Sometimes, dead is better.

The Creepy Commercials Countdown has been updated for 10/3. Today, a vampire invites us to a 1989 flea market.

AND, there’s a new feature up, about Apple Uglies and Popcorn Uglies! Learn how to turn apples, popcorn and corn syrup into horrible, edible monsters!  All thanks to a Karo corn syrup ad from the ‘70s!  (I don’t know what prompted me to make this into a feature when so many blog entries are just as long. I think I just wanted extra mileage from all my cool apple photos. Sue me.)

Also: Remember my new addition to the Halloween Mood Table? That spiral notebook, with the crayons and markers? Well, I finally got around to drawing this season’s second stupid monster:

It’s a giant alien insect. He uses a jack o’ lantern and a cloak to disguise himself as a non-insectoid Halloween monster. I’m not sure why he does this.