Dinosaur Dracula!
Dinosaur Dracula
  • The 1989 Sears Wish Book!

    Here are twelve treasures pulled from the pages of the 1989 Sears Wish Book, from Ghostbusters toys to Nintendo clothes and beyond! Relive your childhood with grainy scans and lots of words!

  • Dino Drac’s Funpack Subscriptions – Now Open!

    Dino Drac Funpack subscriptions are back on sale! $25 a month, for a new box of weird junk, every month! Subscribe now and you’ll start with the SEPTEMBER 2014 FUNPACK — which, since the site will be firmly entrenched in the Halloween Countdown by then, has a nice dose of scares!

  • Top Toys from the 1999 Sears Wish Book!

    Party like it's 1999 with Darth Maul, Bill Goldberg and Pikachu! From the pages of the 1999 Sears Wishbook, here are fifteen toys and gadgets that used to make the world go round.

  • Dino Drac’s “Big Boxes of Joy” for sale!

    The holidays are mainly about squeezing everyone dry, so I’m here to sell you random junk! These occasional sales have become critical for my continued existence as “this blogger guy.”  I like to think of them as “donations with benefits.” That makes it easier for me to explain

  • Dino Drac’s 2013 Halloween Print!

    It’s finally here! Dino Drac’s 2013 Halloween print is NOW ON SALE! (click here for a larger version) Created (as usual) by Jason Week, this year’s print pays homage to – you guessed it – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Of course, Dino Drac’s version of the party has a

  • Dino Drac Creepy Stupid Funpacks! (Sold Out!)

    This next week’s going to be pretty light on serious content, as I have about a million things to get done in preparation for the 2013 Halloween Countdown. Which starts NEXT FREAKIN’ SATURDAY, YASE YASE YASE. Remember to keep up with the site on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime. On

  • Dino Drac Funpacks For Sale!

    Wellp, my most expensive site seasons are coming up, so it’s time to make some money from selling you total junk! Introducing Dino Drac’s Cruel Summer Funpacks! If you live in the U.S., they’re 25 bucks shipped, and come with everything you see here: A smorgasbord of pote

  • Psst!

    Just a note! Dino Drac’s Luxury Apartments is now open for business! (Comments closed on this post. Comment there, not here!)

  • Mad Mascots: Trump!

    Remember when I wrote about Bigg Mixx? I think we should turn that into a series. A series about mad mascots. There are many bewilderingly beautiful brand mascots deserving of short tributes and crudely assembled image collages, and it is my intention to give them what’s owed! …let’

  • New Features on Dino Drac! (Plus Survey!)

    Just want to alert you to two new features on Dino Drac. First, musings about ten old soda cans, from Dr Slice to Jolt Cola. Second, the most gloriously complex TMNT Colorforms playset ever, featuring a two-level city and a little cardboard Tokka. In celebration of these two features, here

  • BFCDAW #14: Gumix the Gum Monster.

    10:30 AM: I’m at work. So of course I’m mapping out ways to turn gum into a hideous monster. That’s the formula, as I see it. I will create Gumix as soon as I get home. Check Dino Drac later tonight, because this is going to be HOT.

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/24/12.

    It’s Christmas Eve! …and the final gift is a DOOZY. Behold, Dino Drac’s BABY DINOSAUR, which hatched from a giant grey egg and immediately started doing cute things. Impossibly cute things, like clapping. God, we LOVE this baby dinosaur.

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/21 – 12/23/12.

    Dino Drac hates today’s magnifying glass, but I don’t. I love how Playmobil made it all jewel-like and oversized, as if it’s actually a supernatural crystal-gazing thing that will let us see the future. “So you wanna see the future, eh? Then let me open tomorrow’s gift.” I don

  • BFCDAW #13: Christmas on Ker-Zerzenic.

    Between Christmas fast approaching and the world possibly ending, I’m not going to have many more chances to post bad holiday art. So, here goes: On Ker-Zerzenic, Christmas is a little different. Santa is a befuddled, three-eyed snake creature. Snowflakes fall in white and pink. Then

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/19 – 12/20/12.

    Today’s gift is a lunchbox filled with torture devices. Dino Drac acts like he hates it, but I see through him. Hey, we were all kids once. I’ve pretended to hate great gifts plenty of times, for reasons many and varied. I’m not buying this facade. There is no way a vampire dinos

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/17 – 12/18/12.

    “They can’t be serious. What is this, a translucent breadbox?” Nah, I think it’s just some kind of holding tank. Either way, a pretty junky gift. In fact, it’s so junky that I refuse to respect it with a bold font. These Playmobil Advent Calendars really love their peaks and

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/16/12.

    Expecting more disappointment after that hideous stretch of tree parts, Dino Drac is pleasantly surprised by today’s gift. Meet Safari Woman, a fiery brute who may actually just be a statue. “She’s not moving! She’s not moving at all!” Actually, Dino Drac, she is moving. She’s

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/14 – 12/15/12.

    A tree! Dino Drac is PISSSSED. He’s pissed, and it’s all my fault. I made such a fuss about how Playmobil was only going to give us good gifts for the rest of December. Now we got a tree, and it’s not even a WHOLE tree. It’s really just a branch. Today’s gift is a

    BFCDAW #12: Karen and Shirley.

    Here’s Karen Carpenter and Shirley Manson, singing a duet at an outdoor Christmas concert. Explanation: For the past week, I’ve spent my entire commuting hours listening to nothing but The Carpenters’ Christmas album and a Garbage greatest hits compilation. Garbage broke big when I w

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/13/12.

    A gecko! I like him. He’s tiny, he’s drowsy, and he looks a lot like a baby alligator. (Despite this, I am sure that he’s a gecko. I’ve never been more sure of anything.) His arrival was not without drama. Dino Drac assumed the gecko to be food, and was salivating like

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/12/12.

    Let’s get something straight. This isn’t just some random patch of grass covered in weeds and flowers. It’s a miniature golf course. Granted, it’s a miniature golf course with only one hole, and it comes with no clubs or balls. So what? It’s only December 12th. There are still pl

  • BFCDAW #11: Good looking cookies.

    Today is busy. I’m only BCFDAW’ing because I need to push that eel sushi off of the main page as soon as possible. There. Much better. A palatable set of Christmas cookies, purchased for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY from one of those design-your-own-salad places. ($9 for two cookies, and no, I w

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/11/12.

    A raptor. (!!!) Just like the ones from Jurassic Park. But so much more orange. Dino Drac is pleased, but he hesitates to really let loose. “I’m just worried that this isn’t a real raptor. I don’t want to start screaming about raptors if people are going to tell us that it’s some

  • BFCDAW #10: The Christmas Sushi Roll.

    There’s a new feature up, listing ten strange and wonderful things I want from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. (Including Aunt Bethany’s cat food Jell-O. Yes.) For today’s BCFDAW, I’d like to introduce you to the “Christmas roll.” Several of New York’s sushi joints a

  • Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/10/12.

    Oh yes, the party has truly begun! I foresee nothing but GOOD GIFTS from here on out! Proof’s in the pudding. Of course, in this case, “pudding” refers to a scorpion and a video camera. Not since car tires and frog legs has a combination seemed so natural. I’ve endured many Playmo