The Best 99 Cent Store EVER.

b99We spent New Year’s Eve in Atlantic City, with The Sexy Armpit’s Jay and his girlfriend Corinne. All I really remember is punching balloons and getting my ass handed to me at three card poker. And walking past some guy that I swore was Johnny Torrio from Boardwalk Empire, even if, in my heart, I knew he wasn’t.

The trip was a private misadventure amongst friends — not something I planned to write about. That all changed in the morning hours. Curing our hangovers with cherry Powerade, we attacked the boardwalk with just one thing in mind:



The Atlantic City boardwalk is full of incredible crap shops. I’ve been providing proof of this for more than a dozen years. This time, though, we landed at the crap shop to end all crap shops. The ULTIMATE crap shop..

Or, more accurately… THE BEST 99 CENT STORE EVER.

I recognized it straight away. It was the same 99 cent store that I used to go to as a newly minted teenager, back when my parents practically lived at the Trump Taj Mahal. It hadn’t changed at all, and I cannot mean that more literally. The stuff that was inside this store… was the same stuff that was inside this store twenty fucking years ago.



At first, none of us realized that we were surrounded by treasure. We were finding good things, but nothing terribly outrageous. Fifteen minutes must have passed when Jay casually announced that they were selling Dennis the Menace pinball games from 1986. Moments later, I found a Kevin Nash air freshener from 1998.

From that point on, it was complete joyous lunacy. Our eyes were open and we were ready to see the truth. This place was COVERED with amazing shit. Everywhere we turned, there was a new reason to scream.

I think this photo sums it up:


Ghostbusters II keychains, from 1989. They were bookended by rubber gloves and makeup sponges, but they were, unquestionably, Ghostbusters II keychains from 1989.

I mean, holy shit.

The whole store was filled with things like that. Sometimes an item would be right out in the open. Other times, you needed to dig. There was an entire second room that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since three presidents ago, and the more we dug, the more we found.

By the time we were through, there was no doubt in my mind:

This was the best 99 cent store EVER.

Jay and I decided to split the duties. Below are my ten favorite finds. When you’re through here, go check out his ten favorite finds. That’s twenty amazing and amazingly old things, all from one random Atlantic City junk shop. I love this place like I will someday love my children.


992#1: Sega Saturn Unauthorized Game Secrets!

This book originally retailed for fifteen bucks, and it is ENORMOUS. 342 pages’ worth of tips for Sega Saturn games, complete with grainy screenshots. (The screenshots are how I came to learn that one of the enemies in Parodius resembles a female moai. Now I have a new favorite video game.)


992#2: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Temporary Tattoos!

Limiting this list to ten items meant I had to leave out some Power Rangers finds, but this one had to be my favorite. “Temptoos” from 1994!

2014 is brand new, and yet I sit here confident that my ownership of the “Putty Patrol” tattoo will keep me in a good mood until next year.

This was one of the few noteworthy items that the store had multiples of. I could’ve went home with dozens of Putty Patrol tattoos. If the poker dealers didn’t have such intense hatred for me the night before, I totally would’ve.


992#3: Water Pager!

Most of my friends had beepers. Even if I wanted to be a part of their club, I knew better than to ask my parents. I had absolutely no reason to own one, and it obviously would have been a mere fashion accessory. (I already blew those sorts of scams earlier in my youth — like when I wanted glasses so badly that I intentionally flunked an eye exam. “You mean to tell me you can’t read the E? The big giant letter on top?”)

Eventually, I found one in the street. It was dirty and nonfunctioning. Half of the belt clip was broken off, leaving a slice of sharp plastic that I could’ve easily whittled soap with.

I wore it anyway.

Let me assure you: Nothing makes the neighborhood kids turn on you faster than wearing a dirty broken beeper to the schoolyard.


992#4: WCW/nWo Air Fresheners!

