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Hello, and welcome to Saturday. It’s a lazy one for me. I want to bury myself under ten blankets and do absolutely nothing. Instead I will attempt to write about a song, a video, a plant, a candy and a book. It may prove to be my undoing.

:-) The Dino Drac Song!

My pal Brian Barnes surprised me with an incredible thing. Aside from being a great friend with a knack for throwing life preservers at just the right time, Brian is also a phenomenal musician. He put those talents to good use by creating the first and only Dinosaur Dracula song.

(If you can’t see the player, it’s because you’re viewing the site on something that won’t allow Flash.)

It’s a thousand times cooler than you’re imagining. No, it isn’t a song about a blogger and his old candy. It’s about Dinosaur Dracula himself, presented as a “seven ton terror” that eats people. Yes!So freakin’ good. It sounds like something that’d play over the end credits of a perfect ‘80s horror flick. Brian, you’re amazing, and you’ve motivated me to figure out why my iTouch hasn’t worked in seven months. Thank you thank you thank you. You’re in the will.

:-) The Dan Aykroyd Brainmelter Cocktail!

If you missed it last night, here’s a quick video of me trying a new cocktail. It’s called the “Dan Aykroyd Brainmelter,” conceived by David L. over on Dino Drac’s Facebook page. Mixing vodka with absinthe didn’t sound like a home run, but despite the pissy faces I made throughout the video, I must admit that it really wasn’t that bad.

(Okay, maybe it was. Even now, I still feel as though I could not blow out a candle without setting my entire city on fire.)

:-) Dino Drac’s Potato Project!

That video also starred my mutant potato, and I guess now would be a good time to bring everyone up to speed.

It all started with a giant potato, which sat undisturbed in one of my kitchen cabinets for many months. After it started growing albino tentacles, the whole thing became so odd and beautiful that I asked for input about what to do with it.

The most popular answer was to put the potato in water and let it grow even more.

So, I did.

Several weeks later, and here’s where we are now. It’s pretty incredible that this came from merely watering a potato. I remember similar projects from old grade school science fairs, but I didn’t expect it to grow this much. Admittedly, it’s starting to wither, and I’m not sure if it’s going to look so impressive for much longer. But there are other potatoes in the world, and this was fun enough to do multiple times. If you have water and a potato, consider your mission issued.

 :-) Twix Eggs!

Are these new for 2013? I know that most candies have had “Easter egg shapes” for a while, but I don’t think I’ve seen a Twix version before.

To be honest, the transition isn’t perfect. A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup can do the egg thing easily, but these Twix deals just aren’t working. Too hollow, and too unlike regular Twix. The bright side is that they look less like eggs and more like giant, limbless, chocolate-covered pill bugs.

Why is that a bright side? Well, try saying “giant, limbless, chocolate-covered pill bugs” out loud. Isn’t it outrageously fun? I want to learn it in French.

:-) Monsters Destroyed My City!

I ordered this a while back. I had no idea what it was actually going to be, but a book titled “MONSTERS DESTROYED MY CITY!” should never be ignored.

Turns out, it isn’t really a book at all. It’s a two-page city background with four sheets of monster stickers. Good ones, too:

(click the image to see it super big)

In a rare twist on the usual issue with sticker books, this one actually has too many stickers. I fit as many as I could, but I had to sacrifice a tank and another two that I guess were intended to represent electrical fires. They will be used to seal envelopes.

That Krang-like one-eyed octopus is my obvious favorite, but I’m also very fond of the kidnapping ape. His is the story I want to know most.

I love how they even included random fire/explosion stickers, to help convey that these monsters aren’t here for a mere stroll.

This concludes my lazy Saturday post. Please excuse me as I crawl to the couch. I hope none of the nature documentaries I DVR’d last night are too disgusting. I’m just not in the mood to see guts right now. I want the lions and wildebeests to get along.

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  1. Big thanks again to Brian for the song. I still can’t get over it.

  2. Some quick credits: My friend Jeff did the vocals, I’m the guitarist/composer. The bass/drums are sequenced.

    Out of the singers I know, Jeff was just the guy to give it that over-the-top 80s metal vocals it needed to be a song about a Dinosaur Dracula who sometimes fights a Mosasaurs Mummy. I had to google for that.

    I also had to google for the 7 tons, hopefully science won’t revisit that and make the song sound incredible silly in the future. It’s so deadly serious now!

  3. If I wasn’t at work & on a phone I’d love to hear the tune! I love the jeep on fire sticker. That’s a tattoo if ever there was one. Wish I had some butter and sea salt so I could go to town on your potato. Wouldn’t even need chives!

  4. This post reminds me of those old Calvin & Hobbes strips. You know the ones, the ones that are all pictures following them through a lazy summer day. It has the same feel. I LOVE IT. More than that, I love the new addition to both the Summer and the Halloween Jukes.

