Happy Thoughts.

This space is reserved exclusively for happy thoughts. Here are seven of mine. What are some of yours?

Happy Thought #1: Aquafresh Toothpaste!

Aquafresh, I will keep on loving you. You amazed me as a child and you still amaze me today. You are triple-colored toothpaste and I don’t know how you exist. I’m sure I could find out, but why ruin the vision of white-clad witches casting spells over GlaxoSmithKline’s factory cauldrons?

It’s not even close to my favorite toothpaste, from a “flavor” perspective or even from a pure “clean my stupid mouth” perspective. But it’s the only one that looks like this, or at least, it’s the one most known for looking like this. I can’t turn it down. It’s art as fluoride. My teeth are a canvas. I bet that’s an Oasis lyric.

Happy Thought #2: TMNT Hothead Figure!

A good friend gave me some assorted Ninja Turtles figures, perhaps because she is roughly my age and did not know anyone else who would want assorted Ninja Turtles figures. Thank God for that. It was a great batch. I’ll save the rest for a rainy day, but I had to mention this one immediately.

Hothead was an obscure character in the TMNT universe, first appearing in the Archie comics and later in a video game, but never on the animated series, let alone the movies. I wrote about Hothead many years ago, but never actually owned the figure. He’s pretty rare. He’s also a crazy dragon.

It barely feels like a TMNT figure. The scale is correct, but the details feel so apart from the rest of the line. There’s also the matter of Hothead’s head, which pops up at us by way of an extending neck. Then there’s the fact that he looks like the come-to-life version of a Dragon Dance costume. Need I continue? We’d be here for hours.

Happy Thought #3: Dino Drac’s Patchwork Project!

Even days later, I still go back to look at it often. I neglected to give the completed Patchwork Project an on-blog mention, so if you haven’t seen the results, you really need to.

When I announced this, my high hopes were anchored by nagging doubts. Really, all this was ever going to be was a bunch of images of the same dimensions, smooshed together. Once the entries started pouring in, my fears vanished instantly. You guys really came through, and the “quilt” is just such a perfect summary of the “spirit” of our passions, however assorted they may be.

The Patchwork Project has become my muse. I thank you again for it.


Happy Thought #4: Dino Drac’s Comment Entry Thing!

Cliff swept in and saved the day. The comment entry field is no longer doing that weird thing where everything is garbled and nobody can comment easily. (Or, in many cases, at all.)

This pleases me. I hate it when the site has broken things. One of the million reasons to start anew was to avoid broken things. There are assuredly still broken things now, but at least they’re not as noticeable, and not on every page of the site. This is one giant leap for Mattkind.

Happy Thought #5: Lenox the Cat!

If you follow the site on Facebook, you might have seen my recent mention of Lenox’s dental work. All in, this ran around six hundred dollars. I hated the bill, but I love what it’s meant for our cat.

Lenox never seemed to be in pain, but there was a problem tooth that was clearly not going to fix itself. I can’t believe how much different he is with that tooth gone. It’s like he de-aged by five years. Lenox was already the most constantly gregarious of our cats, but now it’s like he’s some kind of archetype TV sitcom cat. He does everything right. He meows on cue. He hugs like a child. He does a freakin’ Hollywood pose when I shove him on the dining room table, on top of bouncy paintings. Proof’s in the picture.

If you have a pet that should see a vet, don’t put it off. Animals can’t tell you how badly they need it. Don’t let them get to the point of absolute misery before doing something. We did what we could as soon as we could, but I still feel guilty about waiting at all. The bright side is that I now have a really old cat who thinks he’s a really young cat. Go, Lenox, go.

Happy Thought #6: This T-shirt!

My friend D sent me this incredible shirt, which was apparently only on sale for five minutes from one retailer. I’m exaggerating, but it’s still a damn fine shirt. Teenage Mutant Ninja Gremlins. Two of my most beloved things, together at last. I love how their faces are all fuzzy, even if it makes zero sense for them to be. Thank you, D!

