Dinosaur Dracula!

2016 Flea Market Finds, Part 2!

Even the busiest weekend ever couldn’t stop me from hitting Englishtown again. Racing against the clock (and serious storm clouds), I only had around 30 minutes to turn total strangers’ trash into life-changing treasure.

While the loot couldn’t be more different, I’d say that it’s at least on par with last week’s. Here are my six best finds, which cost a grand total of $16.25:


Naked Men! ($3 for the pile)

I only wanted the one in the center, but the seller refused to break up the lot. Weird, since I would’ve paid a buck or two for just that figure. Your loss, Guy In The Stained Syracuse Orangemen Shirt!

So, the dude in the middle. I had him as a kid. He was part of some generic “ninja” two-pack, which my father bought at the Kay-Bee in Atlantic City’s long-dead ship-shaped shopping mall. (God, I miss that mall.)

The gift served as hush money, intended to keep me occupied as my parents took turns playing the slots. The action figure originally came with a full-body ninja suit, and I remember being horrified after discovering the impossibly numerous muscles hiding underneath it.

For whatever reason, his muscles really grossed me out. And I especially hated how his pecs looked like monster eyes. Prior to hitting the flea market on Sunday, I hadn’t thought about that action figure for literally thirty years. Read More…

Campfire’s Ghostbusters Marshmallows!

What a ridiculously great time to be a Ghostbusters fan. Even aside from the new movie, the toys are starting to trickle into stores, and they’re all such must-buys that I’m already testing out shit faces in response to May’s AmEx bill.

Then there’s Ecto Cooler’s return, now confirmed to be just a month away — right around the time that Ghostbusters Twinkies will nail their national release. And those are only the pack leaders. There’s so much GB stuff on the way, I can barely keep track of it all.


Now joining the fray are official Ghostbusters Marshmallows, made by Campfire. The scoop on these leaked a few weeks ago, but I’m pleased to report that they’re finally in stores. (Well, they’re at Big Lots, at least. Thanks for the tip, JC. Even though you were totally lying about them also having Great Bluedini.)

While it’s hardly a spoiler to say that Slimer and Stay Puft have eked out some small place in the GB reboot’s universe, the bags are classically designed, looking more at home with that volley of oddball Ghostbusters bric-a-brac that came out several years ago. Read More…