  5. To me, the Potato plant is starting to look a little like Audrey Two from Little Shop of Horrors in it’s early stages from the movie. Maybe you should do a musical number with it?

  6. Aww, every time someone says twix, I am left to mourn peanut butter twix, which are long gone.

    and no, “Twix PB” is not the same. It should not have chocolate cookie.

  7. Not even Easter yet, and we already have the number one hot Summer jam!

  8. that song is truly amazing.

  9. The song is amazing. I will definitely be adding it to my Halloween playlist!

  10. Absolutely amazing post Matt! You seem to of had an awesome lazy Saturday. The Dinosaur Dracula song sounds like it came straight from a classic 80′s or 90′s Saturday morning cartoon. I would like to see the painting Monsters Destroyed My City is resting on. Is it somewhere on the website?

  11. Not that you do SNT’s anymore but if you were to do a SNT, I think “what would go into a Dinosaur Dracula Song, Music Video” would be a good SNT topic, if you actually were to do a SNT.

  12. That song is the bomb. and two thumbs up for trying something that would kill me, and surviving.

  13. Great post, that song is perfect

  14. @Shawn: The phenomenon is that people only turn up for SNTs when there’s no post to support them. :D I’ve learned my lesson!

    @Art: It isn’t, but perhaps a tour of the crazy art on our walls is in order for the future.

    And yep, the song is totally going on the Hallo juke!

  15. I wish this post was a person so I could hug it and give it a cookie.

    Guess which sticker is my favorite.

    I saw a book at Target today with a dinosaur on the cover. It was called All My Friends Are Dead. I should have bought it. Instead I bought a stuffed tiger that looks like Hobbes.

  16. Annette, I just looked up that book. Seems like a must-own.

    Fell asleep earlier and it was one of those things where I literally didn’t know what day it was when I woke up. I still feel like a zombie. Cofffeeee.

  17. Great song Brian! I was half expecting some David Lee Roth type “Awwww Yeeeeaaaahhh” sounds to be in there. :)

    Dinosaur Dracula needs its own sticker book!

  18. Nice Brian! This song reminds me of Wayne’s World for some reason.

  19. First of all, that song is awesome. Good work, Brian, Jeff, and crew.

    Second, Matt, I salute your potato. That boy really grew. He looks better than some of my plants that grew without potatoes.

    Third, Twix isn’t the only candy that’s in egg-shaped form for the first time this year (to my knowledge). The grocery store where I work has egg-shaped York Peppermint Patties. This intrigues me. Yorks are my swear-by chocolate bar, and I always try to buy a bag or two on after-holiday sales.

  20. This is way off topic, but since it’s SNT, I feel it’s okay.

    Due to what seems like a never ending Winter in Canada I’ve been itching for summer. A huge aspect about summer are the various carnivals – even if I don’t attend them, just knowing they’re around is good enough to keep me happy.

    There’s various small companies, or travelling shows that put these events on in parking lots across the country.

    This site;

    list’s and links them. Their websites are great! Talk about old sites! Most of these still have guestbooks. This mix of web nostalgia mixed with pictures of carnivals has left me so happy that I just left a four paragraph comment about it. Worth taking a look!

  21. the dolar section at Target, has highlights activity books, where they tell you a scenario and you have to draw it…and one thats like a blank comic book and you fill in the words….my nephew and niece are getting those…

    can you please do a review of carrot cake m&m’s?

  22. The monster sticker book reminds me of the snes game, King of the Monsters.

  23. Your Audrey 2 potato is the cause of that meteor the other night…

  24. That song is awesome, a fitting tribute to an awesome website. The MOST awesome website.

    Everything else is pretty awesome, too. The video, the plant (which will soon rise up and destroy you, Matt), the Twix eggs, and the book. All awesome. Which means this is the most awesome post of the day.

    I’m trying to figure out which sticker is Annette’s favorite. I have no idea.

  25. I’ve always drank absinthe with orange juice. “The Making Of Bram Stokers Dracula” book had an article that said artists would mix the two and suck on sugar cubes or something hedonistic like that.

  26. This song is epic! Perfect fit with the site. Hope an mp3 download is coming.

  27. This. Post. Had. It. ALL!

    Has Madd Matt heard the track yet? I’m hoping he gets inspired to create an accompanying music video…hint, hint…

    “Seven tons a terror that you don’t wanna’ meet!”

  28. Gonna add the tune to my MP3 player post-haste!

  29. I love the song. It sounds like a theme that would play over the credits of an ’80s horror movie.

  30. That potato is beautiful!

  31. As (probably) the only regular reader who actually LIVES in Transylvania, I want you to know I blasted your song this morning so all of my neighbors could hear it :)

  32. 2:58 on the video is comedy genius :)

  33. In French: des insectes géants en pillules, sans membres, couverts de chocolat.
    (day hensect jay-han hon pee-lool, s-han mahmbr, coovayr day cho-cola)

    You’re welcome. :)

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