Thursday morning.


The deal: Things became really busy over the last few weeks. As busy as I’ve been in a long time, and too busy to run Dino Drac right. Rather than put up really weak no-thought content (yeah, even weaker than a Twizzler robot), I decided to just get through the storm and return to this once it passes.

I’m finally over the hump, but I’d say there’s about a week left before I can really dive back into the site. But, I’ll be back with fun stuff soon enough. Hope everyone had a great 4th, even if it was doomed as a midweek blip.  See you soon!

  • The Manimal

    Click my name to get funky on this, the first Friday the 13th in DINOSAUR DRACULA history.

  • JohnV

    Friday the 13th, II and III…you can keep the rest. Love that F13 pIII intro, sound like a 80s porno. Gonna make that my new ringtone. The Hub has Gremlins 2 on at 11 PM it’s no F13 movie but at least they’re trying to keep the spirit!

  • Ryan Venson

    I hate to do it……but I HAVE to do it. My review for “The Rock-afire Explosion” (Showbiz Pizza) documentary.
    In case you are too lazy to click the link….or you don’t like to read….I’ll tell you this, I think if you REMEMBER Showbiz you’ll enjoy it, if you don’t know what Showbiz is, I’m not sure you’ll get anything out of it.

  • Ryan Venson

    Oh, also I drop a Pooyan reference….if that means anything to anybody. And it probably doesn’t.