Make your own Toucan Sam!

Before today, it’d been a long time since my last box of Froot Loops.

Don’t get me wrong. Froot Loops is great, but for me, it was always a rebound. If one of the cereals I really liked did something to piss me off, I’d slide back to Froot Loops for a bit, and then, when I was ready, try something new.

It’s tasty stuff and it’s been around forever, but there’s only so hard I can fall for a smug bird with a nose obsession.  Noses are gross.

Still, I had a good reason to hop into Toucan Sam’s nest again.  Look closely at the latest Froot Loops box, and you’ll spot it.

“You can make your own Toucan Sam.”

That’s how you do it, Kellogg’s. Toucan Sam may be an icon, but he’s also eerily similar to Generic Grandpa. This guy needs the boost, and I don’t need to consult Merriam-Webster to know that making Toucan Sam out of cut up cardboard is the exact definition of “boost.”

With the aid of scissors and the patience of Saint Monica, you can fashion your very own Toucan Sam “blockhead.” On the other hand, if you leave the box alone, Toucan Sam looks like a deranged moose. Decisions!

Even if Toucan Sam got top billing, he isn’t why I bought Froot Loops again. I did it for the Iguana.

I’m sure Iguana has been in a few Froot Loops commercials, but I haven’t seen them. He could be a friend of Sam’s, an enemy, or something in-between. I really don’t know, and I really don’t care. He’s a mean-faced aquamarine lizard, wearing a Froot Loops necklace for what are sure to be darkly religious reasons. No matter where his loyalties lie, Iguana rules.

Making Froot Loops blockheads is neither easy nor fun. The box suggests parental supervision, but I believe this transcends merely finding someone who is more capable with a pair of scissors. Creating my cardboard Toucan Sam bordered close to impossible. He’s covered in enough Scotch Tape to have my fingerprints forever protected within his seams.

Admittedly, I’m not perfect at this sort of thing. I did the best I could, and “the best I could” amounted to the monstrosity pictured above. If the version shown on the front of the box looked like a neatly rectangular Toucan Sam, mine looks like some kind of Sam-themed bird feeder.

If Toucan Sam is the type to pull seed from a container that looks like him, I’m glad I buy Froot Loops so infrequently.

Saving the day is my pal, Iguana. He was just as hard to make, but the rewards were so much greater. I think back to when I was a more appropriate age for cereal box art projects, and I know I would’ve been absolutely hell-bent on keeping my Iguana blockhead safe. This wasn’t one of those things that I’d create, look at and sit on in the span of two minutes.

I’m sure that half of what I write seems like a put-on, but this isn’t: I really, really want to make a little house for Iguana. I could use a shoebox or something. If this is something that you absolutely do not want to see on Dinosaur Dracula, you might want to speak up. If left to my own devices, the next post will almost certainly be a tour of Iguana’s new shoebox house.

It would only take a minute to Google “Froot Loops” and find out if these guys are friends or enemies, but I don’t want to. I’ve decided that they are enemies, fighting over Froot Loops cereal. Toucan Sam wants to save it for his young friends, because he’s a secret jerk with an insatiable need to be the hero. Iguana just wants to make a lot of jewelry.

I’m rooting for Iguana. I know that all of you are, too.

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  1. Funniest thing I have read in a while, bravo and thanks.

  2. I wouldn’t tackle one of those paper figure with less than a sharp exacto, metal straight-edge, double sided tape, gorilla glue, and a bone folder. You are a brave man for doing that with scissors. Your hands must hurt.

  3. Cereal box-themed art seems to be a theme here lately. What next? A painting of the Cap’n pawning his medals to feed his crunchberry addiction?

  4. I remember my dad boycotting Froot Loops after the inclusion of blue loops. Strange cat.

  5. I love that fuckin’ iguana.

  6. Do not want to see? On the contrary, sir! I DEMAND to see Iguana’s shoebox home.

  7. Awesome! I have no problem with seeing the house you build for Iguana.

  8. If it were up to me, the iguana’s house would be at the top of your to do list.

    Great article!

