Dino Drac After Dark

Random Retro Commercials!

I’ve been encoding and uploading old commercials to my side YouTube channel, in preparation for Dino Drac articles down the line. Those ads are unlisted for now, but I’ve also been putting up vids that seemed to be worth encoding even if I’ll probably never write about them. So, here we are:

There are more than 20 fresh uploads on that playlist, all from my personal collection of dusty VHS tapes. Totally eclectic mix, but hopefully something in there sparks some memories for you!

Happy New Year!

Here’s a thread to help you ring in 2019! Talk about whatever.

Oh, and here’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special from 1990. Video is probably too choppy to sit through, but it was hosted by Kirk Cameron and Lori Loughlin, so it’s at least worth a scan!

Random Christmas Thread.

It’s Christmas Eve! And then it will be Christmas! You deserve a thread. Here’s a thread!

1980s Xmas Commercials!

With less than a week between now and Christmas, here’s something that’ll put you in the right mood:

It’s an immense collection of 1980s Christmas commercials. Really great assortment that looks like it was well-curated by the uploader. Enjoy!

Random Christmas Memories!

I’ve been a bad boy, neglecting poor ol’ Dino Drac After Dark. Let’s see if we can reinvigorate this place with a survey!

In the comments, describe one random Christmas memory. (You can replace “Christmas” with whatever you celebrate, of course.)

It can be something minor, major or totally ridiculous. It can be from when you were a kid, or even from just last year. Doesn’t matter, but dig deep.