomplete. =(

  20. Little disappointed the turtle bars weren’t on there. Those were by far the most popular in my area.

  21. I loved this! I grew up (and still live) in the middle of nowhere, so I don’t really have memories of the ice cream truck when I was a kid, but if I had access to a time machine now, I wouldn’t use it to make money or save Abraham Lincoln…oh no, I would go back and eat every single one of these popsicles/ice cream bars. Also, good job of “branding” the pictures as yours. Let’s see Pee Wee Herman steal your pictures now!

    I remember those Push-Ups that Kevlar281 posted! I loved those things! I always found it strange that THE FUCKING SABRETOOTH TIGER got a push-up but Betty didn’t!

    Guise, I knew the English had a reputation for having freaky teeth, but had no idea that you had freaky feet, too! *rimshot* ;)

  22. @Matt: Holy crap, those are the ones! I could never think of the name, now I see why. I think maybe the secret is.. the blood is actually real! ;)

  23. I can verify that the Great White popsicle was lemon-flavored. It was my favorite.

  24. Also, Opera’s built-in spell check does not recognize Popsicle as a word unless it is capitalized. Did you know the word is a proper noun?

  25. @yusef: I researched “popsicle” enough to feel okay with using it as a generic term, even if in many ways it isn’t. It fits what this is better than “ice cream,” though.

  26. Thanks a lot Matt, now I’ve got like 20 Wikipedia tabs related to all foods frozen ;)

  27. Wasnt there a whole thing about the blue raspberry flintstones push pops making your poop blue?

  28. When I first saw the post, my mind instantly thought of the few times I was able to get my little child hands on a Great White Popsicle.
    So needless to say, I was quite thrilled (if not saddened by the fact I haven’t seen them in years)to see they have a spot on this list.
    Those things were amazing even if they were just normal lemon.

  29. Amazing! I remember most of these but I always get a little disappointed by the actual product. Even today, I really want the green from with bubblegum eyes not to look like the Toxic Avenger.

  30. I always lived in areas with ice cream trucks, but my tastes were always bland and prehistorian (meant to type pedestrian but I like what spell check gave me better!) so I never liked many of these flavors, and the candy gum balls were usually something frightening like mint or mixed demon squeezing.

    And, again, OC: Couldn’t stand how crappy the real thing looked versus the picture.

    @matt: never ran from the people with baseball bats. I’d insult them first than run from them. I didn’t run from sports, I actively hated them! Including wrestling, sorry :)

  31. My brother and I were obsessed with the X-Men bars. No gumball finale, but they did have trivia questions that were answered on the last licks.

  32. They must’ve used that “ice cream in the shape of a face with gumball eyes” on every possible licensed character they could. Pink Panther, the famed Ninja Turtles ones, ect.

    One ice cream novelty I really liked (But, don’t remember it being sold on ice cream trucks) were the old Super Mario Bros. 2 ice cream sandwiches. The sandwiches were round and had various character pictures on them like Tri-Clyde, Mario, Wart, Mouser, ect.

    Now I want some ice cream.

  33. I remember getting a Sonic one in the early 90′s with black gumball eyes. Sadly, the Sonic ones they make now don’t include the gumballs. Maybe it’s because they changed his eye color to green.

  34. The only one of the covered frozen treats that I recall eating is the orange push pop. My family had a tight budget, so we often had boxes of freeze pops in our freezers instead. A couple of times we did have Donald Duck bars. They were ice cream colored and molded to look like Donald Duck or Huey, Dewey, and Louie (All three nephews on one stick!). As Brian mentioned, the bars never looked half as good in real life as they did on the box.

  35. Man, this was a great blast to the not so distant past. And perfect for these days leading into the sweltering summer approaching.

    You started with Street Sharks!? That’s it. End the post. No way to top it. Street Sharks had an ice cream bar!?!?! That one image alone was enough to make my nerdy heart swing and weep for a better time (at least for popsicle and bad cartoon enthusiasts). So perfect. Just the idea it existed. That kids on bicycles ordered it and enjoyed it. Too much.

    The Big Bang! with the Pop Rocks gimmick is pretty sweet. Double Decker really isn’t my bag — I’m much more of a Choco Taco sort of gentlemen!