I should also take this opportunity to mess with your head. Let’s look at the word “shirt.” Let’s really look at it. “Shirt.” Shirt. Shirt. Isn’t is a weird word? Doesn’t it look weird and sound weird? I never noticed this before, but I’ve become completely stuck on it. And now, so have you. It’s in your brain and it’s never gonna go away. You handle that.

Happy Thought #7: Smucker’s Goober!

I have not opened this. I’ve never had it before.

I don’t eat peanut butter often. I like it just fine; our paths just rarely seem to cross. But the jelly thing has always been a problem. I have never accepted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, not even once. The very idea of it repulsed me.

But after exploring the reasons for this, I concluded that weren’t any good reasons. I like bread. I like peanut butter. Jelly isn’t my favorite thing, but I’m not morally opposed to it. I’ve been treating peanut butter & jelly like a sin for my entire life, with no justification at all. It needs to stop.

What better way to jump over that hurdle than with a jar of Smucker’s Goober? I’ve been staring at this shit forever, and it killed me that I couldn’t take part. Oh, those beautiful stripes! This is like the Aquafresh thing gone berserk.

I don’t know when I’ll try it, or even if I ever will. Simply buying the jar was hard enough for me. I will also admit that “eating” it wasn’t really why I bought it. Part of me wants to use it to paint outsider art. A bigger part of me wants to smash the jar on the sidewalk and take photos of the results. In my head, that seems eerily beautiful.

Still, simply allowing the direct mix of peanut butter and jelly to sit in my kitchen is a huge step. I’m slowly picking off the stupidest of my hang-ups, one by one. That’s a happy thought.

60 Responses to Happy Thoughts.

  1. My happy thought is this TMNT plushie I saw at Target yesterday, which is not only the best TMNT plushie ever made, but perhaps the best plushie of any kind.


    It was like two feet tall and $20, so I didn’t buy it. Yet. But it will be mine, it will be mine.

  2. Love it. It looks like a carnival prize, but from a really, really good carnival.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend Goober Grape for your first foray into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sure, grape jelly and peanut butter go together well, but something happens when they’ve been cooped up in the same jar for a long time. They’re like that married couple everyone knows, that’s been together for 40 years but still manage not to like each other.

    It might also be because I’ve never been a big fan of grape jelly. It never spreads as well as strawberry.

  4. @Stunt Zombie: Oooh, that burns. My impulse was of course to buy the strawberry, which the store had. I chose grape because I knew I’d be taking a picture of it, and “red” is tougher to photograph. So now I’m stuck with grape jelly, and am only now realizing that if I had to name the jellies I had no desire to try, “grape” would be very high on the list and “strawberry” would be nowhere on it.

    So yeah, this stuff is getting smashed.

  5. Now you have a good excuse to smash it!

  6. Here’s my list:
    - My pet rabbit Prince Zuko: he loves to scratch my skin painfully. I love him!
    - Plastic toy animals! I collect them :D
    - Random action figures: it doesn’t matter if they’re mine or anyone else’s. I love to dig into my action figures and see bunch of action figures on Flickr. The messier, the better!
    - C#: I LOVE this strong-typed imperative object-oriented functional programming language.
    - My Toshiba Satellite A215 Laptop from 2008: my entire live and intelligence are inside it.
    - My Kodak EasyShare C613 digital camera.
    - My Boyfriend Bruno: he is the best of all!!

  7. My happy thought? This post. And also ice cream.

  8. I would so buy that shirt if I saw it, and chances are I would send it to you…that reminds me. I have been meaning to mail you my “Mr. T’s Commandments” tape for years. It’s a Mr. T rap album that came out in the 80′s. One of these days I am going to get around to it, but dammit I have grown so attached to it…I just want to see it live on forever on the internets, that’s all…eventually we will get there..

