Crazy Good Multi Movie Horror DVD.

Omigawd. This is the best DVD set ever, or close to it. You’ve seen those “multi movie” horror packs before, and while this is thematically no different, the included movies are JUST SO INCREDIBLY GREAT. This is total instant party material – a cavalcade of cult classics with a heavy lean on cheesy/gory ‘80s slasher fests.

The movies:

1) Waxwork
2) 976-Evil 2
3) Ghoulies III (!!!!!!)
4) The Unholy
5) C.H.U.D. II
6) Chopping Mall
7) Slaughter High
8) Class of 1999

There are a few duds, but there’s also serious, crazy treasure. I only paid eight bucks for this, and there are at least four movies that I would’ve bought alone for that price. Waxwork? Chopping Mall? Slaughter High? If you’ve never seen these movies, put them on your must-watch list. They are somehow just as perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons as late Friday nights. That’s about as high a compliment as you can pay a horror movie.

The piece de resistance is Ghoulies III. Picture Gremlins mixed with Revenge of the Nerds. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the first time it’s been on DVD. (As an official release, anyway. I actually bought a bootleg copy at that horror convention back in August.)

If you’re interested in this set, I advise you to act quick. These combo packs don’t stay in production forever, and I’ve seen some of the better ones sell for small fortunes on the secondary market. Or, I guess, for like ten bucks more than the MSRP. Fortunes are subjective.

The set stuffs all eight movies onto only two discs. I’m not sure what that means in terms of video/audio quality, but if it’s a bit off, that kind of suits the films, anyway.

Also neat are the menu screens, which seem unremarkable until you notice that they’re like the racks at old video stores. You know, back when everyone picked horror movies based on box art alone.

Love it. Love everything about this set. It’s going to score the rest of my evening, except for when I’m eating, because I can’t deal with microwave pizza when monsters are throwing up on television.