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  • Dino Drac’s Funpack Subscriptions – Now Open!

    Dino Drac Funpack subscriptions are back on sale! $25 a month, for a new box of weird junk, every month! Subscribe now and you’ll start with the SEPTEMBER 2014 FUNPACK — which, since the site will be firmly entrenched in the Halloween Countdown by then, has a nice dose of scares!

  • Dino Drac’s “Big Boxes of Joy” for sale!

    The holidays are mainly about squeezing everyone dry, so I’m here to sell you random junk! These occasional sales have become critical for my continued existence as “this blogger guy.”  I like to think of them as “donations with benefits.” That makes it easier for me to explain

  • Dino Drac’s 2013 Halloween Print!

    It’s finally here! Dino Drac’s 2013 Halloween print is NOW ON SALE! (click here for a larger version) Created (as usual) by Jason Week, this year’s print pays homage to – you guessed it – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Of course, Dino Drac’s version of the party has a

  • Dino Drac Creepy Stupid Funpacks! (Sold Out!)

    This next week’s going to be pretty light on serious content, as I have about a million things to get done in preparation for the 2013 Halloween Countdown. Which starts NEXT FREAKIN’ SATURDAY, YASE YASE YASE. Remember to keep up with the site on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime. On

  • Dino Drac Funpacks For Sale!

    Wellp, my most expensive site seasons are coming up, so it’s time to make some money from selling you total junk! Introducing Dino Drac’s Cruel Summer Funpacks! If you live in the U.S., they’re 25 bucks shipped, and come with everything you see here: A smorgasbord of pote

  • Psst!

    Just a note! Dino Drac’s Luxury Apartments is now open for business! (Comments closed on this post. Comment there, not here!)

  • New Features on Dino Drac! (Plus Survey!)

    Just want to alert you to two new features on Dino Drac. First, musings about ten old soda cans, from Dr Slice to Jolt Cola. Second, the most gloriously complex TMNT Colorforms playset ever, featuring a two-level city and a little cardboard Tokka. In celebration of these two features, here

  • Christmas Stickers / Ugly Sweater.

    There’s a big new feature up, covering fifteen treasures from the 1992 Sears Wish Book! Golden Ninja Turtles! Crayon-shaped fish tanks! Clarinets! And more! GO READ IT NOW! This post only exists to draw attention to the Wish Book feature, but you know how I hate to waste space. So, take

  • Sucking Wind.

    Boy, I have been sucking wind for the last week or so. Maybe you haven’t noticed. Maybe I should just shut up. These website games are as much smoke and mirrors as they are steak and potatoes. Perception is reality. If I was smart, I’d act like all was hunky-dory and lie about the site

  • Dino Drac Halloween Prints for sale!

    The 1st ever piece of Dino Drac merch is available nowwww. Go buy yourself a limited edition (ah ha ha) “Halloween Countdown 2012” print! It’s in color!

  • Sometimes, dead is better.

    The Creepy Commercials Countdown has been updated for 10/3. Today, a vampire invites us to a 1989 flea market. AND, there’s a new feature up, about Apple Uglies and Popcorn Uglies! Learn how to turn apples, popcorn and corn syrup into horrible, edible monsters!  All thanks to a Karo cor

  • Give up the ghost.

    Just put up a new feature, detailing the evolution of Count Chocula across eight different cereal boxes from the 1990s. I’m especially fond of the holofoil wolf box. I don’t like these little notices about new features to go to waste, so I colored you a Halloween picture. See t

  • Make me some spooky art.

    This weekend, I’m leaving the site’s content in your hands.

  • Blue Cheese.

    Here’s Dino Drac, written out in Nickelodeon Floam:  And here’s Dino Drac, written out in Cheez-It Scrabble Junior crackers: And here’s a new feature about random Nintendo memories, because if you only keep up with Dino Drac via RSS, you definitely did not see it. I hope you’re ha

  • New Features on Dino Drac!

    Hi!  It’s been a while! This post is to alert the RSS-only crowd that there are two new features up. Really long ones, too. When I’m rusty, I’m wordy. First, Jimmy Hart gets gunked in the legendary Masters of the Universe Slime Pit, the only playset on record that transformed your f

  • Thursday morning.

    Hi! The deal: Things became really busy over the last few weeks. As busy as I’ve been in a long time, and too busy to run Dino Drac right. Rather than put up really weak no-thought content (yeah, even weaker than a Twizzler robot), I decided to just get through the storm and return t

  • New Feature, & SNT.

    There’s a new feature up. I’m currently ninja editing, so if you act fast, you’ll get to catch so many typos and flat punchlines. It’s about one of my favorite things ever, sincerely. I’m shocked that it’s taken so long for me to do that thing I do with

  • New Feature: Casino Games, for the SMS.

    Mentioning it here for the RSS-only crowd, but also because I don’t know how many people keep an eye on that enormous features banner on the main page. There’s a new one up, about Casino Games, an old title for the Sega Master System. Read it! But I still don’t want these

  • New Feature: Eight Great Comic Book Ads!

    For reference, whenever a new feature is published, I’ll post a small message on the blog. This is mainly because features don’t appear in the site’s feed. (Speaking of which, finally got the Feedburner deal set up.) Anyway, yes, there is a new feature up, about Eight Gre