  9. My happy thoughts are Old 80′s movies. Really BIG sandwiches (the kind you can’t even fit your mouth around). Finding money in my jacket after I haven’t worn it for 3 seasons. People falling down or even better getting the crap scared out of them so bad they just stand there and yell and shake for a few seconds. Heh, yeah… I really love that. (^_^)

    Oh and the word I always got stuck on being weird and saying over and over was thumb (and also finger).

  10. Loving the look of Aquafresh on the toothbrush. So it’s not just me.

    I’ve never bought PJ and J together in a jar, but I feel like it just wouldn’t work no matter how many less steps it is to add both the peanut better and jam separately to a piece of toast.

    On the subject of peanut butter…


    This makes me happy.

  11. Haha! I have the Batman plushie that’s behind the TMNT one. I also have a Wolverine one. Batman is in my car, Wolverine is in the living room. They’ve never met. I think I should keep it that way.

    When I was in grade school, you could get Goobers in single-serving packs. It was pretty great. I wish they still sold those. It’d make work lunches easier to prep.

    Good call on getting grape. It not only looks better, it’s a classic. But yeah, not the top of my choices for a PB&J.

  12. Now I want to buy the toothpaste and chop it open.

  13. Oh, and my happy thought…I start working again Friday!
    Also, when my dog and cat snuggle when they think nobody can see them.

  14. If I had to estimate, I would say I’ve eaten somewhere in the area of ten gallons of peanut butter in the past year. It was my pregnancy food. I put it on absolutely everything. Jelly was strictly off limits but they didn’t say I couldn’t suck it straight out of the jar. I became quite the aficianado of peanut butter brands and varieties and although Goober Grape doesn’t rate anywhere on my list, that’s a negative thing to say so I will say that my happy thing right now is that Child13 slept over 11 straight hours last night and I feel like I could fistfight a grizzly bear I’m so well rested.

  15. My happy thoughts are the minutiae that make life worth living. Which is why I come here so often. Thanks partially to you Matt, I don’t take life so seriously anymore and spend more time on the silly details of my childhood. Bits and pieces of toys and games found in thrift store junk bins. Freeze framing old movies to get a closer look at what’s on the shelf in the backgound. And decades old Ninja Turtles Puddin Pies. They never go bad, do they?

  16. 1. I love your cat

    2. I like blackberry jelly most

    3. I always loved the aquafresh stripes. But what I loved even more was the kids’ one — I think it was Colgate but might have been Crest — that was blue and sparkly and the tube had a star shaped opening.

  17. I belive Crest is correct BlueJay. I saw a tube of that go for $20 bucks on EvilBay awhile back. I had forgotten all about it until I saw it, and then these memories of my little sister begging my mom to buy it came flooding back.

    My happy thought ? This tomatillo salsa I’m having.

  18. Great happy thoughts. Glad the cat is doing well. Ruthless toothless Lenox.

    I think I’m getting away to an island this weekend. That’s where my happy thoughts are going. No real reason, just need a getaway. The man gots me down.

    Heat wave. A tropical heat wave.

  19. My happy thoughts:
    1) My wife. Together since High school, married 3 years. Still the best part of my day.

    2) My job. I studied 9 loooong years to get where I am and every time a kid calls me Doctor, or an old guy calls me Doc I am amazed.

    3) XE/DD: Not kissing ass, I swear. This place has been a near daily stop for me for over 10 years. It’s been there to cheer me up when life felt unbearable and was there to make me appreciate the small stuff when I became unbearable. My favorite site and community on the net.

    4) My Dog: She’s long gone but my dog Dixie was amazing! She was a rescue dog, a Redbone Coonhoud. I still dream about her bawling in our backyard.

    5) Kids in the toy department: I love seeing kids in toys picking out action figures and hot wheels. I remember seeing a kid buying a Jar Jar figure. He LOVED it and was super excited. I like that the kids today have a Star Wars and TMNT of their own.