  9. Who won the bowl battle in the last pic? Money’s on Sam.

  10. If you do not build a house for that cardboard iguana, I will have no choice but to unsubscribe from this site.

  11. Yes! I’d love to see where Iguana lives! :D I already love his Froot Loop jacuzzi, haha. :D

  12. Make the freakin’ house!!! For the love of all that is holy, make the house!

  13. Aaah,You young whippersnappers don’t know when y’got it good.In MY day, Froot Loops only had three colors,and they all tasted like rutabega.And if you wanted a Toucan Sam,you had t’make it out of shredded Saturday Evening Posts and your own tears so quit yer bellyachin’,dagnabit

  14. Can we call him Iggy? Ok, maybe not.

    If that necklace is any indication of what his house would look like – I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous!

    Also, this reminds me that my niece and nephew made something very similar the other day, though theirs were of Adventure Time characters.

  15. From the blurb on the box, it seems that Toucan Sam and his nephews have trapped/imprisoned the Iguana in a cave, presumably in some kind of ‘Silence of the Lambs’-like scenario. It’s pretty clear who the bad guys are.

  16. These “Blockheads” look like characters from Boom Blox for the Wii. It’s a good game too.

    Boom Blox

    And I fully expect the next post will be a tour of Iguana’s new shoebox house. :)

  17. It’s not as easy as you thought, Matt. I tried finding out Iguana’s story. NOTHING.

  18. Judging from the rest of the box, those little toucans are Sam’s nephews, and the Iguana is most certainly an enemy. The FROOT LOOPS canon has grown exponentially with the printing of just one cereal box back.

    How long until we get a FROOT LOOPS Wiki, replete with details about the FROOT LOOPS Extended Universe?

  19. I have yet to see a commercial with Iguana in it, but he does look evil.

  20. I love fruit loops. It’s even better when you add marshmallows to it. You’re right, I’m rooting for Iguana. Also, I wouldn’t mind at all, if the next post is about his little house.

  21. Damn it. I bought Footloops at the store just now. I don’t even like cold cereal. It just sort of popped in the cart!

  22. Papercraft looks so simple, but holy crap it can be a huge pain. Really satisfying though. Especially when the model is the most underrated animal ever, the iguana. I don’t care if there are hundreds of websites dedicated to iguanas, they’re still underrated.

  23. Kelloggs recently released Froot Loops in the UK. As soon as I saw them I bought a box. This was a couple of months ago, I dare not try them.

    I’m still waiting for Lucky Charms to return or to try Cap’n Crunch.

  24. I’ve been selling this box at the grocery store where I work for a couple of weeks now. While I have also admired the interesting cube Iguana and Sam, I’m not a fan of Fruit Loops and I’m worse at cutting things than Matt is. I’ll just stick to enjoying Matt’s efforts. ;)

  25. Iguana needs a home more than I need to lose 20 pounds, and I definitely need to lose weight.

  26. Iguana looks like he’d make good company with Matt’s old Ivysaur doll.

  27. I always preferred getting an actual toy in my cereal instead of activities on the back of the box, but I don’t think any cereals come with toys anymore. My favorite back of the cereal box activity was probably a boardgame printed on the back of a Shreddies box in the 80′s. You had to cut out the board and the pieces, and I believe the cereal box even expected you to make a spinner out of it. Toys may be too expensive now, but I’m sure they could afford to put trading cards in the cereal boxes, or stickers.

  28. I thought: “WTF YOU PUT THEM IN MILK”
    Then: “Oh yeah, he doesn’t eat cereal with milk.”
    Then: “….How–and, more importantly, why–do I remember that?”

  29. I still want to see the Gremlins shoebox diorama…

  30. I expect this shoebox house to be magnificent, I tell you.


  31. My need to see Iguana’s house is as strong as your desire to make it.

  32. The Sam/Iguana ad has just started airing this week. Igsy is just another in a long line of antagonists Sam and his nephews have been irritating these past years, as they “explore” the Loops-based world they seem to inhabit. Froot Loops seem to infest the very environment, and Sam wants to reclaim them for his own needs, like a weird combo of an Anime “collect them all” show and the “Armor Wars” storyline from Iron Man.

