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Just want to alert you to two new features on Dino Drac.

First, musings about ten old soda cans, from Dr Slice to Jolt Cola. Second, the most gloriously complex TMNT Colorforms playset ever, featuring a two-level city and a little cardboard Tokka.

In celebration of these two features, here’s a photo of Dino Drac, chewing through a can of Orange Crush, which for some reason is covered in Ninja Turtle Band-Aids.

Also, one of my 2013 resolutions is to be more aggressive (obnoxious) about the site, so in addition for a plea for you to share articles when you think they’re worth sharing, I’d also love to boost the site’s Facebook likes and Twitter followers. (And, if you follow Dino Drac on either, you won’t need posts like this to tell you when new things are published!)

I leave you in the hands of a random survey. In the comments, discuss your favorite and least favorite TV show finales. Series finales, not season finales. Due to the nature of this survey, assume the thread will be spoiler-filled.

121 Responses to New Features on Dino Drac! (Plus Survey!)

  1. About MST3K, the finale was perfect except for one thing….Cambot must have gone down with the ship!!!!

  2. First off….I fucking loved LOST. I mean, I cannot think of another show in my lifetime that I have EVER become so emotionally involved in, AS DID ALLLLLLL OF MY FRIENDS. When the series finale was set to air, my gang of friends and I had been on a 3 day bender “at the lake”, and we drove INTO TOWN to GET TO A TV to watch the fucking end of LOST…..

    What can I say? As we sat there, watching, crying, I was….MOVED. Did I at THAT MOMENT give a shit about where the big pile of notebooks ended up? NO. Did I care about the food drop offs? NO. All I cared about were Jack. Kate. Sawyer. Hurley. Ben! (Huh! Who knew? I CARED about BEN!) Locke. Sun. Jin. Sayid. Clare. Charlie. DESMOND. (OH MY GOD- Desmond). Juliet. Charlotte. Daniel…..ROSE! BERNARD! (When they appeared, GOD did we CHEER!) etc etc.

    Did it answer every question? I don’t care- because it was the best thing I have ever seen on television. As I sat there, bawling in front of my friends, watching 4 guys try to NOT cry, one girl also bawling along with me, and one dude saying ‘fuck it’ and crying all over the place….yeah. I would say it was the most powerful thing I ever saw on TV, and went deeper than I ever thought a TV show could go. THAT is all I care about. Characters. Story. Emotion…..

    Logistics? Nah. Don’t care sometimes.

  3. Regarding LOST, I read this before I watched the finale, and kept it… It is from Wired, in 2010….
    (If you remove this post, I get it- it’s cool.)

    “In 2004, ABC called on producer J.J. Abrams to create a prime-time drama that capitalized on the success of Survivor: something tropical, Cast Away-ish, and closer to Lord of the Flies than Gilligan’s Island. Oh, they asked, and could you make it a towering, mainstream megahit, please? What executives got from the guy best known for a brainy college soap (Felicity) and an even brainier spy soap (Alias) was Lost, a fiendishly obscure, cast-of-thousands epic about … well … to say it’s about people on a magic island is selling it short. To say it’s about Everything — which its adherents swear it is — is a bit grandiose. So let’s just say it’s about destiny. And metaphysics. And quantum physics. And leadership, torture, time travel, synchronicity, Skinner boxes, geodesic domes, polar bears, doomsday equations, comic books, the Casimir effect, and the no-less-potent Cass Elliot effect. It was weird. Even weirder: It was a hit. A towering, mainstream megahit. You’d think a show like this could happen only in some alternate television universe. Maybe so. Maybe for the past six years we’ve been living in that universe. That would be SO Lost.

    The series endured thanks to the power of faith (coincidentally, a theme of the show) and a more modern expression of devotion — fandom. More to the point, faith in fandom: Lost‘s producers never stopped trusting their viewers’ intelligence. Pressed for answers (which, let’s be frank, they probably didn’t have), the high priests of Lost instead delivered deeper mysteries. Queried about the flashbacks, they responded by flashing forward and even sideways into a parallel world. They sowed the Web with the show’s sprawling mythology. They borrowed liberally and respectfully from science fiction and comic books. They understood that Lost, like God, would live in the cloud, kept alive by the theorizing and communing of its acolytes.

    When Lost leaves the airwaves on May 23, its creators have pledged never to speak of it again. It’s for the best. That’s why we’re stopping time here and making that fidgety, spatio-temporally-promiscuous island sit still long enough for us to plumb and pay tribute to its mysteries. Once more into the hatch!”