  20. Happy thoughts?

    a) Monster High dolls. Making monsters accessible to tweens since 2010! I doubt you’re much of a doll person, but these are what most of my disposable income goes towards. The daughter of the Werewolf is currently sitting next to me in my cubicle.

    b) My Sailor Soldiers Motorcycle Club shirt that I got on ShirtPunch months ago because it’s seriously a Sailor Moon skeleton.

    c) ROLLER COASTERS. They deserve all caps. I can’t wait for the season to start up again because COME ON, ROLLER COASTERS.

  21. I love Hothead! So glad I’ve managed to hang onto him after all these years. My Happy Thought for today is this 11-inch Battle Shell Michelangelo figure my wife bought for me outta nowhere, holding a piece of my son’s plastic play-pizza, which fits perfectly into his hand. (click me name for a pic :) )

  22. That is a great happy thought list. mine include:
    anything transformers realted
    The inspector gadget cartoon intro
    the d&d cartoon intro
    finally graduating college

  23. When I read about your daily adventures it makes me want to sing, “Flying High Again”

    “Mommas gonna worry, I’ve been a bad bad boy! No use saying sorry, it’s something that I enjoy. CUZ YOU CAN’T SEE WHAT MY EYES SEE!”

  24. I have always loved the way Aquafresh looks. I’m a Colgate guy, and the last tube of Aquafresh I bought(not the original), was the most horrid toothpaste I ever tasted!

    That TMNG shirt is fantastic! What a great teaming!

    Goober Grape(I always thought it was Goober & Grape for some reason), isn’t half bad. The presentation is what it’s all about. It’s not the greatest peanut butter or jelly, but it’s pretty good. Grape jelly is what I would use for a true PB&J sandwich(the way I was brought up). I don’t have a problem with strawberry jam(I’ve never heard of anything but grape, called jelly), and I actually preferred the strawberry for many years. My wife is a fan of strawberry, so you hardly ever see grape jelly in our household.

    I would love to see a jar of Goober grape smashed on a sidewalk though.

  25. Elyse – You do know that Matt has a small collection of Living Dead Dolls, right?

    Wulfskull – That Mikey is pretty sweet! I take it that’s one of the larger figures with a type of “storage shell”?

  26. Wait a minute wasn’t Aquafresh red, white and green? What’s with the blue? I feel there has been a disturbance in the Matrix.

    Happy thought: the strong possibility of a snow day tomorrow. :)

  27. Wait, does #4 mean…? Yes! I can comment again!

    That’s my happy thought for the day. And the fact that I was just given a cake pan shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet. Good day, good day.

  28. Man, I just realized I came in here and stomped on Matt’s puppy. I’ve come to realize that some of the times I’m trying to be helpful, I’m really being a dick.

    Didn’t I see that TMNG shirt on TeeFury the other day? Man, and I almost bought that one too.

  29. The aquafresh- this was the kind my parents always bought when I was younger and they still buy it occasionally. I think my mouth was a bit more sensitive when I was a kid because I thought the regular kind was a bit hot, and we usually had both regular and the kid’s variety which was only green and white and a lot milder. (Not sure if they still make that kind.) This seems strange to me considering the hot stuff I eat nowadays. I remember always trying to get that perfect photogenic swirl on the toothbrush like they show on the commercials, which wasn’t as easy as they made it look.

    Hothead- One of my 2 favorite TMNT figs! (Other is Triceraton.) I made a cape for mine and I always saw him as this “Emperor” although his official backstory was he was a fireman who was mutated.

    PB&J- I’m ok with peanut butter sandwiches and jam sandwiches but not the two together. I have on many occasions, however, noted the characters on the Goober jars as it seems like the Peanut is a two-timing schmoe. He is looking into Grape’s eyes, who returns his gaze lovingly and hopefully! Then you see the nearby Strawberry variety and he is making the same goo-goo eyes at her too as she fawns at him. One of them is gonna get a broken heart, I tell ya.