Air fresheners are usually themed to reflect whatever they’re intended to smell like, so I guess this is how you make a car smell like Kevin Nash. They had tons of pro-wrestling air fresheners available. Despite the stickers clearly indicating that they were supposed to be three for 99 cents, the lady insisted that this wasn’t the case.

I bought them anyway, because getting even one Goldberg air freshener for 99 cents is still a miracle.



992#5: Ghostbusters II Keychains!


I found these pretty late into the trip, and holy God, I cannot remember the last time I gasped so dramatically. It seriously sounded like I’d just spent fifteen minutes trapped underwater, and was finally taking my first safe breath. It was the kind of gasp that draws the attention of everyone near you, even if they’re complete strangers.

With all eyes on me, I could only do what came naturally: Take fifty pictures of old keychains while whispering “ohmygod ohmygod.”

They’re beautiful, but it’s the packaging that really sells ‘em. Specifically, that dripping slime “keychain” font. Ohmygod ohmygod.

I left with ten in all. Just as someone at Bally’s was winning fifty grand, I knew I’d hit the real jackpot.


992#6: Prism Silver Glow Stickers!

Probably the oldest of my many old finds, they reminded me of the non-book things that I used to buy from book club order forms.

Also, nothing better exemplifies the “see and say” concept than pairing the word “fantastic” with a teddy bear riding a goddamned unicycle.


992#7: Petite Miss Designer Compact Set!

While made in 1990, this is just so unbelievably ‘80s. Can someone tell me what happens to makeup when it gets ancient? Is this simply a “best not to use it” situation, or more of an outright “idiot you’ll poison your eyelids” deal?

The makeup doesn’t look nearly as old as it is. It hasn’t dried out at all. I think they chose the Saturn and moon-shaped compartments because those are the exact symbols that appeal to the gods capable of giving makeup eternal lastingness.


992#8: Space Target Battle Game!
(Early ’80s?)

HOLY COW, THIS THING. First off, it’s HUGE. It feels like something that would’ve been sold for five bucks even in its prehistoric heyday. (Given the theme and the decorations, I have to believe that it’s from the early ‘80s. Maybe even the ‘70s. The Star Wars vibe is just too strong.)

Would you look at that package design? The TIE Fighters in the upper left! The three scoring targets, starring Almost Stormtrooper, Almost R2-D2 and Medieval Darth Vader! The random red helicopter! AHHH!!!

The set comes with three little action figures, and I know that they resemble existing characters, even if I can’t place them. I’ll let that be your job. Tell me who those pastel warriors are meant to mimic.

This may have been my favorite purchase. It’s just so bizarre and handsome. I will tack it up in a place of prominence.

UPDATE: Several readers have pointed out that the figures resemble the main mecha from Brave Raideen — which would mark this as a toy from the ’70s!


992#9: Garfield Door Hanger!
(Mid ’80s?)

Garfield was all over that store, but this was my favorite fat cat find. Well, duh.

Now I can clarify that my room is my room with a picture of Garfield.

Nice penmanship, guy. I bet it’s hard to write with a 27” pencil.



992#10: Sonic the Hedgehog Party Centerpiece

If the Ghostbusters keychains were the knockout punch, this Sonic the Hedgehog centerpiece was the second, completely unnecessary knockout punch, thrown with zero regard for sportsmanship. But in a good way.

The store only had one of them, buried deep within a giant display full of party decorations. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to pretend that I’m careful enough to makes its honeycombed base remain in this condition for the rest of my days. (It’ll be on the floor in eight pieces by the time I hit “publish.”)


Pretty amazing haul, no? And keep in mind, this isn’t even everything. I bought around another ten items, and most of them are just as amazing as these. (Like Masked Rider party hats, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.)

Remember to check out Jay’s just-as-incredible finds over at The Sexy Armpit. I’ll be honest. If I had it my way, I would’ve traded some of my stuff for his. It kills me that he found the Moon Stalker DVD before I did.

