Dino Drac After Dark

Q*Bert’s Thanksgiving Special?

Here’s Thanksgiving for the Memories, starring Q*Bert!

It’s a short from the old Saturday Supercade cartoon. Looks like it premiered on November 26th, 1983. (I don’t doubt that I’ve run this on After Dark before, but something this strange deserves to be shared twice!)

Casual Tuesday Thread!

Videos will be returning to After Dark very soon! New podcast goes up tomorrow, too.

This is a Free-For-All Thread. Talk about whatever you want… except the election, because this place is meant to be your break from the real world!

Friday Night Thread!

Talk about whatever!

(Just got back from seeing Suspiria. Gonna need several months to process that one.)

The Day After Halloween.

The day after Halloween is always weird, but since October turned into total insanity for me, it’s even weirder than usual. I wasn’t exactly sorry to see the season go, if only for the chance to hit the reset button and get my shit straightened out.

Right now I’m surveying the scene and deciding how I wanna attack Thanksgiving and Christmas on the site. I have a couple of (IMO) knockout articles to put together, but there’s also going to be an increased focus on videos and podcasts. (My thought is that it’s better to skip writing days here and there if it means more vids and shows.)

As for Dino Drac After Dark, expect a whole bunch of holiday videos over the next few months, but to avoid any dry spells, I was thinking I’d schedule “nightly threads” without videos just to guarantee that there’s a new thread every night. (I can always go in and add videos as time permits.)

In fact, let’s see how that goes right now. Here’s a thread! Without a video! Talk about whatever.

Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe someone found and uploaded the Nightmare on My Street music video! I won’t get into the history of that video here, but if you know anything about this song, you should also know how huge this is!

Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!

I hope y’all had a great season. Sorry that the Countdown went awry this year, but I hope you still got something out of it!

My October fell apart early, and then things just got so far away from me that I couldn’t catch up. I’m glad we managed to get one last podcast out, but I definitely wish I would’ve done more videos — especially after September was so strong on that front.

Oh well. I’ll do better next year. Onward and upward!

Talk about how you spent Halloween and your whole damn season, in the comments!