Dinosaur Dracula!

Another Old Video Store, Explored!

Thanks to our successes at that one video store, me and Jay vowed to hit every other video store within driving distance. After all, these places aren’t going to be around forever. It’s a miracle they’re still around now.

First on the list was The Video Shop in Belmar, New Jersey. Online info was scant and vague, and we actually had no idea if the store was still even open.

Fortunately, it was, and ohhhh boy, it was GLORIOUS.

When we pulled up to The Video Shop, I called the trip a net win before even knowing if it was still operational. Just getting to see that awesome sign was worth the drive. It was obviously made in the ‘80s, what with the hastily added “DVD” mention on a line of text that refused to make room for it.

The cracks and discoloration just made me want to marry it that much more. Read More…

Cereal Sightings in 1991’s Stone Cold!

Throw Beverly Hills Cop, Cool as Ice and a big block of Velveeta into a blender, and out would come Stone Cold. The 1991 cult classic stars Brian “The Boz” Bosworth as a rebel cop who plays by his own rules and dresses like a surfer version of General Zod.

It’s terrible and great.

Course, as my pal Hoverbored recently pointed out, the biggest reason to watch Stone Cold has nothing to do with sex or violence or high-speed chases. No, the true draw is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Batman Cereal!

You won’t have to wait long to see it, either.

In the opening scene, policeman Joe Huff (that’s Boz) just happens to go shopping during a robbery at his local supermarket. It’s exactly what you’d expect, with pratfalls involving Coke cans and all sorts of food-related pandemonium.

The scene was obviously shot in a legit supermarket, and judging by what was on display, filming must’ve taken place in 1990. Read More…

eBay Dig #13: A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Time for another eBay dig!

If you’re new to this series, it’s how I avoid spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need.

Down below: Five of the best Nightmare on Elm Street collectibles recently seen on eBay. If you’re an Elm Street fan with a thick wallet, mazel tov. Go buy yourself a scary present.

Sungold Monster “Sharp Hand Joe” Figure!
Sold by: huedezz
Sold for: $90.00

Sungold’s line of Monster action figures was the best. Released in the 1990s, the collection was more commonly found in supermarkets and pharmacies than any “real” toy store.

Several of the figures were only passingly legal. One was clearly inspired by the Toxic Avenger, but the even bigger crime was Sharp Hand Joe, an obvious substitute for Freddy Krueger. (And yes, if you’ve never believed the internet meme, certain packages really did call him Sharp Hand Joe!)

Crafted with dark skin, dungarees and a candy cane sweater, Sharp Hand Joe now ranks among the most desired of all Elm Street collectibles. This one sold for $90, which is actually kind of low for a packaged version.

Course, even better than any of the figures was the amazing package art, which looked like a Creepshow / Double Dragon crossover. If you want a closer look at the card, I wrote about one of these figures back in the X-E days. Read More…

Goodbye, Old Video Store.

A little over a week ago, me and Jay visited what had been one of New Jersey’s last remaining movie rental shops. Located in the city of Brick, Bob’s Video Time was closing its doors after 27 years, finally conceding defeat to an increasingly digital market.

And yeah, we did kinda go there to pick the bones, but it was impossible not to feel badly for the owners, too. As told in this article, they certainly didn’t want to close. People are forced out of their professions all the time, but it must be extra wild to watch your profession itself be forced out.

This was never “my” video store. I’d never even heard of Bob’s Video Time until it was almost TAFKA Bob. Still, it was strikingly similar to many of the video stores that I grew up with, right down to its placement within a modest strip mall, flanked by pizza place and a Chinese takeout joint. So perfect!

Even though they were now in fire sale territory, it still looked like a normal enough day inside of Bob’s Video Time. Most of the promotional posters were still hung, and there was still a little shelf full of oddly-priced candies.

The store opened in 1990, and it still looked like 1990 in there. The place was cramped, full of charm, full of competing colors, and it smelled faintly like a mix of sheetrock and boxed chocolate. It killed me that I’d never heard of Bob’s until it was too late. So what if I’m 45 minutes from Brick? It’s easier to drive for 45 minutes than time travel. Read More…

Purple Stuff tackles Friday the 13th!

Today is Friday the 17th. That’s gross. Let’s pretend it’s Friday the 13th.

The Purple Stuff Podcast is back with a 75 minute tribute to Friday the 13th!

This week, me and Jay from The Sexy Armpit run through a dozen memories of the franchise, covering everything from the weird 3D effects in Part 3 to the time Jason Voorhees was a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show. It’s a party, dudes.

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If you’re new to the series, almost every Friday the 13th movie is currently streaming for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Even if I’m most fond of Part 2, I’ll stick with my stock recommendation for newcomers: Start with Friday the 13th The Final Chapter. That’s the one with Corey Feldman being a creeper, and Crispin Glover dancing. Sooooo goooood. Read More…