  33. Extra points if Igsy is going to sell the Fruit Loops jewelry on etsy. A little shellac and he can afford the house we’re all hoping you build him, Matt. ;)

  34. Considering the Iguana has a necklace made of cereal pieces, I don’t think he’d be too particular in his housing requirements. Just glue some graham crackers together.

  35. The Iguana is the hero. Toucan Sam and his underlings are the villains. All you see is that group finding other creatures homes that enjoy the fruity goodness of Fruit Loops and then claiming that they belong to them instead. Toucan Sam is like a door to door sales man that not only interrupts your dinner but decides to set a place for himself as well.

  36. It would of been more precise of you to cut it out with a box cutter. I think the Lizard is looking for a bong hit and then a bowl of froot loops. And I really hate prizes that make you cut up the box. That isn’t a prize. A piece of plastic inside a clear plastic bag is a prize.

  37. make the iguana have gold colored fruit loops in a treasure chest! and little sparklies…give him a throne and make the seat out of felt.

  38. Is this still the place where all the cool kids go when it’s 3:30 in the morning and you’re watching Scrooged in August?

  39. The Iguana is the best of the couple. I don’t like the toucan Sam, he is like an stereotypical cartoony “Good Guy”. Boring! I prefer evil-looking Igsy the Iguana!! :D

  40. velouria_78: It is as far as I know!

  41. A movie version of this conflict is in the works, to be directed by M. Night Shyalamalamalaaaa. I have an inside scoop about the ending: *SPOILERS AHOY*

    Toucan Sam and Iguana fight at the precipice of a volcano and Toucan Sam strangles Iguana to death with his own froot loop necklace. The toucan laughs with maniacal triumph, for all of the world’s froot loops are finally HIS. But then he looks down at the corpse in his arms… one of its eyes cracks open, revealing it to be a hollow shell. The toucan is merely holding a shed skin, with the Iguana nowhere to be found. The froot loop necklace is also missing. Cut to

    “THE END(?????????????????)”

    Roll credits.

  42. Makes me want to go eat some Fruit Loops, haven’t had them in a while either.

  43. I just saw this commercial the other day and the accompanying promotion for the the block-character project. I thought to myself had this been the 80′s I could expect a figurine of the iguana, which looks even cooler in the commercial than it does on the box. Sadly as others have pointed out the toys-in-cereal-box phenomenon seems to be a thing of the past. :(

  44. Fruit Loops, huh? Why does so much traumatize me from my childhood?!?

    I clearly remember my brother and I were learning how to shoot rubber bands at each other. And unknowingly ate one of those things thinking it was a soggy fruit loop. I could tell as it went down my throat-IT WAS NOT! And I never ate them again!

    I just gagged while having that memory!

  45. Dino Drac is the first google result for Froot Loops iguana. You must be so proud

  46. If you cut out Sam (sometimes the commercials make me jump, ’cause that’s my given name) and leave off the section to the left, and not fold him up, he looks like some kind of moose.

  47. Mr Goatbreath…WHAT A TWIST!!!!

  48. Count me in on the “Yes to Iguana House” party.

  49. We all want to see this shoebox house.

  50. Iguana, yes.
    House, yes.
    More DinoDrac, YES!

  51. These are the grossest cereals ever made after Trix cereals. I never liked them. And I still don’t understand what other people like in them… The milk just turn into a disgusting color and the taste just no comment I prefer normal honey cereals with a fruit than this…

  52. Wish these were Lego compatible… Still very cool!!!

  53. I wonder if Iggy is a boy or girl Iguana?

  54. how do you make a caracter? I dont see how and i want to kno if u have to make an account to make a caracter.

  55. if that is how they look then i dont want to cut them out and make them because it is HIDEOUSE

  56. I recently saw that they still have boxes of Froot Loops with the Make-Your-Own-Toucan Sam and iguana.

  57. I can’t believe what this man,: (Aguyreadingthisblog @ 09/11/2012 7:51 AM) just said about those cereals.

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