This was absolutely the best dollar store I’ve ever been in. (Okay, 99 cent store. It’s the same thing.) What makes it all the more special is that it’s the SAME ONE I USED TO GO TO, OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO. Some of these items are things that were ACTUALLY THERE when I went here as a kid. I feel like such a lucky mofo. I still can’t believe that this happened. It’s the kind of strangely stupid wonderful thing that I live for. Yes. Yes yes yes.

PS, let me pay it forward. Everyone who comments on this post, use a valid email address. I’ll raffle off two of the Ghostbusters keychains. Offer is only good for those who provide actual real comments, and not “hey put me in gb game” comments. Deadline is 11:59 PM EST Friday. Good luck!

UPDATE: The deadline has passed and we have our winners! Congrats to spooky and Rachael J. — you each one a dusty keychain!

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  1. Konami has an obsession with moai. They’ve appeared in tons of Konami games, especially during the company’s heyday. In Konami Wai Wai World (a team-up platformer with Konami characters) you can play as one named Moai Alexandria, and one was a boss in Gradius ’95 (wiki link in my name). Also, Parodius is really great, and has TwinBee from Stinger (a game you reviewed on XE, iirc).
    I should get coffee before writing comments.

  2. I actually had one of those exact Ghostbusters 2 keychains! But I can’t say it was because I was such a hardcore GB fan as a kid. I found it in the street,still attached to someone’s keys.So I did what I think a lot of dumb 9-year-olds would do: I took the keychain, and left the keys. Hey, someone’s probably looking for those keys! Though I’m sure they never found them due to my removing their most distinguishing feature.
    Wow… I hadn’t thought of that since it happened, because I quickly lost(?) the keychain. Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

  3. So, I’m on my yearly Facebook sabbatical (lasts about two weeks), and I’ve been missing your posts (Molly brought me here). So DERRR…I remembered I can at least come by your blog all by my non-dependent-on-FB self. And Lo!!! GHOSTBUSTERS KEYCHAINS!!! Even before I scrolled down to the part about the giveaway, I was throwing a tantrum on the floor, convulsions and everything. I’m 38. And I’m not ashamed.

  4. This is why I love that thrift stores are part of my job. I love the hunt it’s so addictive. I am just hoping within 3 months I sell a lot and get to the point where I can go to thrift stores every couple of weeks.

    One thing about Ghostbusters 2, one of the few things I have from visiting my other Grandma is two completed activity flip coloring books that are for the movie Ghostbusters 2. Once I completed them I took them home. Some of the pages I didn’t complete necessarily, I thought they looked cool if I just outlined the different parts and didn’t fill it in. Something cool about being a little kid coloring Vigo in a coloring book.

    I like to think I watched the movie by that point but I think I only watched the first one. I always had to wait a couple of years for movies to broadcast on network tv.

    I sold yesterday a pair of black and pink Heely shoes and today I sold a Hallmark Maxine plush doll with tags I got at Value Village for 2-3 bucks. Got boxes to ship Guitar Hero Controllers and board games in.

    If anybody wants to get into reselling casually, go for the Guitar Hero controllers that come apart. They sell within days. The ones that do not come apart sell fast too but they are harder to ship. They are so hot right now. Sign up for an Amazon selling account and list them there.

    Right before Christmas I bought a The Office version of Clue by an off brand that is complete. The Pewters are in a sealed bag. Also a Tickle me Elmo and an Aladdin mug I sold very quickly surprisingly. I always get the Disney mugs because most of them are more expensive then a regular mug. Especially if they say exclusive to the park or the Disney Store. I’m rambling now. Love you Matt and I hope everybody is having a great week.

  5. This may have already been pointed out; I didn’t read all 160 comments.

    Reading you since forever, can’t help but notice that the “SO THIS IS AC WOW” postcard on the Armpit’s list was once used by you in an old X-E Quest (for a Pokemon?) article ages ago.

    God I feel old.