  30. Stunt Zombie, go easy on yourself! Nobody likes grape jelly! That’s why grape only comes in jelly, whereas the other fruits get to show off in fancy “preserves”.

  31. And now since I read this a couple of hours ago I realize that in the back of my mind I’ve been craving a PB&J, something I hardly ever eat.
    The Grape and the Peanut just look so happy together. Humanity, you could learn a lot from them.

  32. @Jason

    Yup, his extra weapons (shuriken, kusarigama), and whatever else ya like fit inside his shell. :)

  33. Matt, I’m pretty much a full-time lurker on Dino Drac (and also quietly read XE for many years), but I wanted to post something now to let you know how great this site has become. I think your posts over the past few weeks have definitely been some of the strongest content I’ve read in years. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and my happy thought is about the new Gentle Giant R2-D2 jumbo vintage figure in my living room. Nostalgia has never been so overpriced, but I love it.

  34. Huzzah for the repaired comments section and repaired cat!

    Things making me happy today:

    1 • The storm outside. Winter has for the most part been weirdly dry and mild here; it was the driest January/February since they’ve been keeping the record 93 years ago. That’s total bullshit compared to the usual winters we get, so as minor of a storm as this may be, I’m completely grateful for the rain and hail of the past two days. It smells so awesome outside right now. From the sound of things, the frogs are really enjoying it, as well.

    2 • Scoring a bunch of can’t-netflix-or-rent-locally DVDs for cheap on Amazon—
    Torso (1973), the recent Kino restorations of Jean Rollin’s Lips of Blood (1975) and Fascination (1979), a two disc set of Shozin Fukui’s √964 Pinocchio (1991) and Rubber’s Lover (1996), and Death Laid an Egg (1968), which is one I didn’t even think existed in region 1 format!
    I am totally in weird film heaven right now.

    3 • That the well of awesome old music previously unknown to me hasn’t yet—and likely never will—run dry. I just discovered Altona and Cosmos Factory last night and I’m in love with both.

    4 • Stroopwafels. Strange but delicious Dutch thin cookies with a layer of caramel in-between them. Every so often, the local co-op will have them in stock for crazy cheap, and just recently was one of those every-so-oftens. They’re great all on their own, but putting one over the top of a mug of hot coffee or tea like a lid (they’re the ideal size for this) transforms them into something even better, as it melts all the caramel inside. Sofuckingtasty.

  35. Goober sucks, dude! The level of convenience is surely not worth the level of taste suckage!

  36. That Hothead figure is SICK! Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before — definitely not in-person. Also, my happy thought, while loading up at the grocery earlier since I’m home snowbound with my two ‘lil ones the next two days I saw something.. NEW Kool-Aid flavor! Not sure how new, never seen it before, and it had big, bold exclamatory text.. WATERMELON! Wow. Sounds yummy. Seems like I need to wait ’till Summer or Spring at least to really enjoy it but I may bust it out here soon. Would like to write or vlog about it and some other, more obscure flavors I’ve got in my pantry but nobody covers Kool-Aid like Matt did!

  37. “Man, I just realized I came in here and stomped on Matt’s puppy. I’ve come to realize that some of the times I’m trying to be helpful, I’m really being a dick.”Stunt Zombie
    Hey, if you hadn’t said it, I would have. Speaking as a life-long PB&J fan, I can’t in good conscience let someone’s first foray into that world come from Goober Grape. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s actually pretty disgusting. Something about having both of those crammed in that little can together kills the flavor of both. Or maybe it was just nasty before it went in. I don’t know, but aside from having it as a novelty, I don’t recommend it. It’s the cheeseburger in a can of PB&J sandwiches.

    “I just discovered Altona and Cosmos Factory last night and I’m in love with both.”Jugendsehnsucht

    Oooh, Cosmos Factory! Love them! Great stuff.

