Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy ARE BACK.

UPDATE: I got ‘em — and here’s a video taste test!


Just a quick note for people who haven’t seen today’s onslaught on Facebook or Twitter. This is huge news, and it deserves as many eyes as possible.

Frute Brute (formerly “Fruit Brute”) and Fruity Yummy Mummy are RETURNING this Halloween season, as part of General Mills’ Monster Cereal lineup!

If you don’t know much about these guys, here’s a primer.

Obviously, I’ll be buying and covering both as soon as they’re available. This is shaping up to be the best Halloween season EVER.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and for posterity, I’ll try to piece together the events of this crazy news day:

1. Between 10AM and 12PM, I received word from three different readers about the cereals. At that point, Frute Brute was only a “possibly-maybe,” but I had a confirmed Fruity Yummy Mummy sighting from an employee of a certain national chain.

2. At 1PM, “swhte” chimed in on Twitter with this photo — an apparent teaser from Serious Eats.

3. At around 5PM, Mike T. from the site’s Facebook page located the images above, tied to a site that listed the cereals’ nutritional info. I took this as final, no-fail confirmation.

Doesn’t sound like much when I summarize it, but you didn’t see the hysteria! It was great!

52 Responses to Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy ARE BACK.

  1. Whoa! These have been absent since the 80′s right? Big news indeed!

  2. Somebody please pinch me…

  3. Loooong time reader but I don’t comment much, but if anything deserves commenting it’s this monumental news. I’m so freakin’ happy right now. So glad I have Dino Drac to come to with others who appreciate how awesome this is. My wife is amused at my excitement but is looking forward to trying them as she never had them as a kid. Frute Brute will be all new to me because it was discontinued in ’83 I think, and I was only 3 at the time. But Fruity Yummy Mummy was so good and I ate tons of it. Been waiting for it to come back for so long. Can’t believe it’s actually happening. I will be stocking up to doomsday levels for this. These along with Ghoul Aid Jammers will make this the best October in a long time.

  4. This is AWESOME! No, seriously, this is just crazy awesome. I have wondered for years what these two cereals tasted like given I only recall having the ‘core 3′ monster cereals as a kid.

    I am so definitely going to be buying these as well as my usual Count, Franken, and Boo this year.

    I had heard rumors of this, but not until I saw on your site here that it was confirmed.

  5. Will you be making your own bowl of “Fruity Freaks” now?

  6. Wow. Never had these before. Gonna have to get some!

  7. Not sure if I like the Brute’s new look but oh well. He sort of looks like one of the wolves from Alpha and Omega. Wal-Mart and/or Target will be the first stores to hit. For some reason Stop and Shop never carries any of the Monster cereals even when they are in season.

  8. Since retro has been in for a long time now, why hasn’t Kool-Aid jumped on the bandwagon with a resurgence of Purple Saurus Rex yet? Been oddly craving that recently.

  9. This has made my day and will probably make my Halloween! I’m so pumped it’s ridiculous! I was too young to try, or at least remember, Frute Brute or Yummy Mummy but I’ve been fascinated by the characters and cereal for years. I love the big three monster cereals and I’m super excited for these. The flavors are interesting. Cherry for Frute Brute and Orange Cream for Yummy Mummy. I’m pretty sure that’s different, no? Weren’t they just a random assortment of fruit flavors like Froot Loops? Regardless, I cannot wait to find them. Along with Ghoul Aid Jammers, the dept stores are going to be seeing a lot of me this season as I scour for Halloween goodness!

  10. This is just…wow! Great, great news! I’m not a big cereal eater, but I always look forward to the seasonal monster cereals, even more so this year!

    Would it look too strange if I were to fill two shopping carts with these and the other seasonal monster cereals for year-round eatin’? Anything less seems kinda anti-climatic for something of this magnitude.

  11. Amen.

  12. Awesome. The grocery store where I work just put out its Halloween stuff, and I’m sure there will be more coming. We usually sell the monster cereals, so yes, I will look for these. Sugary cereals with marshmallows are not my thing, so I won’t be trying them, but I’m sure my older nephews will try to sneak them by their mom and grandma.

  13. these are a DEFINITE rice krispy treat in the making(well with yummy mummy instead of rice krispies, but you get the gist)

    It looks like the guys from Dreamworks did the box art…it smacks of Hotel Transylvania(great halloween film I must say)

  14. With this news, I believe it confirms my suspicion that the universe has given the 2013 Halloween season the thumbs up go ahead to be awesome.