  6. Love the Sonic centerpiece.

    We had [until very recently] a chain of liquidation stores here in New England called Building 19. It was my absolute favorite place to pick up outdated party supplies. TMNT puzzle favors from the series’ original run. Voltron party hats. Biker Mice From Mars napkins and plates.

    I have boxes of this junk that I picked up for a lot less than .99 cents.

  7. I loved reading this, Matt! It must have been literally like traveling back in time. I wish that some of the dollar stores that were in business when I was a kid were still the way they were back then. There was one in particular that had some really cool video game magazines and strategy guides that I would totally buy now.

  8. *waves upthread at Rachael!!!!!* HI! Didn’t even know I’d converted you!

    Matt, you had better post the other ten someday. NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE IS KILLING ME.

  9. The makeup kit looks like something I or one of my sisters would have had. I totally would have gone for the cosmic theme, and neither known nor cared that I was wearing crappy 99 cent makeup. I think the 80s kind of held on until like 93 or 94. The early 90s was the honorary 80s.

  10. As far as old makeup goes, I still have my 1st Tinkerbell lipstick & nail polish from the 80′s (must have been almost 30 years ago) that I store in my Caboodle like a time capsule. Lipstick looks fine but the nail polish looks chunky. I’d obviously never wear it.

  11. *Reposted from Facebook*
    Wow the GBII keychains are GLORIOUS.
    I would’ve payed good money for old Garfield stuff (that preferably didn’t have someone else’s name on it)as that was my total obsession when I was younger. I tried to get my parents to let me change my name to Garfield (no joke) & I would try to fit in a box to sleep. I also owned that makeup kit.
    Very informed call w/ the Cherry Powerade. Powerade>Gatorade. Cherry>everything. (The clear one is super)

  12. I forgot to mention: if possible, I’d like to not be entered into the raffle. And a correction: Garudius ’95 was a fangame, NOT a game made by Konami.

  13. Man now you’ve got me all kinds of curious about those Masked Rider party hats. That was the best worst adaptation ever.

  14. I love those Prism Silver Glow Stickers. I probably had stickers similar to those when I was a kid.

  15. hee, I still remember this one XE dollar store entry you did 10+ years ago about finding Dick Tracy party plates and patriotic hair gel.

  16. WOAH
    Existence of stores like that are THE reason I want to visit America.

  17. I had that exact same Garfield door hanger…wow. I remember I was super diligent to turn it around to “do not disturb” when I went in my room.

  18. Its amazing that places like this still exist, I think my reaction to the GB 2 keychains would have been exactly the same as yours.

  19. This post reminds me so much of the 99 cent store I used to visit on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk. It was where all the freak kids like me who hung out and loitered at “the pavilion” would go to get 99 cent bottles of mountain dew code red and lighters for our illegally-bought cigarettes. You just took me on a huge trip down memory lane.

    Have you ever been to OCNJ? The Surf Mall seems like it would be right up your alley. Ancient toys for sale at way too high of a price, bootlegs from all over the place, giant wall-sized posters of bands and people and random shit, drug and drinking paraphernalia, wooden “surfer” jewelry and necklaces, those old “fortune teller” coin-op machines, ironic and offensive t-shirts, and ladies writing your name on a grain of rice.

  20. Great haul! Aside from the key chains, my favorite find on your list is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tattoos. I had the stickers as a kid but was never allowed to get the tattoos for some reason so I’d just put stickers on my arm and call them tattoos.

  21. I have had the same ohmygod, ohmygod reaction in toys r us and I even jumped up and down. the temptoos, key chains,and centerpiece are my favorites.

  22. How did you determine the dates on the toys with definitive years? Was there a copyright on the packaging?

  23. Wonderful! Love it!

  24. Matt, holy cow…you really truly have hit the mother load at this 99 cent store!

    The first times I ever remember being in my local 99 cent store/Dollar Tree was simply to wander in and get cheap candy right before going to the movie next door. Lovely expired crap candy I didn’t like much, but was still far cooler than a $5 bag of M&Ms in the theater lobby.