    As for favorite things. At the moment, I’ve got these:

    –Not surprisingly, all things Batman, especially merchandise from Tim Burton’s first 1989 Batman film (my favorite movie of all time). I just picked up an old coffee cup for a dollar at my old comic book store with the ’89 Batmobile on it and I’m in love with it. In other related news, Michael Keaton is about to start shooting a movie called Birdman where he will actually play an aging actor who is famous for once playing a super-hero. It will also star Naomi Watts, Emma Thompson and Zach Galifianakis. I love that my my favorite actor in the world (Keaton) is having a little bit of comeback these days.

    –David Bowie’s new album — ‘The Next Day’.

    –My new job that I just started this week. The people are great, the office is laid back, we’ve got our own fridge, and today we had free lamb gyros with homemade pita bread.

    –I just read that Peter Murphy is doing a North American tour and will be coming to Charlotte (only an hour and a half away from me) on May 3rd. And he’ll be playing ONLY BAUHAUS MATERIAL.

    –Witch Mountain’s ‘South of Salem’ album. It’s been in my car for the last week and I can’t get enough of it. Thanks to Jugendsehnsucht for turning me on to them.

    –And One’s ‘Aggressor’ album. When I’m not listening to Witch Mountain, I’m listening to this. German synthpop at its finest.

    –Finally, XE/DD. Being here is the highlight of my day. I’m so glad to have been part of this community for this many years. I know it’s been said countless times, but thank you, Matt for everything.

  38. I found a few movies on Youtube. I am watching Pretty Woman right now. I swear this version has added scenes, and it being 2 hours instead of an hour and a half kind of proves it.

    It’s my birthday tomorrow. I will be 31. We will go to Old Country Buffet (I have a BOGO coupon you get for you’re birthday if your signed up for their website) and then get a cake and ice cream. After being reminded of my birthday, my ex wished me a happy one. I don’t know quite how to feel about that.

    I am loving tea lately. I found a small teapot with our things and have been using it. So that is definitely a highlight of my day. I always wanted to be one of those people that drink tea an hour or so before bed to wind down.

    I stole a coupon off of an Easter Pillsbury cookie package to use with two of the valentine’s day cookie packages. I got them for 50 cents a piece that way. I am such a gangsta.

    My kind of bf kind of not was warned my birthday was coming up. I told him I wouldn’t get mad if he didn’t do anything. He will live not too much longer if he forgets. We have fought before, he should know better. I will at least enjoy tearing him a new one.

    Oh and about PB and J. A company I don’t remember the name of it right now makes PB and J grape jelly snack crackers. They are really good. They sell them in the store next to the cheddar cheese and peanut butter ones.

    Also they are expensive for what they are but the smuckers uncrustables ones are really good. I would like to think that is what the rich kids have in their lunches. If I were you, I would of bought those instead of the goober jar. I know, I am saying this. It’s not that far off.

  39. winning over 300 dollars in AC AGAIN! Second time since May!

    When my fave celebs tweet me back! I have a list of them screen capped…and when I get around to it…I will print it out and frame it one day.

    I have: Rosie O’donnell, Kathy Griffin, Tony Orlando, macho man randy savage(a year before he died), and…….CHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. oh and my shih tzu dottie jean, when she does something hilarious…like making her 8 pound little body, stretch the entire length of the love seat…and when I pick her up she is warm and smells like a puppy, even though she is 7 next week.

    my new 3ds xl,bought with my AC winnings…my kindle fire hd, from christmas…and my online jewelry business I am currently making stuff for.

    One more thing…Bride day nights on TLC and the shows about the gypsy’s.

  41. This is my favorite place on the internet.

  42. I need happy thoughts. I hate it when work calls me in and expects me to be there in an hour. Especially on a day when we’re supposed to get a winter storm. And speaking of…

    My Happy Thoughts

    1. That winter storm wasn’t anything resembling as bad in South Jersey as they predicted. We just got a lot of wind and a little rain. At press time, I haven’t even seen snow.

