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  • I Bought 100 Vintage Comic Books.

    After a too-long break from YouTube, I finally have a new video for you! Last weekend, I stopped by a teensy tiny comic book show in New Jersey. I only stayed for a few minutes, but that was enough to find a vendor who was offering 100 vintage comics for just 40 bucks. I went

    Vintage Comic Book Ads, Volume 13!

    It’s been nearly three years since the last edition of Vintage Comic Book Ads. Odd, considering how much I love the subject. I’d say I’ve been busy, but I haven’t left the house since Underwater was in theaters. I’ve always been obsessed with comic ads, to the point where my main

  • Vintage Comic Book Ads, Volume 12!

    Torn from the pages of comics that were far more valuable before said tearing commenced, here’s another batch of comic book ads from the ‘80s and ‘90s. TMNT Cereal with Pizza-Shaped Marshmallows! Ghost Rider #13, May 1991 I love how Ralston kept kids interested in Ninja Turtles Cerea

  • Comic Book Ads, Volume 11!

    After picking up so many cheap books from that comic show, I’m now flush with vintage print ads. That’s all I’m really after when I buy comics, anyway. Don’t care what Thor is up to. Just want to see hero shots of SweeTarts. Below are five of the coolest ads I’ve found so far, c

  • 10 Old Comic Books & What They Mean To Me.

    Over the weekend, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit visited a little comic book show in Clifton, New Jersey. (We went to the same show last year, if you wanna see what little New Jersey comic shows actually look like.) We were both hunting the same thing: Cheap, unloved comic books. Several

  • Spider-Man loves Kool-Aid Man.

    My obsession with old Kool-Aid packets takes me to strange places. Like the back pages of Spider-Man comics from the late ‘90s. Thanks to a hot tip on Twitter (love you, Aaron and Skinslip), I learned that the July 1996 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man was hiding something awesome inside

  • Comic Book Ads, Yet Again!

    Hey! Remember when I went to that comic convention and bought a giant pile of cheap books? Well, it’s finally time to dissect them! Down below: Six more ancient comic book ads from Dino Drac’s growing library, covering everything from cereal to Sea-Monkeys. Alliteration! Star Comics!

  • The Comic Book Ads Strike Back!

    It’s been many moons — too many moons — since my last tribute to ‘80s and ‘90s comic book ads. Even during the drought, they’ve remained the only reason that I continually buy bundles of old comics. It’s always been that way. As a tween, when I spent every weekend clo

  • March of the Vintage Comic Book Ads.

    After flipping through hundreds of yellowed pages that all stank like old glue, I’m now armed with another batch of old comic book ads. When you’re done reading this, go check out the previous editions. Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Package! (Pulled from unknown 1988 comic) Our pal Lar

  • Old Comic Book Classified Ads.

    Continuing on with another look at old comic book ads, this time I’m focusing on the classifieds. These were smaller ads, often no taller than an inch, tossed by the dozens onto individual pages. For me, that was where the real magic happened. These ads had to make an impression with few

  • Revenge of the Comic Book Ads!

    As mentioned in my previous post, I bought a pile of cheap comics books from the ‘80s and ‘90s specifically for the old advertisements, which never fail to remind me of a time when the stupidest stuff meant everything. So, pulled from the pages of otherwise unremarkable issues of Excal

  • Another batch of old comic book ads!

    It’s been a long time since Dino Drac’s last Comic Book Ads review, and even longer since I dived into my specific favorite type of them: The tiny-sized ads that were all mashed together on the classifieds pages. That’s where the real treasures were! Fifty antique coins for a dollar

  • Yet More Old Comic Book Ads!

    Since this will obviously just be another of my “random old comic book ad” reviews, there isn’t much point in slaving over a meaningful introduction. Instead, I’ll use this space to tell you about last night’s dream. I went into a sporting goods store, which I guess was the first

  • 1990s Comic Books Ads!

    A week or so ago, I bought a big pile of old comic books. Since I have little interest in what Ghost Rider was doing in 1994, my purchase was mostly made to find more of those great old ads. Here are five, at random!

  • Comic Book Friday!

    Today mysteriously turned into Comic Book Friday! I was running an errand in an unusual area, and remembered that this unusual area was also home to my city’s longest operating comic book shop – a place that’s been around for at least twenty years. I decided to drop by. Maybe they

  • Boys’ Life Magazine Ads.

    Boys’ Life is the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. It ruled my childhood. I was in the Scouts, but that had nothing to do with it. All of my grade school buddies were in the Scouts. It was just kind of a given that we would be. For us, it was essentially

    New Feature: Eight Great Comic Book Ads!

    For reference, whenever a new feature is published, I’ll post a small message on the blog. This is mainly because features don’t appear in the site’s feed. (Speaking of which, finally got the Feedburner deal set up.) Anyway, yes, there is a new feature up, about Eight Gre