    Being an admitted wrestling fan for really my whole life I of course encountered the WWF ice cream bars. I actually preferred the cookies though which were sort of like Teddy Grahams but little wrestlers inc. Dusty Rhodes. Remember packing them on a trip to the drive in movie theater.

    I saw the Super Mario variety not that long ago — within the last couple years. Those and Sonic were big mainstays. Now Spongebob has taken their place. The Mask one is another great oddity and makes perfect sense. We ate lots of Flinstones orange Push Pops growing up. Loved ‘em. Def. hoping to see some sno cone love upcoming.

    In closing, I sing the praises of the ongoing show R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour about to enter its fourth season I believe in the Fall. Pretty much Are You Afraid of the Dark? for this generation. Anyway, they have an episode about an ice cream truck titled “Catching Cold” that is insanely creepy. So worth going out of your way to catch on the DVR or find it online free somewhere. You’ll all love it.

  36. Good memories of many of these, including some old chocolate version of the push-up I had when I was REAAAALLY tiny. Never did figure out what they were called. I was familiar with the Flinstone ones as well as I got a bit older.

    The WWF and TMNT ones were pretty much equally the holy grails of the ice cream trucks offerings in my neighborhood, depending on each kids personal taste. I loved both WWF and TMNT, so hence the few times I got either, I was a happy little dude. I seem to recall also getting the Macho Man more often than not as mentioned above already.

  37. Sorry to double post, but OH MY GOD Brian, I had completely forgotten about the WWF cookies until your post. I loved them as a kid…..maybe alcohol has actually damaged a brain cell or too. lol

  38. I don’t remember ice cream trucks very well because I grew up in the country, where they’re at best uncommon. The only time was once my parents took us camping on the Fourth weekend and around the campground a guy drive his truck. I think I spent 5$ on treats – big money for the day – for me and the other kids I met. I got some cred from that instantly. Sadly we never returned to profit from my largess.

  39. it’s kind of late and i don’t think any one will read this but you can buy the complet series of street sharks for 10 bucks on amazon

  40. J, I read that and I am grateful. Thank you!

  41. I’ve always wanted a WWF Ice Cream Bar, but they never had the here. I was so excited when CM Punk mentioned them last year.

    There was also an episode of Showtimes “Master’s of Horror” called ” WE all Scream for Ice Cream.” Cheesy fun.

    There’s also a horror movie called “The Ice Scream Man.” with Clint Howard in the lead.

  42. The ice cream man who came to my neighboorhood was named Peter Palagi. He usually drove a vintage 30s style ice cream truck in red & white complete with running board. He later turned up with a 60s style white and blue van. My favorite treats were “Italian Ice” which was scrapped up with a wooden sppon and the Screwball/Cannonball. A plastic cone shaped container full of sherbet and the ubiquitous gumball at the bottom. The sherbet would always melt some of the color off the gum so at the end you had the gum and a small puddle of whatever color was originally on it. The Italian Ice I can sometimes find at my local Stop & Shop but it’s not the same. I’ve never been able to find the Screwballs in the market.

  43. I vaguely remember the WWF cookies tasting very similar to the Marvel Superheroes cookies and the Super Mario Bros. cookies from around the same time period. Not a good thing since none of those brands tasted good. And the only good thing those Marvel cookies had going for them was they came with a big red plastic Spider-Man bank. And really, they needed to tack on a big ass piece of merchandise. They knew themselves those things tasted like crap. But, they did fuck that up, too. The slot on the bank was “closed” as it was all part of the same molded plastic and you had to punch it open with a knife. Naturally, I cut myself with a knife trying to open up a fucking Spider-Man bank.

    Moving on, I haven’t had a WWF ice cream bar since ATLEAST the very early ’90s, but they were definitely worth chasing down the ice cream truck.

    And for those of you who are/were wrestling fans, how many of you remember this legendary opening to WWF Championship Wrestling?:

  44. Btw, the TMNT popsicles are still being made, I got one last summer from a truck parked in front of the aquarium we went to. Click my name for a nice blurry photo!

  45. The shark popsicles were lemon flavor all the way through.I bought them for my kids at the Camden Waterfront Aquarium


    The best WWF opening music ever. Boy does this bring back memories. Couple friends or cousins sleeping over, Pepsi bottles and Dominos pizza boxes everywhere and us booing Hulk Hogan and cheering the heels.

