Lightning Gremlin Figure!

It’s been weeks since I’ve put anything of substance on Dinosaur Dracula, but man, I had a good reason. Working with some new folks on some new things, and it’s been a blast so far.

I love what I’m doing, but I haaaate the timing. I didn’t even get a whole month to enjoy the new site smell (mulberry) before I started treating Dino Drac like X-E.

Tonight, a small peace offering. A hunk of blue plastic shaped like a Gremlin.

Okay, hate to pull an aside in Minute One, but let’s go back to that.  “Gremlin.” When referring to the species and not the movie title, should it be capitalized?  It never looks right to me when it isn’t. (Which is strange, because “mogwai” seems fine without a big M.) Somebody tell me.

What you’re looking at up there is NECA’s incredible Lightning Gremlin figure, a Toys “R” Us exclusive that had me dusting off the Charleston right there in Aisle 17.

Sweet heaven, a Lightning Gremlin action figure.

Well, sort of.

See, it isn’t really a “figure.” It’s more of a statue. A statue that would not photograph well no matter how hard I tried. It’s much neater in person, though I admit that I would not have paid thirteen bucks for six ounces of flat blue plastic if it wasn’t shaped like a Gremlin.

It’s just such an odd little thing. The figure feels more like some weird Comic-Con exclusive than a tried and true “big release.” I’m happy it isn’t, because I have a huge phobia of Comic-Con. All of them. Even the ones in fly-by-night Jersey cities that take the name in vain.

The unfortunate angle of the photo gives the impression that Lightning Gremlin is a shorty. He isn’t. He’s pretty tall. I don’t think his height is important enough to warrant ruler retrieval, but just know that Lightning Gremlin is three inches taller than whatever you’re predicting.

Ugh. I forgot how to blog.

It’s my God given right to believe that everyone knows everything about Gremlins, but the truth is, some of you don’t. So here’s a quick bio:

In Gremlins 2, several “normal” Gremlins were fabulously mutated by drinking potions in a scientific laboratory. One turned into a bat, another into vegetables. Lightning Gremlin turned into lightning. That’s why he’s named that.  Represented as a bright blue animated character, the Lightning Gremlin killed Christopher Lee, got trapped in a phone, and was ultimately used to electrocute five thousand Gremlin brothers against his will.

That’s a much better photo.

If you look at his hand in the lower left and squint, you’ve got an Egyptian goddess drinking something.

I’d give NECA’s Lightning Gremlin 4 out of 5 stars, but why miss an opportunity to be brainlessly clever?


4 out of 5 Gizmo feet.

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  1. Since one of my favorite games to play is Pretend I’m a Movie Critic, I wrote a big, long, spoilerific review on IMDB if anyone is interested.
    But to sum it up real quick: I didn’t like Bane. I didn’t like the ending. I didn’t care for Selina Kyle and feel like she was shoehorned in. I didn’t like Miranda Tate. Also thought there were pacing issues, volume issues, lame action scenes, and the writing felt rushed and sloppy.

    I did enjoy Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but I’m not as crazy about them as some people are. They’re decent films, but I haven’t felt the need to watch them more than once.

    By the way, I literally cannot fathom how people thought any part of Avengers was boring or slow. I was entertained the entire time.

  2. I loved Dark Knight Rises like crazy and the last 15 minutes had me totally creaming my pants in excitement followed by me rolling mad tears.

    Back to the subject of Gremlins, I may be going daft, but I swear to God I saw a commercial today with some kid and a giant gremlin in it. I don’t even know what it was for, or what was on at the time. It was either TMZ or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

  3. Jungensehnsucht,

    I just got from Merced last Thursday myself; Hoverbored is my brother and our sister goes to the UC up there.

    As for TDKR, I personally enjoyed it. I don’t know if the Joker is better than Bane, just because they’re such radically different characters. The Joker was a total nihilist, whose sole motivation was to prove that Batman was wasting everything trying to save the people of Gotham because nothing mattered. Bane, on the other hand, was greatly possessed of a deep, if misplaced, sense of justice (or rather injustice).

    King Adrock,
    The plan is a little vague until you realize that it’s not really his plan, but hers (you know who), and her reasons for doing it.

  4. Yeah, Annette, I don’t know…Avengers really didn’t heat up for me until later. Even as satisfying as the big fight scenes were, I wasn’t blown away like a lot of other folks. It was a really fun movie though.

  5. One thing I can say about Batman I saw the 89 version was playing on tv and I was excited because I haven’t seen it in years. When it “started” another movie was playing. I was so pissed. And that is really the only one I like. I am not really into superhero movies. I don’t even remember what I watched instead. I rewatch movies a lot so I am trying to force myself to watch movies I haven’t watched before. I got in such a habit of it I didn’t notice I only rewatch movies I rarely watch a new movie. And some movies I put in the background while I work. Oh btw I work now. I resell online.

    I think you should buy a second lightning gremlin and give it a paintjob. That would be cool. He is dying for some paint splatters and random buttons glued on him. Oh btw the next time I get paid I am buying chocodiles. Woot woot.

  6. Spoilerish

    I can see where you’re coming from with closure to Gotham, Guise. Gotham is probably the second most important “character” of the trilogy. That said, one issue I did have was that while the scale of the events in the movie made for some good excitement, that scale would have also been world changing far beyond Gotham.