    2. My doll collection. From the American Girl dolls I dress and fuss over to the Lady Lovely Locks and that one random Rainbow Brite I found at a yard sale, it makes me smile just to come home to them every day.

    3. Matt fixed the comments section. It took me a while to figure out what happened with the mail/e-mail/website lines.

    4. Strawberries have been on really good sales lately, and they’ve been sooo tasty. I need to make more smoothies.

    5. My ankle, which I fractured during a frustrating fall, is now completely healed.

    6. My best friend just agreed to help me shop for a new laptop this summer when she visits. Mine is at least 8 years old. Though it still runs pretty well, it’s overdue. It was actually hers – she gave it to me when she bought an Apple she liked better.

  43. Your website is definitely one of my happy thoughts. It always brightens my mood (I tend to read it just before bed sort of often. Puts me in a happy place.) So thanks!

    PS – I meant to do a patch for the quilt and time escaped me. Hope you do other group projects in the future, though.

  44. I would wear the HELL out of that shirt, man. Then take the logo part and like make a pillow out of it.

  45. -Earth Wind and Fire, which I have been listening to all day and people have been looking at me funny in the grocery section at Target but who even cares when the music is that good.

    -My knees are in great shape! I can sit down and stand up and move about all day and they don’t hurt or make funny noises. This is something I intend to maintain.

    -That old credits sequence to Sesame Street where the kids and Barkley are running around a park. That park looked so close to the one in my hometown I used to imagine that Barkley lived close to me.

    -Unpierced navels. My ex had a pierced navel and holy shit is it uncomfortable brushing up against one of those in any situation. HATE ‘EM. Seeing an unpierced navel on a cute girl is just the best thing ever.

    -The fact that LJN folded in 1995. They were responsible for so many bad movie-related NES games I grew up with. Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future (I have to dodge BEES? REALLY, GAME?), so on and so on. Terrible.

    -Frosted donuts with sprinkles because frosted donuts with sprinkles.

    -The intro sequence to GI Joe The Movie. When Duke picks up the American Flag then flies up to the top of the statue of liberty, I get teary-eyed every single time.

  46. Happy that Lenox is doing better. =)

  47. I think the Patchwork Project is the perfect thing for cheering up. There’s so much love in there.

    I’m also glad your kitty is happy again. Mine died of throat cancer a few years back and I still haven’t been able to bring myself to get another one.

    Happy Thought? I’m still on vacation for 10 more days and I’ll be playing Hot Wheels Turbo Racing with my son when he comes home from pre-school. As he would say “Awesome dude”. Yep, my kid talks like a Ninja Turtle. I take full responsibility.

  48. In no particular order:

    -This website
    -Middle-earth and J. R. R. Tolkien
    -My wife

  49. I love how many people include their significant others to the list of happy. That’s sweet.

  50. Esco – LJN did make some pretty horrible games for the NES. But they also made some pretty cool toys back in the day(Thundercats, Bionic Six, Gremlins etc.). So I can’t say that LJN closing shop is a happy thought for me, though I’m glad they aren’t around to make us spend more money on crappy games(though there are plenty of companies out there doing just that).

  51. Matt, I’m so glad your cat is ok after the tooth surgery. It’s really amazing how much that stuff makes a difference to their health as well as their mental well being. I take my cats for their annual checkups now especialy since my one guy is considered a “senior” at this point, though now that we got cat #2, he runs around and plays like a kitten with her.
    However, I can’t sympathize with the vet bill. I shelled out about a thousand bucks when my cat had his bladder stones removed. Thankfully, now they’re on pet health insurance so if they need major work done in the future, hopefully it won’t cost that much.

