Bud Light Lime’s “Cran-Brrr-Rita!”

I’m on a big project this week, which is eating my time and making me crazy, but at least temporarily funding my passion for cranberry-infused alcoholic beverages.


Today’s video is my review of Bud Light Lime’s “Cran-Brrr-Rita.” The margarita with a twist!

These are GOOD. They taste more sophisticated than they sound, and while I wouldn’t go for them often, they’re a perfect way to correlate the holidays with getting hammered.

They will only be available for a short time. Act now, assuming you are of age and have no aversion to bitter things.

53 Responses to Bud Light Lime’s “Cran-Brrr-Rita!”

  1. Well, it looks like I’m making a run down to the States in the next few days.

  2. Worth the trip! I’m already planning to bring a couple of cases to Thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ll be the only one drinking them, but it’s the thought that blah blah blah.

  3. So it’ s a 8 percent light beer margarita?

  4. Yes, with an asterisk. I really don’t know if this is supposed to be “beer beer” or not. It’s way less beer-like than Bud Light Lime. If you didn’t see the can, I’m not sure you would guess “beer” after drinking it. More like a light mixed drink. There can’t be tequila in there, obviously, because they’d advertise the hell out of that if so.

  5. How do you think these would pair with Jones™ Turkey flavor?

  6. Im going to get one of these if I ever see it in the stores. If you are still in the mood for a cranberry beverage we found a new cranberry Sprite at Giant. We never saw it before so we can’t help but think its new. Its delightfully clear like normal Sprite but tastes AMAZINGLY CRANTASTIC.

  7. Haha great review I hope these are in Canada!

  8. What is the sugar content of these things?

  9. Thanks Gweff!

    Paul, it doesn’t say outright… just that there are 23g of carbs per can. Which is only a little bit higher than the Capri Suns I reviewed previously. I’m sure there’s a dose of it, though. It’s pretty sweet.

  10. I’ve always been fairly ambivalent about cranberry, but the way you talked these things up, they look pretty great. Between the color in that mug and the mention of how bitter they are, I’m tempted to give these things a go. Maybe they’ll make an acceptable substitute for the Cranberry Splash soda that I still really miss.

  11. I wonder if it tastes like Rockstar Vodka cranberry. Those were extremely sweet.

  12. I don’t drink but that color is so alluring it almost makes me want to start. I’m like you Matt and love cranberry anything including raw ones in salads and things of that nature. I love that little tongue “zap” the raw ones give you.

  13. all i am going to say is, never drink a box of these little bastards in a sitting…..Straw-burrr-ita…..Nightmares.

  14. YES!!! I heard about these! Hopefully they sell em by the can at the front of the liquor store. I’ve been dying for one since I saw it.

  15. Cranberry Sierra Mist is awesome. That is all.

  16. I like the box-and-can art depicting cranberries mixed in with the ice. It’s like having cran-olives in the cocktail.

  17. I might have to try these, as I do enjoy vodka cranberry. As for it being beer, it most likely is. Pretty much all of those flavored alcoholic beverages, such as mike’s hard lemonade, are really flavored beer.

  18. @DerDavenWarrior: This is more comparable to Mike’s than, say, Bud Light. But I’m not a big fan of Mike’s or much else like ‘em, because you pay for that indulgence like a kid who eats too much Halloween candy. I’m sure these are no different, but they made them just bitter enough to feel more “legit.”

  19. Yikes! I liked the Bud with Clamato (it’s better than it sounds like – think a Bud Bloody Mary) but cranberry? Um, no.

  20. Matt if you want to have some alcohol with lemonade, but not as sweet, try a shandy. It’s like an Arnold Palmer, but with beer and lemonade instead of iced tea and lemonade.

  21. I often splash some cranberry juice in my Tequila (not the other way around) so I think it’s cool they released this. I don’t think I’d actually drink these because as you mentioned in the comments, you probably wind up paying for it in the end. But in the end it’s still good to have Holiday Beer tie-ins.

  22. Oh no, no, no. This is all wrong.
    Which is to say, drinking one of these at the beginning of the night is probably good, but anymore than that would be overkill.