  47. Hi! I lived in the States as a child but moved to the Philippines when I was 8. I remember a few of these popsicles and others that are not mentioned on here as well. I was just wondering if they still have ice cream trucks there and what are their new flavors and stuff. :)

  48. @Issa: We most definitely still have ice cream trucks! The flavors are always changing, except for the classics which are generally the same as they were the last time you saw them. (Chipwiches, snowcones, Strawberry Shortcake bars and so on.) What changes are the “cartoon popsicles” — that all depends on what’s popular now. I’d suspect you’d find lots of Nickelodeon characters.

  49. The REAL best WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event theme: :)

    And the classic World Championship Wrestling theme:

    Don’t mean to change the subject so much, Matt, so my apologies if we shouldn’t be moving on to wrestling so much instead of ice cream. But, who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream while watching classic wrestling?

  50. Like everyone else, I knew and loved 90% of these frozen treats as a kid. But I just want to say that I’m loving the “Dinosaur Dracula” images you put on the photos so people won’t steal them.

    Seriously, print those out as stickers. I’d buy 50 sheets of those.

  51. Hah, thank you! I really hate watermarking (or whatever you’d call what I did here), but felt it was necessary in this case. I understand that images lose their sources over time, and hell, I’ve gotten more than my share from simple GIS’ing over the years, but a quick once-over at certain articles and FB photo pages shows that many of my pictures very much entered “public domain.” Which I don’t mind, but it’d be nice to get credit for them every now and again. :)

  52. Living in the Jersey Shore with an ice cream parlor on every boardwalk, ice cream trucks weren’t common during my childhood. We just didn’t see them that often in Cape May. They are, however, integral to my nephews’ childhoods, especially the three-year-old. He’s never happier than when he can hear the ice cream truck jingle floating on the wind towards his grandparents’ house. He does the cutest little dance and drags any adults nearby down to the street to get him the Popsicle du jour.

    While I can see him jumping on Bubble Play and the shark, he’s still a little young for gumball eyes. He’d be more likely to have a Great White or Push Pop instead. Me, I’d take the Double Decker as an extra-special treat. Or the WWE Pop, ignoring the fact that I know nothing about wrestling.

  53. I loved the WWF Ice Cream Bars, but I never seemed to ever get any of the “good” wrestlers. Guys like Hogan, Savage, or DiBiase. Mine always seemed to come emblazoned with Hillbilly Jim and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. :(

    Dreadnok Fun Fact #6: In addition to the Swamp Cabin in the Florida Everglades, the Dreadnoks also headquarter in a gas station, usually run under the watchful guidance of Zandar and Zarana.

  54. Well shit! You covered all the important ones! Bubble Play is a classic that is still being made and thank goodness for that. The Bart Bar should still be made, it’s a shame that they don’t.

    But the REAL stars of this post are the Mario Bars and the WWF Bars. The WWF bars because, well fuck it who didn’t like those. I ate a Mario pop whenever I had change, I did this all the way until about 2004/2005 when they stopped making it.

    If anyone knows anywhere in LA that still sells it let me know, I’ll go there and get it

  55. Absolutely never saw the white shark shaped one. That is awesome.

    That being said, yes of course I too had a strange obsession with icecream bars with gumballs purposed as something treats.

    For some reason, that ball and glove is cool. I think it’s how unique it is, since most of them are just eyes.


    I am happy to read 5 more of these.

  56. Just looked over the pictures again. So, most of these are ICE bars? Could’ve sworn there was ice cream in them SOMEWHERE.

  57. Yup, so I pretty much haven’t thought about Street Sharks in 25 years until now…

  58. Great article Matt! As a big fan of the Mask, I F’ING LOVE THAT THE MASK POPSCICLE!!!!! :D

  59. Monster Pops! Cover Monster Pops!

  60. I almost never got actual ice cream from the ice cream man, because he was the only place I could get Garbage Pail Kids at the time.

  61. @Three Oranges: HOLY FUCK, DUDE. I have honestly not thought about that once in all my many years of nostalgia-ing. Our ice cream guy totally did that too, and you’re right, it was incredible. When we were collecting GPKs, nearby stores sold them, but none so near that our young asses were allowed to go there alone. The truck was a godsend for that.

