Darkman TV Pilot!

Oooh, this sounds interesting. It’s the unaired pilot for what would’ve been a Darkman television series, from 1992:

Very curious to see this. I loved the original movie, which was sort of like the dopey son of Batman and The Crow.

For reasons I still can’t fathom, we rented the video upon its release, and the whole family watched it together. We never watched movies as a family, and I can’t think of anyone who would’ve been pulling that hard for Darkman. It just sort of happened.

It’d later become one of those flicks that was always on cable. At this point, I’ve probably seen Darkman more than 50 times, despite the fact that I’ve never once purposely set out to see it.

…which brings me to tonight’s survey:

Name a movie (or a few movies) that you ended up seeing all the time almost on accident. These probably wouldn’t be your favorite movies, but once you see anything a hundred times, your heart makes a place for it.

Spill it, in the comments!