    @DerDavenWarrior – I second the Shandy. Not sure if Rickards is available in the U.S., but they make a decent beermonade product.

  23. Going to the Liquor Store on the way home…please oh please let these be on my side of the border!

  24. Can’t wait to see you review Cranberry Sprite.

    Last night I made Thanksgiving Sloppy Joes for dinner. Basically, I cook ground turkey with some onion (you can also add green pepper and celery), and mix it with chili sauce, a little mustard, and jellied cranberry sauce ad let it simmer for a half hour. It’s pretty good.

  25. @King,

    That sounds amazing. I’m going to have to try it when I have some leftovers.


    I think I like these more than the regular and Straw-brrr-rita versions. I forgot about how they quickly put me on my ass though. I guess you could consider me a one and done type of drinker.

  26. I had the regular margarita version of these in the summer and they are hard-hitting. Which is good!

    Lately, I’ve been putting cranberries in ginger ale. I figured all the carbonation would break them down enough to flavor the drink a bit. Nope. But it’s nice to have some tart little treats when your beverage is done.

    I ordered a Smirnoff Ice in a bar once and the waitress looked at me like I was a third-grader. I wonder what reaction ordering one of these would inspire.

  27. Why aren’t you being hired by any big ad agencies? You’re in the right city, and the fact that you found a good way to spin a corporation trying to sell you smaller cans to increase their profit is job #1.

  28. I’m with Pluto_Child – I don’t drink either (and I especially don’t like beer), but if I did, this would not be a bad place to start. I also love cranberries, one of nature’s most versatile fruits. Nothing finer in breads or muffins.

    Oh, and incidentally, not only have I seen Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash around, but this year, Sprite hopped on the Christmas cranberry bandwagon with their own cranberry flavor. I haven’t tried the Sprite version yet – has anyone here tried it?

  29. @Stunt Zombie and Whalley Range: This is my first experience with these, unless you count Bud Light Lime, which I’ve always liked. (Lime is an easy sell for me. Anything too cider-y is not.)

    @Brian: I’m scared of big ad agencies. I work in what’s essentially the same industry, but further down the ladder. Don’t think I’d ever survive those high-end pitch meetings, even if I’d love to go into a conference room and explain how companies should market cans to people with hand issues.

    @starwenn: I’ve tried the diet version… I’d like another go, but my initial reaction wasn’t too strong. I didn’t dislike it or anything, but it didn’t pack the punch of Cranberry Splash or Cranberry Canada Dry. Maybe I was thrown off by the clear color. Still happy to have it around, though.

  30. We’re going to get some of this I think. Wprth a try.

    I have really enjoyed the Cranberry Canada Dry, never had it before this year. I miss the real drink of seasons past, Pomegranate 7up. Why would they ever discontinue this? I dream that it’s still on sale somewhere in the US, however that is also my nightmare as I wouldn’t have access to it…

    I’ll be eating all the raw cranberries I can stomach starting THIS WEEKEND!!! I know Matt likes this, anyone else?

  31. I’ve been eating cranberries nonstop for a few weeks now. I think they’ve officially replaced pomegranates as my favorite seasonal fruit. Helps that they’re good for you, too.

  32. I, too, have been on a cranberry binge. All hail tartness.

    God, you actually make the Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita sound palatable, which is a sentence I never thought in a million years I would type. I’m not sure I can quite muster up the bravery required to endure the whirlwind of existential angst that actually going out and purchasing a Bud Light anything would induce, but I’ll be damned if your praise of “they’re not fuckin’ around” has not bolstered me enough to not cringe and try to protect myself by flashing a malocchio if someone was to offer me one.

    I am late as hell in saying so, but I really, really enjoyed the countdown this year, even the plethora of articles that I laughed over but couldn’t think of an worthwhile response to. A point which kinda brings me to catching up with this place again—I was only a couple of articles behind, but I feel like I haven’t commented in ages, which is is due less to not having been digging all the new stuff (quite the contrary!), and more to do with the fact that I’m weird and have this thing where if I’ve had a gap in participating in something for a little while, it takes some sort of monumental effort on my part to start back up again, even for the most inconsiquential things.

