Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/2/12.

Though the hat and binoculars were clearly meant for yesterday’s Safari Man, Dino Drac is quick to appropriate them. This could mean that Safari Man has already become lunch, but — and far more likely — Dino Drac just likes hats.

Turns out that the binoculars are only for show. They don’t actually enable Dino Drac to see faraway things more clearly. This irritates him to no end. Would prop binoculars really cost that much less than a working pair? There comes a point where making prop versions of things just seems excessive.

Luckily, that hat makes up for the binoculars. Dino Drac fancies himself a modern day Indy, but I get more of a Bogart vibe. A Safari Man at the Advent Calendar beats a roast beef at the Ritz.