Dino Drac After Dark

2024 Sinister Summer Thread!

By popular request (two people, maybe), here’s your 2024 Sinister Summer Thread — the final After Dark thread before the next Halloween season!

I’m starting this one early because, well, it’s too late for a spring thread, and spring kinda sucks anyway. Besides, we’ll be well into the Halloween stuff before summer officially ends anyway.

This is a catchall thread for conversations of all sorts – movies, junk food, pop culture, vacations, pets, toys, dreams and nightmares, whatever. Y’all know the drill!

I haven’t plugged Dino Drac After Dark in years – it’s definitely the “secret” part of the site, and I love that you guys keep it lively. Consider it an escape from the rest of the internet.

2024 Wild Winter Thread!

Here’s your 2024 Wild Winter Thread, which will remain in effect until… I don’t know, when does winter end? March something? Look, I just didn’t want to make you hang out under a Christmas tree all through February.

The winter months have a reputation for being boring and lifeless, but I’m starting to see them through a different lens. Piling blankets over myself like I’m Giles Corey before watching sixteen movies in a row because there’s literally nothing better to do? That doesn’t sound too bad.

Enjoy the thread! I thought the Halloween and Holiday ones were pretty great this year, so I figured I’d buck tradition and not disappear until August. May this dank basement be a blessed respite from the rest of the internet.

2023 Ho Ho Hot Holiday Thread!

Okay After Darkers, here’s your Ho Ho Hot Holiday Thread for 2023! A quiet lounge for anyone who needs a chill, cozy hangout away from social media and the rest of the internet at large.

This thread will last until the end of the year, which includes a handful of major holidays, so feel free to chat about whatever you’re doing, eating, giving, getting, buying, watching and/or decorating. (Or, you know, about whatever else.)

Dino Drac After Dark: Halloween 2023!

I think this might set a record for the longest break between Dino Drac After Dark updates. Oops!

But it’s the Halloween season now, officially, so you guys deserve a new thread.

Happy Halloween to us all! I’ll be keeping busy on the main page and hope to see everyone there, but I know that Dino Drac After Dark hits different, so keep on keepin’ on in the comments, all season long.