Dinosaur Dracula!

Song, Video, Plant, Candy, Book.

Hello, and welcome to Saturday. It’s a lazy one for me. I want to bury myself under ten blankets and do absolutely nothing. Instead I will attempt to write about a song, a video, a plant, a candy and a book. It may prove to be my undoing.

🙂 The Dino Drac Song!

My pal Brian Barnes surprised me with an incredible thing. Aside from being a great friend with a knack for throwing life preservers at just the right time, Brian is also a phenomenal musician. He put those talents to good use by creating the first and only Dinosaur Dracula song.

(If you can’t see the player, it’s because you’re viewing the site on something that won’t allow Flash.)

It’s a thousand times cooler than you’re imagining. No, it isn’t a song about a blogger and his old candy. It’s about Dinosaur Dracula himself, presented as a “seven ton terror” that eats people. Yes!So freakin’ good. It sounds like something that’d play over the end credits of a perfect ‘80s horror flick. Brian, you’re amazing, and you’ve motivated me to figure out why my iTouch hasn’t worked in seven months. Thank you thank you thank you. You’re in the will. Read More…

The Big League Chew Easter Egg!

This isn’t something I’d normally do a standalone post about, but it just tickled me too much to cover in any other fashion. It’s an egg, see. An egg filled with Big League Chew.

There are tons of similar Easter treats on sale, where oversized plastic eggs are filled with various candies of one specific “type.” Thing is, Big League Chew rarely gets this kind of play. We might love it, but it’s such a “quiet” phenomenon. It kind of just sits there, way in the back, with no big promotions and less than two bucks in its advertising budget.

I’m not saying that weren’t exceptions, but I’ve never seen Big League Chew get a holiday upgrade to this degree before. This is some real deal crazy good shit, here. I told the same to the stranger standing next to me at Target, in those exact words. It went over about as well as you’d expect. Read More…

Vintage Vending #10: Assorted Awesomeness.

Vintage Vending continues! I’m calling today’s batch “Assorted Awesomeness,” but the prizes really aren’t so hot. Actually, I would’ve skipped this one entirely… if not for one totally killer prize hiding among the weaklings. Take a look, and see if you can guess which it is.

(I’ll tell you later. Don’t worry.)

I’m not sure when this assortment came out. The only thing that gives us a sense of timing is the Hello Kitty button, and even then, it only means that this couldn’t have come out earlier than the late ‘70s. I’m sure the grime and dust could be age-evaluated, but I don’t have those types of connections.

Here are the highlights: Read More…

Mad Mascots Vlog: Mr. Lymon!

The Mad Mascots series continues, with THIS THING:

I call him Mr. Lymon. He’s really old.

Based on the phony fruit that gives Sprite its taste, Mr. Lymon makes everything right with the world. Unlike some of those other mascots who merely dance around product logos and call it a night, Mr. Lymon actually practices what he preaches. He drinks Sprite.

This is his story, in video form:

Click here to see the video in larger form.

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