Video: G1 Transformers METROPLEX Review!

Sorry for the light week! Been busy sorting some stuff out. I’ve also preparing for this:

Yep, somehow, nearly a year has flown by! June 1st marks Dinosaur Dracula’s 1st birthday, and if I were you, I’d check the site on that day. Put the candles on the cake!

I pulled myself out the muck just long enough for a new video. It’s about one of the greatest Transformers figures ever. Meet METROPLEX:

Metroplex was a giant robot who transformed into an entire Autobot city, stuffed with alcoves and doodads. He even came with three additional Autobot allies! I’d tell you more, but that’s what the video is for.

And yeah, I made one error in there. “Six-Gun” is named “Six-Gun” because he’s actually composed of six guns. (Also, I guess you could count calling Hound appropriately sized for Metroplex as a second error, but then you’re just nitpicking.)

Here’s a giant photo of Metroplex, for no good reason: