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  • Old Halloween Newspaper Clippings, #8!

    Welcome to another edition of Old Halloween Newspaper Clippings — and the first for the 2020 season! I’ve always loved writing these articles, even if they’ve never exactly stirred Dino Drac’s audience to chant my name at sports games. Really, you’d think thousand-word es

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #7!

    Here’s the latest edition of Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, where I excavate spooky things from ancient newspapers and see what sorts of memories they jog. Picture me reading this paragraph to the guy who makes turkey sandwiches at the corner deli. Madballs Halloween Masks! (October 1986)

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #6!

    The return of the Halloween Countdown means that I get to dust off one of my favorite spooky-themed article series, Old Halloween Newspaper Ads. It’s a deep dive into aspects of the season you’ve probably forgotten, all thanks to clippings from ancient newspapers. Get set to bask in th

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #5!

    Time to dust off another recurring feature from Halloween Countdowns past. Get set for a new edition of ‘80s and ‘90s Halloween Newspaper Ads! (I promise, it’s more exciting than it sounds.) With this series, my goal is to hit upon some of the less-celebrated aspects of yesteryear’

  • Xmas Newspaper Ads from the ’80s and ’90s!

    Here’s a collection of ancient newspaper ads, all with a Christmas flavor. May they fill you with nostalgia and joy and maybe Swiss Miss. Candy Canes and Ninja Turtles! (1991) Family Dollar was hardly the first place gift-givers would’ve hit while hunting for TMNT figures, but even the

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #4!

    Here’s another batch of Halloween-themed newspaper clippings from the ‘80s and ‘90s, featuring everything from Fruity Yummy Mummy to free goldfish. (If you missed the last edition, it’s over here!) World Premieres of Halloween Classics! (October 30th, 1985 & October 31st, 1989)

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #3!

    Here’s another batch of super old Halloween-themed newspaper ads, and a reminder that I love super old Halloween-themed newspaper ads. It’s nostalgia without the blinders on. VHS Horror Movies! (McCrory’s, 1988 & 1990) Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, it was common practice

  • Grocery Shopping in Old Newspapers!

    Today is Dino Drac’s 5th birthday. I wrote a bit about that on the site’s Facebook page, but here’s the tl;dr version: Thanks for reading! Below: Six mostly-forgotten junk foods from the ‘80s and ‘90s, as seen in old supermarket circulars. It’s exactly this sort of provocative

  • Junk Food Ads from the 1990s!

    Let’s head back to the ‘90s to go grocery shopping. Assume we have a time machine and low aspirations. And that I’m the tallest. Below: Eight great junk foods from the 1990s, immortalized in old newspaper advertisements. Wise Crazy Calypso Chips! (1993) Augh, finally! I’ve been try

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #2!

    After having a blast curating that first batch of ‘80s and ‘90s newspaper ads, I couldn’t wait for Round 2. So this is it. Enjoy the show. Oreo Halloween Treats! (Target, 1994) Treat-sized packs of Oreos are still around, of course, but I have immense nostalgia for the specific versi

  • Old Halloween Newspaper Ads, #1!

    Ready for some thick Halloween nostalgia? Of course you are. That’s your drug and I’m your dealer. Our relationship is sketchy and has been for years. Down below: Five spooky newspaper ads from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The “Hannibal Voorhees” Mask! (Walgreens, 1993) Cheap hoc

  • Newspaper Ads from 1993!

    I get the strangest care packages! My good pal Jerrod K. accurately predicted that I’d be so into this. A pile of Sunday newspaper ads from July 11th, 1993! They were all in gem mint condition, and though I suppose I could just ask, it’s more fun to simply wonder why he had a newspaper

  • Horror Movie Newspaper Ads from the ’80s!

    I recently bought a former film buff’s collection of 1980s newspaper clippings, not knowing quite what to expect. Just one of those things you grab on the off-chance that it’s going to be better than your brain tells you. Well, the gods favored me on this deal, because the collecti

  • 12 Groceries from the ’80s and ’90s.

    Hello! Below are twelve things that we used to buy from supermarkets. May they make you pine for things you can no longer eat, wear, style with, and/or swallow when you have a headache. (ad from 1986) Wise Cottage Fries were big, thick, ridged potato chips. These were a major favorite of

  • Kay-Bee Toys’ 1991 Holiday Clearance Sale!

    I love all of the toy store circulars that come with newspapers during the holiday season, even if the present definition limits that to Toys “R” Us and individual pity pages from Target and Walmart. You know what we’re missing? Kay-Bee Toys! I’ve written about Kay-Bee (later KB) m

  • Old News #2: Freddy Krueger Clippings!

    If you're into Freddy Krueger, you're gonna love this one. Here's a collection of vintage newspaper clippings, all having something to do with the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise! Stop the presses!

  • Old News #1: Ghostbusters Clippings!

    In Dino Drac's first edition of Old News, I've collected tons of vintage Ghostbusters-related newspapers clippings, covering everything from the toys to the toons to the movies! If you feel anything for Slimer, you'll love this.