  4. BEST: Probably the original, British version of “The Office”. Unlike the American one, this show had only a handful of episodes. The first season builds everything up, the second season brutally tears everything down. Then the finale, taking place at Christmas, for the most part goes darker than the show ever has. Just when we sigh resignedly to the bleak realism of the narrative, a glimmer of hope comes to one character and two other characters get the most satisfying resolution possible, defying all expectations. The British pop song warbling in the background of that scene still gets me a little emotional years later. A perfect ending. Still restrained, still authentic, but with something actually going right for once.

  5. Best: Dead Like Me. Sure, we had to wait YEARS for the movie to come out for the proper ending, but it was well worth the wait. All those post-its!

    Worst: Forever Knight. We’ll never know if LaCroix killed Nick, or saved Natalie.

  6. Shit! How could I leave out Hammer?!?!

  7. Least Favorite: Quantum Leap


  8. The series finale(and pretty much the entire last season), of Roseanne was the worst! The whole series was a lie?! Dan died?! They won/didn’t win the lottery?! That last episode tarnished the whole series! That episode needs to go the way of the Star Wars Christmas Special!!

  9. I’ll give you two for each;
    For my favorites there’s Babylon 5 – “Sleeping in the Light” and MASH – “Goodbye, farewell and amen’ they both wrap up their series in such poignant way and they have such a sad ending that my wife still cries.

    My least favorites would be Roseanne – “Into that goodnight” and Star Trek: Enterprise – “These are the voyages.” As for Roseanne I hate the way she decided to retcon the entire series to fit her vision of what it should be. She gave no consideration to the commitment the audience had given the characters over the course of a decade. As for Enterprise, I’ve never actually seen the last episode and from what I’ve been told I made the correct choice. In my opinion it was the best series in the franchise since original. The first couple of seasons were slow start but things really picked up and started to develop in seasons three and four. This was a series that was ended prematurely and in a most foul way when the regular writers were kicked off the last episode so that franchise runner (and the most hated man in Trek) decided to close out the series as a f@#&ing Next Generation holodeck adventure. If you’ve never what the series before and decide to mainline it end with the next to last episode “Terra Prime” and skip the holojoke.

  10. Favorite ending wasn’t and ending at all but what SHOULD HAVE BEEN a series finale. The Office (US) made the departure of Michael Scott very poignant. The end where Jim tells him what a great boss he is was great and when Pam rushes to the airport to say goodbye… What can I say, perfect. Sadly they chose to milk it and it sucks now. I choose to consider that the end. I also liked Terminator: SCC. They didn’t know if the series would be renewed so they ended on a cliffhanger that nicely wrapped up the current story line leaving options for the future.

    Worst: Not sure. So many have been terrible. Roseanne obviously. My wife says the Friends ending sucked but I wouldn’t know, never watched that show. I actually didn’t mind Seinfeld’s ending.

  11. @ drew do – You reminded me of the Scrubs should-have-been ending. NBC cancelled the show at the end of season 7, advertising the last episode as a series finale, despite the fact that at that point it was well known it was moving to ABC. The NBC finale would have been a terrible, terrible series ender. However, The 8th season finale on ABC had JD leaving the hospital, and it was a perfect, very fitting ending to a series that had been on the bubble so many times that it almost DIDN’T have a proper finale…

    …And then ABC brought the series back for one more year, with a hugely revamped cast. When ratings weren’t up to par, ABC cancelled it, ending with an episode that serves as a finale of sorts, but a verrry unsatisfactory one. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the show would have been considered a spin-off (as creator Bill Lawrence wanted, I believe), but it’s officially listed as a 9th season.

    It was just that after so many ‘almosts’, Scrubs got the ending it deserved, and then didn’t.

  12. @Muppet Baby: Hey, more power to ya! :) I admit that when I first saw the finale, it was effective. I was moved/emotional, and I’m rarely *truly* either from watching TV. My gripes are more in retrospect, but they don’t “ruin the series” for me or anything. The show still came out way ahead.

    I’m also just now remembering that I loved Rome’s finale, but then, there was not a moment of that show that I didn’t love.

  13. How about the 60s Star Trek for worst? It never got a finale, just got cancelled so the last ep was a crappy low budget one about Kirk being bodyswapped by an evil female villain {so Shatner had to play the crazy woman while another woman actor played the real Kirk). I saw Shatner on tv saying you can see the cast visibly ashamed in the ep as they had heard it would probably be the last one.

    Best, well, I’m not saying it was well written or well resolved, but I liked seeing Monk end, just so the guy could finally move on and improve his OCD.

  14. Mutie,

    The Star Trek finale is pretty weak; it’s ironic in retrospect that what seemed like an inglorious end was really only the beginning. Star Trek was only picked up because of the famous letter-writing campaign, one that did not translate into higher ratings, so it’s not like the network was paying much attention to it anyway.

