BFCDAW #13: Christmas on Ker-Zerzenic.

Between Christmas fast approaching and the world possibly ending, I’m not going to have many more chances to post bad holiday art. So, here goes:

On Ker-Zerzenic, Christmas is a little different. Santa is a befuddled, three-eyed snake creature. Snowflakes fall in white and pink. Then there are the little blue guys jumping all over the place, who we’d assume to be horrible devils if not for their halos.

But remember what Danny Aiello said. “If you’re frightened of dying, and you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you.”

Ker-Zerzenic is an interesting place. Its snowmen remind me of that giant cactus from SMB2.

10 Responses to BFCDAW #13: Christmas on Ker-Zerzenic.

  1. He can see you when you’re sleeping, awake, and floating in the depths of Ker-Zerzenic space!

  2. Is that a ringed moon?

  3. I like that you quoted Jacobs ladder. Fun drawing too.

  4. Great artwork! This story is heart warming.

  5. I am especially impressed that said pink and white snowflakes can be separated to create a two tone snowman!

  6. “Bad holiday art?” These are masterpieces that deserve to be preserved in the Louvre, along with your stories behind each piece. You’re the next Renoir, Matt.

  7. Alternating vanilla and strawberry ice cream?

  8. Do the pink flakes taste any different to the white flakes? This is of immediate importance.

  9. What are the citizenship requirements? Can I take my dog? What is the exchange rate on dollars? I’m ready to become a Ker-Zerzenecian right now.

  10. Love that pink and white snowman. They’re very creative in Ker-Zerzenic.

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