Dinosaur Dracula!
  • Welcome to Dino Drac’s Bowling Alley!

    You and your friends are going bowling! You choose Dino Drac’s Bowling Alley. Of course you do. It’s the one you grew up with. The one that was halfway remodeled in 1997, but pretty much looks the same way it did in 1986. It’s a warm blanket in the form of a seedy bowling alley. It

  • Dino Drac’s Crummy Motel!

    You are on your way to a wedding. Some distant cousin you haven’t seen in fifteen years. On the list of things you’d rather do, “drown” only narrowly outranks “get eaten by bears.” The reception is three states away. That would normally merit flying, but you’re not gonna blow

  • Dino Drac’s Video Store.

    You are being proactive. It’s a gloomy afternoon. One that will reportedly lead into a stormy night. Better prepare some evening entertainment while you still have the chance! You drive over to DD’s Video Store. Founded in 1985, it’s now the last rental store in town. You remember wo

  • Dino Drac’s Corner Store!

    You are bored. There’s no one around and nothing to do. Desperate for any sort of action — even one as silly as buying a Snapple — you hop on your bike and ride to Dino Drac’s Corner Store. Well, its proper name is Dino Drac’s Convenience Store, but everyone just calls i

  • Dino Drac’s Luxury Apartments!

    You’ve been looking for a new place, and that ad in the paper hit all the right notes… Welcome to Dino Drac’s Luxury Apartments! They’re safe, they’re spacious and they’re affordable! The building is still under construction, but it looks like a few tenants have already mov

  • Virtual Saturday Morning.

    It’s Saturday morning! Your favorite part of the week! You wake up bright and early. Earlier than everyone else in the house, that’s for sure. The skies are cloudy and there isn’t a peep in the whole neighborhood. You wish it would stay like this forever. Just picture it! An endless

  • You’re going to the movies!

    Tonight, you’re going to the movies! Whether you want to or not! As if by some unseen force, you are escorted to Dinosaur Dracula’s Superstar Theater. While waiting for your turn at the ticket counter, you realize that this is no ordinary theater. Mingling with your fellow humans are a