Capri Sun’s Jingle Berry Holiday Pack!

This year’s run of holiday junk food looks to be pretty fantastic. I’ve already spotted many great things, and not just repeats from last year, either. I’m talking about all NEW things. Leading the way is a special box of Christmassy Capri Sun!

Capri Sun’s “Limited Time Holiday Packs” include ten pouches of “Jingle Berry” juice. It’s an excellent follow-up to Halloween’s Ghoul-Aid Jammers.



The box and pouches share a sweet holiday design, while the juice itself is a-okay. It’s supposed to be a strawberry/raspberry blend, but as I mention in the video, the flavor is much closer to cranberry.  (Actually, I’m wondering if it really IS cranberry. Maybe Kraft got cold feet about calling it that because children like other berries better?)

Whatever the case, the Capri Sun Holiday Pack was the perfect way to “officially” kick off my season. It wasn’t until that juice hit my tongue that I felt okay about firing up the ol’ Christmas Jukebox.

Now I’m so there.

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  1. I feel like Homer on new billboard day. Gotta start a list…

  2. How do I mix this? Faux juices in pouches don’t do well except at chasers.

  3. Matt…always there for us during Christmas time.

  4. Are you make going to make wallets and pencil cases with the leftover juice pouches and gift ‘em for christmas? Circle yes or no.

  5. Awesome! Kudos to Capri Sun for celebrating the holidays proper. I may sneak a pack of these in the cart in the guise they’re for the kids and secretly drink the bulk of them myself under the mistletoe next to my Jake “The Snake” Roberts Wrestling Buddies doll wearing a Santa Claus cap.

  6. Nice to see Larry will be with us for Christmas. Harley save some Christmas Crunch for Matt!

  7. Do you think they made the name of this drink uncomfortably close to “dingle berry” on purpose?

  8. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Kraft wasn’t aiming for that particular comparison. (Course, they may be kicking themselves now.)

  9. Yayyyy holidays!

  10. This year is full of all sorts of wonderful Holiday junk! I type this as I drink Egg Nog coffee. I am pretty excited for this season.
    Great video, Matt. I expect 35 more before the New Year. ;)

  11. Matt, have you seen those little M&M’s and Skittles scented candles that came out this year (at least, I assume they’re new this year). They make me think of you when I see them because they seem up your alley!

  12. i actually think that guy is riding a Lik-a-Maid stick…excuse me…14 guys riding 14 lik-a-maid sticks in a quest to sell you secret cranberry juice.

  13. Lol dingleberry

  14. Awesome. I’ll be looking for these to go with my Christmas crunch. Matt, any chance we’ll get a new Macy’s Parade review? Those were always one of my favorite features on the old X-E site.

  15. Matt, I’d suggest you bar your door, because very soon a gaggle of Hollywood stop motion animators will be piling up at your door to talk to you. Possibly to hire you. Or possibly to hit you with a stick. Why take the chance?

  16. @Brian: I hope so, I want the money.

    @jjwspider: *Probably* not because the ones I have left aren’t very remarkable, but I’m gonna take a look to be safe.

    @Stephanie: I got the Skittles version of those candles a while ago. They’re fun. :)

  17. Oddly enough, Christmas always fills me with a kind of quiet melancholy. A recognition that life kind of sucks a lot of the time … but things will probably be alright in the end. Perhaps being raised Catholic did this to me.

    In any case, I’m having a bad day today because I went to a comic con in Portland, ME and was told by a comic book artist that “there’s still time” to do what I want in life. In other words: “you’re getting old.”

    The ‘things will probably be alright in the end’ portion of this story is that this video was waiting for me when I got home and it made me smile. I thought Larry would be left behind in the pumpkin patch and here he is decorating a tree…

  18. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen these yet at work, and they have pulled out all their Christmas items. I’ve seen lots of other nifty things, though. I’ll see if I can find this around. I generally don’t buy Capri Sun (those big boxes aren’t easy to haul home on a bike, plus they tend to be too sweet for my liking), but one can make an exception for the holidays.

    (By the way, Matt may have seen this already, but for those of you who love the Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread will be happy to know they’ve branched out into Christmas this year with Gingerbread. Haven’t tried it myself, but it’s already selling at work.)

  19. Larry and Harley helping spread (or devour) the holiday cheer. Awwww. I’m glad Larry is in the spirit too.

    Maybe I’m the only one but extreme sports guy looks like he’d be more at home on Capri Sun box circa 1993. I do love the insanely bright red box and the hammer & sickle reference managed to loose a rather large guffaw from me. Go secret cranberry drank!

    I don’t totally pay attention to these things but I don’t ever recall Capri Sun really hopping on the seasonal LTO wagon before. This just seems like a completely new and foreign concept to me. Cool but odd.

  20. Sweet lordy! Feeling very lucky since Capri Sun is alot easier to get in my area than the jammers.
    More than likely this will end up being a part of some xmas themed jungle juice in my near future.

  21. I just like that swirly Christmas tree comet star thing.

  22. I’m surprised there was no shot of you sticking the straw through the back of the pouch, because that always happens when you try and open a Capri Sun.

  23. Have you seen the new gingerbread-flavored Peeps yet?

  24. Capri-sun ALWAYS makes me cough! It may be the “real juice” they use or maybe my body hates “real” anything and have been so dependent on preservatives and fake flavors make myself normal.

    …I plan on going on welfare because that is what being American is all about (a dependency on such things has made me need to claim disability)-Go Santa and your fat, happy ass!

  25. Ah, the Christmas jukebox is back in easy access form. I’m thinking this juice might be a good Thanksgiving drink for the dozens of kids that are going to invade my house on Turkey Day.

  26. @Felix: Leviathan says “B+.”

    @kb: The jukebox pulled you out of the woodwork! This alone warrants its revival. Hope you’re well!

  27. Where did you find these? Haven’t saw them in the grocery stores…Target?

  28. When I saw the post about these on facebook the other day, I noticed how “Jingle Berry” sounds like dingleberry, but it wasn’t until I heard you say “Jingle Berry” out loud that I giggled like a twelve year old. Well done.

    I bought a big box of the Ghoul Aid Jammers the day after Halloween that I’m still working on, but I intend to buy these the first chance I get. They sound wondermous.

    Also, I know a lot of people here, like myself, enjoy Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. I see that Sprite has a cranberry flavor out this year, has anyone tried it? How does it compare?

  29. Good luck, Matt.

  30. @Matt-You know how I work. The jukebox and a new shiny laptop, this time with a working keyboard! Now get your special project done and write! ;)

  31. Not really a cranberry fan. I think I’ll stick to Pacific Cooler. :)

  32. I am drinking this right now. It has a strong Raspberry aftertaste. And a flavor that is supposed to be the Strawberry but it doesn’t scream Strawberry. Like the Strawberry Kiwi Propel obviously tastes like Strawberry Kiwi. This is more vague. It’s good though don’t get me wrong.

  33. A slight criticism about your videos, the awkward pauses are way over-done. But otherwise I enjoy them.

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