Dinosaur Dracula!

Capri Sun’s Jingle Berry Holiday Pack!

This year’s run of holiday junk food looks to be pretty fantastic. I’ve already spotted many great things, and not just repeats from last year, either. I’m talking about all NEW things. Leading the way is a special box of Christmassy Capri Sun!

Capri Sun’s “Limited Time Holiday Packs” include ten pouches of “Jingle Berry” juice. It’s an excellent follow-up to Halloween’s Ghoul-Aid Jammers.



The box and pouches share a sweet holiday design, while the juice itself is a-okay. It’s supposed to be a strawberry/raspberry blend, but as I mention in the video, the flavor is much closer to cranberry.  (Actually, I’m wondering if it really IS cranberry. Maybe Kraft got cold feet about calling it that because children like other berries better?)

Whatever the case, the Capri Sun Holiday Pack was the perfect way to “officially” kick off my season. It wasn’t until that juice hit my tongue that I felt okay about firing up the ol’ Christmas Jukebox.

Now I’m so there.

The Trash Pack Advent Calendar!

I took a few days to lose the post-Halloween doldrums, but now I’m back, and ready to talk about candy canes. Almost.

Dino Drac’s 2013 Holiday Season has arrived, and with it, another swank logo courtesy of Jason Week. We’ll come up with something else for December, but a “Thanksgiving Day Parade” motif seemed like the right thing for right now.

I’m not making any promises as far as post frequency, partly because I can’t, but also because I just want to wing it this year. Write when I want to write, read old Star Wars Galaxy Guides when I want to read old Star Wars Galaxy Guides. Even so, I’m confident that I will make you ABSOLUTELY SICK OF SANTA CLAUS before 2014.

Let’s start now!


I found The Trash Pack Advent Calendar on Amazon, and even with its bloated price, buying one was a no-brainer.

Those who have read me since the Dark Ages know that I have a long and somewhat sordid history with toy-stuffed advent calendars, dating back to 2002. At that time, Playmobil was the only show in town, but now there’s an advent calendar for everything. (And Playmobil, desperate to retain their turf, can only respond by debuting sixty different advent calendars each year.)

It’s become overwhelming, to the point where my impulse is to just ignore all advent calendars, lest I spent 15 minutes in a K-hole at Target, trying to choose between the LEGO, Imaginext and Mega Bloks versions.

It takes a lot to make me jump at an advent calendar nowadays. A Trash Pack version was not only justification for jumping, but justification for jumping high enough to crack my head open on the ceiling. By the complete lack of give, I estimate that mine was crafted with something other than sheetrock. Read More…