    Also, network TV at that time was only then really starting to allow shows to have a proper finale. A contemporary example to Star Trek would be the finale to The Andy Griffith Show, where Andy Taylor moves away from Mayberry after marrying long-time girlfriend Helen Crump, setting up the spin-off Mayberry RFD.

  15. I just thought of a bad series finale that I don’t think anyone has mentioned, probably because it skews to a slightly older crowd than the average Dinosaur Dracula reader-The Brady Bunch finale.

    Greg buys hair tonic from Bobby and Cousin Oliver that turns his hair orange, just as he’s about to graduate from high school. With the graduation element, there was the potential to create something poignant with the ending, what with Greg moving off into the uncertainty of adulthood, but it’s undercut by a lame premise for cheap laughs. Robert Reed famously hated the script so much that he was cut from the episode, pretty much severing his already contentious relationship with producer Sherwood Schwartz. It sort of epitomizes my opinion of The Brady Bunch as a whole; if it had tried harder to be even a little more realistic, it would probably be better remembered as a genuinely good show rather ban for its nostalgic factor.

  16. Sorry, that should say, ” rather than for its nostalgic factor.”

  17. “Diabolik has always seemed like such an unlikely pick to me, but I suppose that was the Brains’ way of letting the host segments primarily drive the episode.” LarryP.

    Yeah, that always seemed like such an odd choice for them to go out on, namely because I would have thought they would dredge up a real stinker for their final show. Something absolutely atrocious, like Manos: The Hands of Fate levels of bad that they had been saving up for just such an occasion. Instead, we got Danger: Diabolik, which was actually pretty cool¹, as far as that sort of genre film goes. Got a good laugh out of the jokes all the same, though, and the sarcastic use of the James Bond theme for mundane actions still cracks me up just thinking about it.

    “I have a friend twisting my arm 8 different ways trying to get me to watch The Prisoner. I should probably get around to it.”Pluto_Child
    If you need any more reason to watch it, name another TV show that Iron Maiden wrote not one, but TWO songs about. Oh, wait, you can’t—because no other show was that cool. I wouldn’t worry too much about episode orders. I saw it in the order that the A&E DVDs were in (the order that the “6 of 1″ fanclub endorses) and thought that order worked just fine. I’d say as long as you’ve got the first episode and the last three the same as that, it doesn’t really make that big of a difference what order everything in between comes in, as they all work perfectly as stand-alone episodes, and you can always try a totally different order the next time around.
    ¹Disclaimer: I am a shameless Mario Bava fanboy.

  18. The worst series finale for me will always be Sliders. True the show pretty much died along with the Professor in Season 3, but they could have at least done it some justice, but they ended it on a cliffhanger that didn’t need one.
    Honorable mention to Roseanne and Alf for more bad finales.

    My favorite was for the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. I also enjoyed the Sopranos finale as well.

  19. @ Jugendsehnsucht – Agreed. It was a very funny episode and they did a good job with the movie, unlikely choice that it was (IMO it’s really not THAT bad of a film, which may have been another reason for them choosing it as the “last one”). However, I always thought it would have been pretty cool if they’d done Plan 9 From Outer Space (ostensibly the “worst movie ever”, although Manos, The Creeping Terror and anything by Coleman Francis is infinitely worse). It wasn’t until later that I learned they had actually previewed Plan 9 at one point, but deemed it too talky.

  20. Mine that pissed me off to no end and still does to this day is the My Name is Earl Finale. It was a cliff hanger and then they canceled it so you never got to know who the father of Earl Jr. was just a total rip off.

  21. Roseanne = one of the worst but not THE worst finale ever…It screws with your head when you watch re runs now. You’re all like well, Dan is dead, so this part isn’t real…and david is with becky…etc etc….

  22. oh and yeah….Seinfeld was a stupid ending too. The Nanny had a fun finale

  23. My absolute favorite series finale is Six Feet Under. That was a brilliant way to end an amazing show.

    Still thinking about least favorite…

  24. Worst: Roseanne

    Best: Lost

  25. PS: I echo what Muppet Baby said regarding the series finale of Lost…the unanswered questions I can deal with (you can sort of tie up loose ends with the Lost Encyclopedia and the Lost wiki online)…but I’ve never become so emotionally invested into a show as I have with Lost. It seriously *affected* me. I spent too many nights crying in the shower over that damn show! Ugh, I love it to death.

