Dino Drac After Dark

Monsters TV Episode!

Tonight’s video is another gem from Ginyu Recoome. Let’s watch Monsters!

Monsters as in the horror anthology show from the ’80s. (Pay no mind to the title, this isn’t Tales from the Darkside.)

To be honest, I don’t have nearly as much experience with this series as I should, given how much I love spooky anthologies. Maybe this would be a good place to start?

This episode is titled My Zombie Lover and stars Tempestt Bledsoe of Cosby fame. Bonus points: It was recorded off of WPIX back in 1988, and includes all of the original commercials!

(Putting this one up way early as I might be out tonight.)

Free-For-All Thread!

I’m pulling an all-nighter on a video edit, so let’s just call this a Free-For-All Thread. Talk about whatever!

Gobots: Quest for New Earth!

Back when the Countdown got rolling, I wrote about Creepy, a strange Gobots figure that looked like a toxic alien spider.

Creepy only appeared in two episodes of the cartoon series. Here’s one of them, called Quest for New Earth:

Halloweeny? No, of course not. But that’s one of the things I love about this season — applying just enough context to things that are outside of my usual wheelhouse to make myself wanna experience them.

So, whatever! Let’s watch Gobots! See if you can spot Creepy!

1990s Horror Movie Trailers!

Been kind of a slow week on After Dark, as I’ve been preoccupied with TOO MANY THINGS to do more than the barest minimum. Don’t worry, though… we’ll kick it back into high gear starting next week. (I still have tons of suggested videos to get to!)

Speaking of videos, I’m working on my next one tomorrow. Not sure if it’ll be a same-day release, but definitely by Thursday. I still have a ton of articles on deck, too. For once, the Halloween season doesn’t look like it will secretly peak in September. (I’m not the only one who’s noticed this, right? Usually feels like everyone’s blown their wad by now. This year, October is shaping up to be THE month, which is kinda nice.)

For tonight, here’s a huge playlist of 1990s horror movie trailers, covering everything from Jacob’s Ladder to Freddy’s Dead to Candyman. Something for everyone!

Candy Survey.

Survey night!

Think back to your trick-or-treating years, and answer these three questions:

1) What was the best or most extravagant thing you ever received while trick-or-treating?

2) What was the worst or weirdest?

3) What was the “common enough” candy that you always looked forward to most?

Spill it, in the comments.

(Yeah, we do this survey every year. So what?)