    Nowadays, I love to wander in that same Dollar Tree, but the theater (an old dome theater) was torn down as of last year. :( The Dollar Tree is extra special come Halloweentime…and this year’s amazingness was a mummy bust that resembles that creepy Slenderman dude.

    Just wow though, the haul you found is something straight out of the past, like a Twilight Zone store that appeared for the amount of time you were there and disappeared shortly after. That interior looks like ’80s/’90s/early 2000′s goodness. Aside from that Ghostbusters keychain, the Space Target Battle Game is damn cool.

    Just out of curiosity, were there any cool erasers there? As a kid, I was always obsessed with erasers. Figural, rectangular, nifty colors, how they felt, how they smelled…haha, I loved ‘em.

  25. Okay…Matt…I gotta level with you. I have NEVER wanted to go to Atlantic City. Until this article. Screw the casinos the thrift store/flea market/junker in me wants those crap shops!!! Not to mention I collect vintage 80′s/90′s toys (okay, and plenty of current toys too, hee) and I LOVE any trip that I can stalk new prey. ;)

  26. This place has to be a front.

    What was the staff like? Russian mobsters?

  27. I need to go to Atlantic city soon. This place just seems too cool to not check out before some mobster closes it down for a casino

  28. Matt, let me send you a late Christmas present. Something mint in box that you’ll appreciate. Something from one of the best movies of our childhood. Whether you leave them MIB, play with them as God intended, or immediately flip them on eBay, I can almost promise you you’ll get a blog post out of it. Contact me!

  29. I think the verdict could still be out on Space Target Battle Game being from the 70s or 80s. The Raideen design could easily be recycled years later. More importantly, it says ‘Made in China’ on the blister pack.

    But then again, I guess it’s hard to trace when Chinese manufactured knockoffs really did start infiltrating toy stores.

  30. Man, “Beach Zone” takes me right back to every one of my East Coast vacations as a child. My mom would always go to every single dollar store when he’d go on a trip, and they always had the rack of cheap-o “beach friendly” toys right next to the sand buckets and flip-flops.

    I never really asked for or wanted them, but it was always a comfort to see them. They just said “Summer!” in a way that few things do.

    …also I’m willing to bet that there were a few Orbitz bottles somewhere in one of those drink fridges.

  31. I remember those Petite Miss makeup kits. People would give me those and Tinkerbell brand cosmetics for Christmas and birthdays. Being a small child, I had no clue how to apply makeup correctly, so I would smear red blush over both halves of my face, and put blue eye shadow all the way up to my eyebrows. (I have a couple photos of the results; they are not pretty.) Sometimes I would get my friends in on the action too, and our visits ended with my mom scrubbing our faces raw with a washrag.

  32. Parodius was a fantastic game series. Sadly I think that Saturn game was the only time a game was released in America. It was basically just Gradius, but wacky and off the wall. Which, of course, means it was that much better!

  33. I am beyond jealous. I thought I was lucky when I found Mario-themed Game Boy sponges or N64 cleaning kits. Matt, you win.

  34. What a perfect place for you to stumble into! It makes me happy that it makes you happy, as weird as that sounds.

    I’m sitting in the hospital with my wife who has been here for 5 days, and will likely be here 5 more. In an unrelated note, I sure do like those spiffy GBII keychains.

  35. Matt, I can’t believe you passed up listing that Halloween Skeleton clicker sticker thing! You showed true class letting Mr. Sexy Armpit use that one in his top ten.

    Although you did list some sweet stuff.

  36. If I email pics of my husband and me in our full ghostbusters gear can I get a keychain?
    …and I too have been to this store!! Last time we were there for “AtlantiqueCity”— a treasure trove of old toys ever year—we went in the boardwalk shops and in this one I got a pink stuffed walrus .

  37. One can only imagine what those air fresheners would smell like. But who could pass up the chance to convince people there was a wrestler in the car?

