Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/24/12.

It’s Christmas Eve!

…and the final gift is a DOOZY.

Behold, Dino Drac’s BABY DINOSAUR, which hatched from a giant grey egg and immediately started doing cute things. Impossibly cute things, like clapping. God, we LOVE this baby dinosaur.


“I can’t believe it! Look at how he looks at me! I am clearly his king!”

Dino Drac decides to name him Iscariot, in subtle tribute to his favorite apostle.

Traditionally, the last gift of a Playmobil Advent Calendar is Santa Claus. There have been deviations before, sure, but never quite like this. We’ve replaced Santa with Saur. I am totally, completely okay with it.

I ask Dino Drac to summarize his first Christmas season.

“Ups and downs, but more ups than downs. Hard to complain about a magnifying glass and some bad plants when I got a motorcycle and bones and a real live baby dinosaur!”

I get what he’s saying. This was an ups-and-downs Christmas season for me, too — but one that ended waaaay in the black.

For reasons that make sense and others that don’t, this has been my favorite Christmas season in a long, long time. I learned that change isn’t always bad, and that getting a little of something instead of a lot makes you appreciate it so much more. I also got to open like seventeen boxes of really old Christmas Crunch. I feel like I aged ten years in two months, but in a good way.

Merry Christmas to you, from me, my dino, his dino, and all of their friends. Even the scorpion.

Thanks for keepin’ up with Dino Drac’s tiny-sized Advent Calendar. He liked the attention!