    So, now some stuff covered in prior posts that I hadn’t chimed in on:

    I actually tried the “carving a turnip” ordeal around 14–15 years ago. Hollowing it out was a total pain in the ass compared to the pre-hollowed nature of a pumpkin, and I didn’t get anywhere past the generic jack-o-lantern face with it. I’m sure the size wasn’t much of a help, either. I’ve heard that mangelwurzels (a form af beet typically used as livestock feed) were used in the English West Country for a similar-to-but-not-quite-Halloween ritual, maybe their size would be more suitable.

    The Shrunken Apple Head birthday video was absolutely spectacular. The whole thing is so overwhelmingly… you. There is nobody else on the planet who could have created that particular spectacle. I was half-tempted to send it to someone that wasn’t in on the whole phenomena surrounding this place, as out of context, it must be absolute lunacy. One thing I have to to admit: I tried slowing down Leviathan’s “speech” back to normal speed, and the resulting sounds had me cackling like a loon.

    There was also some talk around here about the demise of Blockbuster a couple posts ago.
    Unlike many, I still go to the video rental store on occasion (admittedly this is when Netflix-by-mail doesn’t have something I want), but that factor is only still a thing for me because my part of rural CA has a broadband infrastructure that probably pales in comparison to that of… fuck, I don’t know—Kyrgyzstan or somewhere. I hadn’t set foot in a Blockbuster in years, though, save for once earlier this year when a local one was shutting down and I snagged a used copy of Hobo with a Shotgun for dirt cheap. Seeing as the last (and much smaller) of the two Blockbusters in my area is on its way out now, I’ll have to be sure and check out what they’re getting rid of sooner than I did with their other store, as that place looked like a bomb went off in it by the time I got around to scoping for bargains.

    One of the things I had totally forgotten about until that particular moment of returning to that dying Blockbuster was just how sterile and lifeless Blockbuster was in comparison to Video Library (my local indie rental). Their bright lights, widely-spaced aisles, clean boxes (behind which were usually six million copies of the same movie I had no interest in), permanent smell of air freshener, and utterly clueless employees could never hold a candle to Video Library’s flickering fluorescents, cramped aisles, boxes smothered in stickers with Sharpied employee recommendations, scent of free (!) popcorn, and knowledgeable staff. Or for that matter, their weird decision to have a big shelf carrying more types of incense than a head shop. I’ll miss that place when it finally goes, and if my last local Blockbuster biting the dust helps postpone Video Library’s almost inevitable demise, I’m totally okay with that.

  33. I’ma drink some of these… On Christmas Eve.

  34. Canadian girl here! During the summer, one of my main buys from “The Beer Store” was Bud Lime’s “Lime-A-Rita which is defined as a “strong beer blend with Margarita Flavor” also 8% alcohol cont

  35. Oops, hit post comment too early, anyway, drink that I just described is 8% alcohol content and I’m heading to the Beer Store tomorrow to see if they are stocking the Cranberry version! Thanks Mat

  36. I’d probably have to be hard up for a buzz to drink this. Not a fan of flavored beer. I’m becoming a bit of a beer snob, though I won’t sit and trash anyone’s choice brew. No point in that game. That being said I have bought a can of Mike’s Harder Cranberry Lemonade ’cause it was 1.29 and I was broke.

    However, you made me think of vodka cranberry with a twist of lime and I thank you for it!

  37. @Juge: Thanks on all counts, mang! Don’t feel bad about the commenting thing. TBH, I’m almost the same way. I sometimes get nostalgic for that pre-social media era, when internet friends continued gathering wherever they met, almost exclusively. Times change!

    Speaking of video stores — was in Brooklyn last week and walked past a fucking amazing one that’s gonna close at the end of the month. Need to go back and check it out, but I was told that I already missed the best of their closeout sales. Wah.

    No problem, Marleaux!

    @kb: This will be the year I get into vodka and cranberry. I should love it, but I don’t at all. I actually only like vodka “salty.” It’s never something I drink straight or mixed with anything fruity.