  62. Great article. I look forward to the rest. Nothing evokes my childhood more than hearing the ice cream truck and seeing those character popsicles. 2 other things:

    1) I never really got into the edible + bubble gum combination. I was never hugely into bubblegum, though I enjoyed it now and then, but the idea of eating something and then switching gears to merely chewing always seemed odd and unappealing to me. I never did like blow pops and I always steered away from the character popsicles because I didn’t want to deal with the bubblegum parts. Which is a weird, since I could have always simply discarded it.

    2) Somewhat recently, about a year or so, Street Sharks was available on Netflix streaming. I only watched the first episode, but it was great/awful. The first 5 minutes features an impossible highway race between the four human brothers who shall be transformed into sharks. One had a motorcycle where he jumped from one flying freeway pass to another, the other a jetpack. Its great stuff.

  63. Fat Frog by Good Humor was always my favorite, but we got those at the supermarket, not out of a truck. I still sing the song from the commercial.

    Apparently there were different versions of Fat Frog available, at different time periods and/or in different countries. In New Jersey we had the one that looked like this:

    The eyes are like M&Ms.

  64. Double Decker Klondike?

    That would’ve went into the rotation of WWF Bar/Oreo Ice Cream Cookie/Choco Taco/Mudslide Ice Cream Bar.

    I miss when we had ice cream trucks here…well good ones.

  65. On the subject of non-food items on the ice cream truck, I would sometimes get those little foam planes that come in a wrapper and you assemble it yourself. It’s been a long time, but I believe they were World War II style planes. Or the solid color plastic paratrooper with the parachute. Even though they weren’t great toys, it was still cool that you could get stuff like that from the ice cream truck.

    The one thing I didn’t like and I think we can all relate to is you’d hear pop-goes-the-weasel and scramble to get enough change (or if you’re lucky, cash) together, and by the time you get out the door, the guy’s down the street! Sure, we’d get our exercise, but would it hurt the guy to drive just a little bit slower? I mean, who runs a business where they act like they’re trying to get away from their customers? There’s nothing quite as sad as a child that JUST BARELY missed the ice cream truck.

  66. This is great!

    I wish they still made the Super Mario bars. The SpongeBob ones that are on the market today probably taste exactly like them, but it’s just not the same.

    The Great White bars were indeed lemon flavored. I loved those things, but I’m also a guy who loves lemon flavored candies and such.

    And the Orange Polar Poles are the more common Push-Ups. Push-Pops are the lollipop candies. I frequently call Push-Ups Push-Pops as well. Pretty similar.

  67. Great memories from this fellow Staten Islander. My top five ice cream man treats from our local truck known as the Blue Sky Bar were:
    5)Fat Frog
    4)Buffalo Bill
    3)Bubble Play
    2)WWF Wrestling Bars
    1)Froz Fruits (preferably cherry, but banana and coconut were full of fruit and tasted awesome)

    Thanks for the childhood flashbacks, as always.

  68. Last wwe/f bar I had was abot 10 years back in cape may, nj. It had all the ice cream goodness I remember even if the ice cream guy didnt quite have the freezer set cold enough. I want to say that I got the undertaker bar but maybe that’s just me hoping…

  69. Wow, I don’t remember the Bart Simpson bar, but The Mask Ice Pop just brought back a bunch of memories. That was great! My favorite part was obviously the eyeballs. They actually had the red veins wrapped around the gumball. Of course, I also loved the WWF bars. Would like to see them come back. Good stuff!

  70. Spider-Man face ice cream was my #1 ice cream truck of an ice cream, but for WWF ice cream 75% of the time I’ve gotten Ultimate Warrior graphic on the ice cream.

  71. Froz Fruits are awesome, especially watermelon [don't know if they still make it, but it had real melon seeds in it] and strawberry.

  72. The WWE Superstar Bars were very delicious. I’d buy them for the trading card first, and to compare who got what wrestler on the bar with my cousins, and the added benefit was that the bars were very good to eat. It was a trifecta of rewards.

    The push up sherbert bars were delicious too. I only ate them through their link through the Flintstones.

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