  38. You my friend did not find the best 99 cent store on earth. You found a time machine disguised as a doorway. Different decades of toys and tie-in merchandise living side-by-side in perfect harmony. Knowing things like this exist is what keeps me coming back to this site after years of X-E and now DinoDrac articles. There is always another pot of gold.

  39. Matt, did they have other “your name here” Garfield door hangers, or was the one with your name the only one?

  40. You stumbled upon a national treasure. I can’t believe some of the stuff they had.
    I actually had a space game just like that as a kid. Thanks for the memories..

  41. I love this store, every time I go to AC with my friends we make sure to visit and buy outrageous hats to wear for the remainder of the trip. Too bad I never bothered to walk further than 15 feet inside!

  42. Man, what I would do for a time capsule dollar store around here. It seems that every cool dollar store in my neck of the woods went out of business within a year. The big chain stores are the only ones left standing. Even our thrift stores generally underwhelm. I usually have to resort to eBay for this kind of thing.

    I can say for certainty that I would have bought that Sega Saturn hint book were I in your position, and quite possibly the Sonic decoration, too. I’m not even sure if Pete Dorr (a fairly popular YouTube game collector and reviewer with a large Sonic collection) has one of those.

  43. I’m in love with that little make-up kit. I used to get those as stocking stuffers. Make-up always causes me to break out in a rash, though. Still. Memories.

  44. The Ghostbusters 2 keychains are AMAZING! I would have grabbed them all just like you did. I definitely went through several of those garish makeup kits as a child.

  45. Love this! On my phone so I hope this reads legibly. There was, no kidding, an 88 cent store that was short-lived but everything had the sort of faded look to it like here. Found a bin with a bunch of rolled up posters in it & discovered a Back to the Future II hoverboard one and a Jack N. as Joker I nabbed up in a heartbeat.

  46. The entire time I was reading your article I was trying to imagine what the store smelled like. I would say part dollar tree, part kiddie city, part cheap electronic smell and part cheap perfume/flowery soap smell. It had to be a hullava experience.

  47. Nice vintage finds man!
    I bought a bunch of those dollar store DVD’s last year, Moonstalker & Time Chasers included. I love those cheesy dollar store movies, Although one I would stay away from…even if they offered it for a penny…and gave you change back….Acid Rain!, that movie has to be the worst of all time!, The widescreen bars on that one, ones black & the other is white!

  48. The things I would have done to have that Sonic centerpiece as a kid. Although I loved my Nintendo, I always had a sweet spot for Sonic..

  49. I feel insane when I go into some “just for Halloween” type shop and for whatever reason they have a bunch of stuff from 10 years ago. I have worked at many of these shops (seasonal and permanent in fact) and I can say once they paid for it, they will put the worst thing out for sale every year until it does or it disintegrates.

    I can understand your glee, even if I dont have these kinds of places anywhere near me. Every once in a while I’ll find random old gold in a store where they clearly forgot about something they carry and just leave it on a peg.

    Ghostbusters II would have been my cherry find as well. On to read the other 10.

  50. I’m loving that Space Target Game, the droid kind of has that 7-Zark-7 vibe going from Battle of the Planets.

    What an amazing place, just imagine if you walked out of there and it actually was 1985 instead of 2014; like your purchases had actually taken you back in time.

  51. Wow! I want the Silver Glow sticker set, I enjoy the stickers w/o captions. Gives you the opportunity to make your own. Money well spent.

  52. This is awesome I am the same age as you and I would of went ape shit in this store. Your haul was awesome and these are the things I always hope will happen when I stroll into a 99 cent only store good job.

  53. The deadline for the contest has passed! I guess everyone really likes the idea of free keychains… my stuff doesn’t normally get anywhere near this many comments. :)

    Give me a few to do the raffle thingy.

  54. I would have be so excited to find a Petite Miss makeup set. Those were my favorite things to beg my mom for when we went to the drug store. Well those and those fishing games because I kept losing the pieces.

