Blue Cheese.

Here’s Dino Drac, written out in Nickelodeon Floam:

 And here’s Dino Drac, written out in Cheez-It Scrabble Junior crackers:

And here’s a new feature about random Nintendo memories, because if you only keep up with Dino Drac via RSS, you definitely did not see it.

I hope you’re having an amazing Monday.

12 Responses to Blue Cheese.

  1. Looks like a lot of Floam.

  2. Do they still make Floam? It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would stand the test of time.

  3. Floam looks great, and it’s my favorite color.

  4. The other day at TRU I saw Nick’s Floam, Gak, and Slime! 3 choices. That’s like picking a favorite child. How do they expect us not to leave with all three in our cart?

  5. Yep, TRU is where I got mine. I’ve had to buy Nickelodeon Slime for two different articles here (Slime Pit, and the TMNT belt), and since the Floam was right there next to it, why not?

    It’s fun stuff, by the way.

  6. When I was in 6th grade, we went to Orlando for a family vacation. We, or course, went on the Nickelodeon Studios Tour. With 3 kids under 12, how could my parents not? Well, we got to the part where they slimed someone, and then the tour guide picked a couple people out to TASTE the Slime!
    They ended up picking one of my little sisters standing right next to me. I was SO pissed! It

    Awesome to hear all that cool stuff is still available!

  7. I saw Floam…somewhere recently. Don’t remember where. It was the first time I’d seen it in years. I thought they stopped making it.

  8. I’m pretty sure I saw a commercial for Floam or some variation of it on The Hub recently.

  9. FLOAM!! YES! As a kid with Nickelodeon (needed a big ol’ satellite in the yard up here in Canada back then to get Nick) I LOVED Gak, Floam, and all the other sticky, slimy stuff they had.


  10. Floam! Dammit! I love that stuff. I never had any, but I had friends who did. Friends who I spent plenty of time with until they ran out of floam. Hmm. I was a user. Not cool, self, not cool.

  11. From 1985-2013 it had shared its channel space with Nick at Nite, a nighttime service broadcasting during the interim hours that features reruns of older primetime sitcoms, along with some original series and feature films, which is treated as a separate channel from Nickelodeon by A.C. Nielsen Co. for ratings purposes.:.-”

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