  26. Roseanne made me cry – Dan was dead the whole time?! WTF?! Same with Wonder Years when Kevin said his dad died soon after. Screw that heartstrings pull! The best was Family Ties, with Alex moving out. My least favorite was Lois and Clark – I mean, who gave them a freaking baby? It makes no sense.

  27. I actually liked the Wonder Years finale. Christ, what’s not to like? Kevin realizes there’s no place like home, Wayne eventually grows up and takes over the business, all the narration is actually a story he’s telling his son, and Kevin scores with the Super Cooper in a barn. Sweet.

  28. Least favorite: Quantum leap. A lot of good shows don’t get an ending, but this one got an ending so bad, you wished they hadn’t bothered.

    Can’t say that I have a favorite, as I haven’t seen the last episode of most of my favorite shows.

  29. I have just two words.



    If I try to go into detail I will only start weeping uncontrollably.

  30. I’d say one of the best by far is Fraggle Rock, so sweet. If I believe hard enough a Fraggle hole will appear in my house, I know it!

    It’s been said, but Roseanne’s ending has such a clear memory for me, my mom and I bonded by our angry of that ending.

  31. Best series finale EVER: Newhart. Seriously. Watch it.

    Least favorite finale: Star Trek Voyager. The whole thing just felt like a cop-out to me.

  32. Off the top of my head, I really enjoyed Star Trek TNG’s finale. Cool story, and nice way to end it.

    Worst, I gotta go with an old favorite show of mine from way back…..The Incredible Hulk (Bixby and Ferrigno)….the running story of David trying to find a cure and being hunted by a reporter really could have had several awesome ways to wrap it up, but some new corporate head took over CBS programming and just pulled the plug, even though it was still getting decent ratings going into what ended up being their 5th and final season, which got axed halfway through ending on just another regular episode…..that corporate dude also got the axe shortly after since apparently this wasn’t the only DUMB decision he made.

  33. Full House. I mean…wtf? We’re with you, Danny Tanner and crew. We’ve been with you since Michelle was a baby to DJ thinking bout having sex. So why does the show end with Michelle being a spoiled brat wanting to be an equestrian and a bump on the head equals amnesia? Horrible horrible ending for such a good show.

    Best? Hands down, Arrested Development. Ended too soon but what a way to go out. Just like the pilot.

  34. Whoever said that the Dead Like Me movie was a great ending is on crack. The best character (Rube) is missing and Daisy is not only played by a terrible actress, but her character is hacked to shit. I would have preferred it end just the way the series did without a movie like that.

    Also, yes I hated the Roseanne ending too.

    My favorites are Buffy and Friends. Oh, and ER. No one’s mentioned ER’s finale, maybe because it was on for so damn long most people stopped watching. It had that “life goes on and everything’s okay” feel to it, giving it a good bookended feeling by having Mark Greene’s daughter show up and all ready to be a new intern.

  35. Oh my lord how could I forget Star Trek Enterprise. That finale was the worst.

  36. yeah Cat: I liked ER’s finale…

  37. M*A*S*H’s “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” is pretty high up there on best finales for me. As for worst? I don’t know. Seinfeld’s feels pretty crappy now.

    I actually liked Quantum Leap’s ending. I like the idea of Sam Beckett acting like an Angel of God, leaping through time forever. They made it pretty clear that he could leap to whenever he wanted. He chose to give up his life in order to help others.

  38. Best:

    I second the comments about Lost – just ambiguous enough to both wrap it up nicely and to fuel thousands of wild theories on the Internet. Also, it’s one of the only series finales I can recall having just watched it last week.

    House (countered the vibe of the series too much) and Seinfeld (just stupid).

    If you ask me this same question a year (maybe two) from now, I’d expect to add Dexter under the ‘worst’ column, based on the season just passed.

  39. Pretty much all my favorites have been mentioned thus far aside from Family Ties.

    That was the first show I watched from the start that I was conscious of it ending. I was 9, cried for a few hours and actually had to stay home sick from school the next day (this also happened after the Growing Pains finale a few years later). To put things in perspective, I didn’t stay home when my grandfather died around the same time. My brain is broken.

    That being said, I Married Dora is an all time favorite as it was really the first sitcom that blew my mind.

  40. I stopped watching ER around season 9 or 10 but tuned in for the finale. It was hard for me to get into it because I had missed the previous two or three seasons, so I didn’t like it as much. I think I’m bias though because as I recall, Carter was waiting for a phone call from his ex whom I never liked because she essentially took Abby’s place.

  41. Well somehow I missed the finale of David the Gnome but I used to love watching it in the early days of Nickelodeon when I was a kid….So of course I found it on Youtube and now I’m bawling like a baby. I wish they would release it on DVD.

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