  52. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Aquafresh; that Hothead figure is awesome; as is the patchwork quilt (which I am proud to have been a part of); I never had any problems with the comments, but I know others did, so yay; hooray for Lenox being all better; that shirt is as awesome as Hothead, and I’ve never tried Goober Grape, but seeing it smashed would be awesome.

    I don’t really have any happy thoughts. Sure, there are things that make me happy, but today, I’m just not feeling it. To quote Bill Dauterive, “I’m so depressed, I can’t even blink.”

    But I don’t want to bring all you fine people down, so I leave you with Brian Regan’s thoughts on Goober Grape:

    “…peanut butter and jelly in the same jar, is there a point to that? I mean, I’m lazy but I wanna meet the guy that needs that. Some guy going, ‘You know, I could go for a sandwich, but uh, I’m not gonna open two jars. I can’t be opening and closing all kinds of jars, cleaning who knows how many knives…’ If you’re that lazy, why not put croutons in there and get the whole sandwich on a spoon? Scooping it out, mmm…oh, scrumptious, I think I’m gonna have another one, mmm…delectable, as was the first! Or if you don’t want to clean the spoon, just put it in a squeeze bottle. Mmm…lunch and no clean up, can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!”

    Actually, now that I think about it, you know what I like better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? A peanut butter and SYRUP sandwich. Mix the peanut butter and syrup together in a little bowl, put it on the bread…wondermous.

  53. Today’s Happy Thoughts:

    1. Waiting for the UPS guy to deliver a box of Criterion films.
    2. Discovering an old EC Comics title called “M.D.” about doctors (?!)
    3. Nothing to do this weekend but write.
    4. The mixtapes on slicingupeyeballs.com
    5. Black licorice.
    6. Thinking of that picture of Matt’s cat as I walked into Whole Foods.
    7. The fact that I could add a bunch more to this list.

  54. Peanut butter and jelly mixed always scared the crap outta me as a kid. Even today as middle-aged, I have never outgrown the phobia. That Goobers Jar is a nightmare.

  55. Getting real world positive feedback on my page from a friend that I never expected to even read it in the first place.

    Enen though I detest reality shows and would never actually do one, being contacted out of the blue to be on a new reality show that I am dubbing “America’s Next Clark Griswald”.

    Getting the official okay from a character’s writer/voice artist to be said character on Twitter.

    My strange interaction from last week with a company that rents dwarfs.

  56. My happy thoughts for today:

    Sunny and getting ever so slowly warmer towards us getting out of this snowy and way too long in feeling winter.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seems to be getting popular like in the late 80s/early 90s again, so long as the Michael Bay produced movie doesn’t destroy things.

    My most recent favorite cereal Cinnabon is back in stores after a long absence.

    The Tomb Raider remake/reboot is actually not that bad of a game.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is still getting releases on DVD after all this time.

    mXc is still a hilarious parody show that Spike should have kept on the air (I own all the DVD releases)

    Remembering Bonkers candy and how it was the awesomest fruit chew candy next to Starburst ever.

    My cat Smudge and her moments of craziness.

  57. I love movie beginning credits where they show scenes from a city (usually)or a town (sometimes). The beginning of Trading Places is an example – I especially love the montages of people getting ready in the morning. Ninja Turtles had one where people were eating pizza. I love those things.

    Collections of trading cards are another – I bought a full set of Dinosaurs Attack after you posted about them in the fear thread, and then later bought a reproduction of a 60′s sci-fi set called Jets, Rockets, and Spacemen which is fantastic.

  58. 1) My Wife and Family, the most important things to me.

    2) My Neo-Classic He-Man Collection and LJN D&D Figure Collection

    3) Me getting back my interest in reality and life in general, and also dealing with my Anger and the fact I was bullied at school.

    4) Getting my interest back in RPG’s and DC Comics, actually all comics.

    5) Knowing that in 4 years I am going to be out of Satan’s Bum Hole (NC), and living in Maryland.

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