  55. The winners are spooky and Rachael J! Congrats!

    For those curious, I entered the total number of comments into this site, twice, and then matched the numbers that came up with the comments.

    Check your mail, guys. :)

  56. Damn, I missed the raffle. C’est la vie.
    Vague memories of having the power rangers temptoos. It’s odd that as much as I obsessed over that show as a kid, I owned nothing related to it. I just know that at some point the red ranger adorned my arm, making me feel like the least threatening biker of all time.
    Thanks to the twin articles I”ll be spending some time looking up moon stalker tonight. Looks like some delightful trash.

  57. Yet another great feature Matt!!

    I just wonder how you find these timewarp shops!

    I’ve mentioned before about the independent Pound Shop near me which had a batch of Golden Compass figures 2 years ago.

    There is also discount shop not far away which seems to keep stock on the shelf, not not much branded toys like this though!

    I’ll have to remember to look in just in case there’s some rarity I’ve missed.

  58. Have any extra GBII keychains?

  59. Matt I gotta say I think you got the best stuff, but that Dennis the Mennis pin ball was pretty awesome that Jay got! I have never wanted to travel to New Jersey so badly in my whole life….

  60. The distributor of the Space Target Battle Game is still in business, and has a website. The website says that the company was founded in 1981, meaning that the game can be no older than that. Here’s their website, in case you should need 240 plastic crocodiles.

  61. I LOVE that space battle target game. If there are any readers in the area that are willing to grab one and ship it to me (I’m in CA), I’d happily pay $25 for it. Contact me if interested.

  62. Yes, Congrats to spooky and Rachael J!

  63. Dammit! I rarely go past Cesars…now I’m gonna have to walk down there when it stops being the second ice age outside. I hope you left some stuff for me… I even hand made you something I have yet to mail out, due to being busy with health stuff…

  64. The Raideen doesn’t actually mean the pack’s from the 70s. Look around, there are lots of cheap toy sets with knock-off figures from back then being made now. Heck, I need to go to a flea market soon, and hunt down a K-O of the Blue Gale from Xabungle. Those can be plentiful if you know where to look.

  65. Damn. My first thought when reading this article was “Awesome. I’m going to grab one of those keychains when i’m in AC next week” only to have my hopes dashed a few paragraphs later. I’ll have to settle for the sonic centerpiece.

  66. This just reminds me of when I went into a dollar store in a mall that mysteriously had like 80 copies of one of the Sonic Game Gear games. And even more mysteriously, said dollar store didn’t exist next time I went to that mall.

  67. I wish I had a store like this one in my home town, I wish I could find ancient pop culture stuff on stores, I wish sores were this cool :(

  68. I remember around 97 or so,my Gran used to be crazy on junk/cheap/99p stores and there were tons of them she would make me go round with her. They always had old action figures of weird films I didn’t want toys of, like Coneheads. I remember once a store had those crappy bendy Star Wars figures, the ones that were all one solid piece of rubber with no joints and the weapon stuck in the hand. I remeber going in every store just praying hard and crossing my fingers they would have proper Kenner Star Wars toys, but they never did.

  69. I read this a while back, but didn’t comment because I was too late to win a keychain and I went into a period of mourning and despondence. It was only after a healthy period of grieving that I felt strong enough to come back and comment.

    Okay, not really. I don’t remember why I didn’t comment that night, but I just haven’t been back around here since then. But I’m working on catching up now.

    Wow, you really did find the best 99 cent store ever! Although, if I’m being honest, the Ghostbusters II keychain is the only thing that I personally would have bought. Don’t get me wrong, the other stuff is awesome, too, but it’s nothing I would buy. I appreciate that there is a store out there that still has this stuff for sale, but nothing else really “grabs” me, you know? That being said, I wish there was a story like this near me.

  70. Yeah, if you haven’t picked up Parodius yet you should do so. The moai are a staple of the series and of the series it is adapted from, Gradius. The lady moai even shoots little moai rockets out of her mouth, which looks actually suggestive.
    I think you will love it.

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