Clue VCR Mystery Game!

I wanted a relaxing video for tonight, so naturally my brain jumped to the videocassette from the Clue VCR Mystery Game.

My parents received it as a Christmas present in 1985, from someone who evidently didn’t know them very well. They never touched the thing.

I inherited the game by default, though I never once played it, nor even had any idea how TO play it.

Years later, I purchased a VCR for my bedroom, and that weird tape became my preferred source for background noise. It didn’t play out like a “real” film, but between the macabre sets, random bouts of thunder and everyone getting murdered, it felt enough like a horror movie to pass as one.

I’m sure many of you have seen the Tim Curry film. Picture this as the super serious made-for-television version of it. I used to just let it play and go about my business, happy that I had some spooky ambiance to paint boring evenings with exhilarating coats of dread.