  15. I’m not sure where I’m going to display them, but c’mon. WHOLE FUGGEN TEAM.

    Now we just need the Invisible Man to show up all 6th Senshi style.

  16. I can’t wait! Something new to go with the many boxes of Frankenberry I buy every year!

  17. Definitely saving a few boxes of each to use for Halloween decorations.

  18. This is the best news EVAR! And yes, I will be taking Mandy’s suggestion and making yummy mummy treats for my halloween party. Maybe even some monster cereal trail mix?


  20. Never thought that I could get this excited over breakfast cereal but man oh man… this really is a fantastic announcement!

  21. @ Dave – Yeah, I’m indifferent to Yummy Mummy but Frute Brute looks like he’s calling someone a “Jive Turkey” or something.

  22. No, it’s more like, if you’re bringing back a cereal that only 30 or 40 somethings could possibly have eaten before, USE THE DAMN ORIGINAL BOX ART.

  23. Dave, I’m afraid of what will happen when you notice that they changed the flavors, too. ;)

    Look close – Brute has gone all-cherry, while Mummy is orange cream. (Which makes sense, because when news broke, I wasn’t sure how/why they’d bring both back at the same time. I didn’t mind, though!)

  24. I don’t even remember what either tastes like, and I only ever had Yummy Mummy anyway, back in like 1988!

  25. Yeah, I think Fruit/Frute Brute was before our time, or close to it. Yummy Mummy was definitely around.

    I’m too excited about this to be objective, but if I really tried, I guess I could get some resistance to the “new Brute.” I do love Fruity Yummy Mummy’s new look, though!

    Also, I have no idea how this post got 338 FB likes, since I didn’t officially link it there. So thank you to whatever mysterious Facebook giant linked to this.

  26. Definitely something to get excited about! I will definitely be picking up a box of each as soon as they’re available!

  27. I need to buy these immediately. Any word on what chain? Is Giant food or Wegman’s one of them?

    I NEED this.

  28. i will laugh if the just put franken berry in bot of those boxes

  29. This…is AWESOME!!! In for the whole set this season!

  30. My mind is officially blown. I’ve wanted to try Yummy Mummy since I was very young.

  31. Hey, cool beans.

  32. Halloween 2013 is appearing on the horizon like a comic books store to a wandering nerd. And if anyone thinks this is too early to start thinking about the ‘Ween just remember that in the middle of October the stores will be starting to stock up for Christmas, something that really grinds my chainsaw.
    In the meantime enjoy the coming Fall season and all it brings with it.
    Yummy Mummy, you will be mine.

  33. I am cautiously optimistic. I hope they taste good. Anyone that has tried the other monster cereals lately, knows what I mean. Still buying Yummy Mummy. I mean how can you not?.

  34. This just goes with the “Feel of Early Autumn Instead of Late Summer” weather we’ve been having down this way. Woo-hoo!

  35. Fruity Yummy Mummy was multi fruit flavored like Froot Loops or Trix, but it definitely leaned more towards orange so I’m OK with this new “Orange Cream” flavor they’re giving it. Won’t know for sure until I eat it of course.

  36. Haters to the left, I’m kinda digging Brute’s new sideburns…but heck, Yummy Mummy sounds DELICIOUS. Like Kohr’s for breakfast!

    Zach – if it’s anything like the rest, I’d put my money down on Target having these for certain. It’s the only place I’ve seen any of the original three over the past few years.

  37. Elyse, thanks for the tip!

    I will be scouring Target for these flavors in the coming weeks.

  38. Boxes of Brute and Mummy are popping up on eBay! Hopefully this means they will hit stores soon.

  39. Please tell me that, with a proof of purchase from each cereal, we can receive that shirt for $3.99 S&H.

  40. Ha…I was just discusing Fruit Brute with my mummy, when I saw it’s Hot Wheels car on eBay.

  41. Holy crap.. And I LOVE the box art too!

    I’m starting the hunt for these next weekend!

  42. I posted this on Facebook but I gotta say it again. This is super exciting for me because we use the monster cereals each year to make “Monster Bars”. Basically they are Rice Krispies treats but with the monster cereals instead. Can’t wait to make all of these with the two returning cereals. THIS WILL BE EPIC.

  43. @Jim: Pics, or it didn’t happen!

  44. I’m ready.

  45. Man, I hate that it took me so long to watch this video. Your videos are always great, but this has to be the best one ever. You are so damn…dare I say giddy over these two cereals coming back and it so much fun to watch. I feel you, Matt, I’m pretty damn giddy myself. I still haven’t gotten my hands on either of these yet, but they will be mine. Oh, yes…they will be mine.

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