  38. I recently rescued a sub-par cider¹ with some cranberry juice, and it turned out way better than I thought it would. Which I suppose was dumb for me to suppose, as cran-apple² is a flavor you see all over the juice aisle. Someone should come up with a suitably autumnal name for that combo, if one doesn’t already exist.

    ¹The regular variety of Crispin, for whatever that’s worth. They put out one called The Saint that is absolutely delicious, but their normal cider is really not that great in comparison. The finish is weirdly just like a cherry-flavored Sucrets cough drop.

    ²I perpetually want to refer to this as “crapple flavored”, but I’ve got a feeling that portmanteau isn’t going to catch on.

  39. @matt: I’m the exact opposite, I love vodka and will mix it with everything. My favorite would have to be white russians, but I will admit that I only started drinking them because of the big lebowski.

  40. Every time I ride by the Italian restaurant that drove my favorite video store out of existence, I can’t help but raise my fist in anger. How a place so small could have such a huge selection, I’ll never know.

    I must admit, I’ve become a bit of a fan of the flavored vodkas now. A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend mixed some orange Jell-O with some chocolate whip cream flavored vodka, and the resulting shots tasted just like Creamsicles.

    The same goes with martinis too. I can drink all the flavored martinis you can throw at me, but when it comes to drinking one straight up, I can’t do it.

  41. Is the pull tab really cranberry red as pictured on the package? If so, kudos, Cran-brrr-rita. Kudos to you, good sir.

  42. Oh my. I’m excited about these. A couple of years ago on a beach trip we discovered the lime-a-ritas. I initially scoffed, because I don’t dig sugary beverages (I’m a coffee, beer, and water type of gal), but I have to admit they were perfect for the occasion. And they were no joke, what with their 8% alcohol. AND now they offer cranberry tartness to enable my tipsiness in this season of stress and family get togethers? It is truly a blessed season, indeed.

  43. I’m not a Budweiser drinker… but I think you may have sold me on these Matt. Going to pick up a case tomorrow and pretend I’m Blitzen this weekend.

  44. Aargh! I tried Target and Hannaford (a Maine grocery chain) on the way home from work and found the lime and strawberry varieties, but no cran.

    @Jared: good one!

  45. I think it’s safe to steer clear of vodka cranberry. Maybe it’s wrong but something is always really funny to me when I’m at the bar and some guy comes up and orders one. My wife likes it so I have a hard time not thinking of it as a really foofy drink :) Like ordering a chocolate martini.

  46. Am I the only one who thinks that was a come-hither look from Matt after saying “I love cranberries.”? Maybe I’m crazy, it’s just that I’ve never seen someone bust out the blue steel look while drinking flavored Christmas beer. Good on ya.
    As for the drink itself….I might grab one if I can find a single. There’s not enough drinkers in my circle to cover a whole box if I end up hating it.

  47. When I see the word “Cran-Brrr-Rita” I can’t help but hear it in Roger Rabbit’s voice.

  48. So, how many Christmas edition M&Ms are out now? I saw Cherry Cordial, Holiday Mint, Peppermint and Gingerbread…how many do you need??

    Have you tried these? I bought them all but have only tried gingerbread…pretty decent.

  49. I’m in the minority of folks on here who don’t drink, but the video was great. Very funny. If I were a drinking man, I would absolutely be sold on these. Oh well, I’ll stick to my Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. :)

  50. I’ve tried all 3 of these beverages and both the strawberry as well as the original are so sweet they are unenjoyable. The cranberry flavor is adequate and is true to an actual unflavored cranberry juice in that it isint overwhelmingly sweet. I would actually prefer this just a tad sweeter for it to be perfect, but over the 2 other flavors, this by far is the best!

  51. They sure pack a wallop. I love those lil strawberitas and cran-brrr-itas!

  52. Food Lion in VA carries these. I have been wanting to try for two weeks. I had a stressful day so far and bought a pack to relax. I am four drinks in. This is the best tasting of all the ritas, they should keep this permanent instead of that nasty strawberry.

  53. I love the other limeritas, but I could not find the cranberry one. Every location never received them in the Cleveland. Ohio area.

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