    Forget about how Gotham would rebuild, if something like this were to happen (in the sense that it even could), you’d basically be looking at something that would have been like a billion 9/11s. Not necessarily in death count but in societal and political reaction.

    I’m not sure that really jives with the League of Shadows original goals for Gotham but I guess the importance of that is dependent on how twisted you know who’s ambitions were compared to Ras Al Ghul’s, to which I suppose I would be willing to believe they were quite twisted but I can’t remember right now how explicit this was stated. Guess I’ll just have to go watch it again, damn my luck.

    Personally, I see no reason to even bring up the Avengers for comparison. People did it with Iron Man 2 and TDK and I didn’t see it then either. Outside of both having their source being comic books and both being filmed, I don’t see them as similar experiences or even trying to be similar. The Avengers is sort of the epitome of big action comic books put to film. Nolan(s)’s Batman is more like “here’s MY take on this Batman mythos” and the end result is something I would be hesitant to call a Comic book or even super hero series.

    That said, Guise rightly points out the inspirations from No Man’s Land and Knightfall. What I thought was really interesting, was that they managed to merge these stories where the bulk of their content was the featuring of all Batman’s rogues. Nolan’s vision ultimately didn’t give Batman very many big name rogues to deal with and from Knightfall’s perspective, the story kind of gets told backwards. If they had not added in that dash of Returns, it might not have worked but ultimately I feel it did.

  7. I have a lot of family in Merced. That being said…
    See what I did there? Huh? Huh? Huh.

    I’m waiting to see Batman at home. Safe and sound at home. God, I am still down about that.

  8. Really, Matt? Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2? Me likey terrible horror movies as much as the next guy who’s obsessed with DD (formerly X-E), but that one…I’d swear they out-B-movied themselves by TRYING for campy and ridiculous, and failing to even do that right in true underbudgeted sequel fashion.

    Also, long time reader ,first time commenter. Man-crush!

  9. Hey guys…sad news. Sherman Helmsley from TV’s Jeffersons and Amen died today. I know Matt loved Amen…

  10. Cherry Vanilla Pepsi next is AWESOME! Better than Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (do they still make that?)

    I’m gonna have some outpatient bladder surgery tomorrow morning. Hopefully it changes my life for the better.

  11. @Ricky: Sherman Helmsley is now truly in a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyy.

  12. Dang King JLA. Is the surgery going to hinder your ability to drink Cherry Vanilla Pepsi Next (Wow that is long)?

    I’d like to try it. Don’t know if it’s here yet though.

  13. Hope the surgery goes well, King JLA!

  14. Back home and doing fine. No caffeine for a day though.

  15. Glad to hear it bro. Keep the water going for awhile before hittin’ the 32 ouncers. Glad to hear it’s going well.

  16. King JLA – glad you are feeling well! I am by your side on the no-caffeine policy. I would kick a nest of bunnies into traffic if I could drink a very large, potent, nerve-fraying coffee right now.

    Caffeine, my most beloved drug, the intoxicant of the insomniac, someday I will wrap my face around you again. Don’t forget me.

  17. It’s not even caffeine that’s my problem. I love soda (can’t stand coffee/coffee drinks). I can even drink caffeine-free soda just fine.

  18. From one king to another, good to hear they installed the Thrush Pipes and Hooker Headers, JLA.

    And Happy Christmas in July! Click my name for a pleasant surprise I found on the YouTube.

  19. You know, at the risk of being controversial about being controversial, let’s try to make some kind of unofficial pact not to bring politics and crap in here. I saw something mentioned about an issue with a restaurant, and I really don’t want to have my fun place polluted by a bunch of viewpoints on stuff that isn’t “which Friday the 13th movie is best.” I think we all get along on here really well, I don’t want to see anything mess with that.

  20. Glad to hear your OK, JLA!

    Merced update: the nickel arcade is a ton of fun. Every time I go there 5 find a new game I like. Anyone hear of a game called “Big Rig”?

  21. I just endured “Rubber.” Horrible. If you’re gonna make a movie about a killer tire then you need to go over-the-top with the gore and humor. Instead it was just plain boring.

  22. JLA- This week I had my sister watch iCarly and Victorious to see how long she could stand it. The good news is, I’m not the only one who thinks they’re the dumbest shows on television.

  23. Joe,

    You went to the nickel arcade? I went by there once when Laura and I went to Goodwill, but I think it was closed. I never actually went inside the whe two weeks I was there.

  24. Hey guys….I am really bummed out, I gotta tell ya. Recently, a very good friend of mine (for the last 7 years) blocked me on Facebook, and completely cut me out of his life, because his girfriend didn’t like that we talked….I keep sending e-mails, and nothing. He lives REALLY far away, so I can’t go see him, he won’t answer my phone calls, etc etc. Worst part? He has been telling me for 2 years that he and his GF do NOT get along and are always fighting….argh. I feel really sad, and I feel like I helped ruin his life or something. *Sighs*

    REALLY sorry to dump problems here. Sorry, gang.

    HOVERBORED — ‘iCarly’ is absolutely ridiculous….My 3 year old nephew loves it, so that tells you something. I like ONE episode once, but only because Jane Lynch – Jane Lynch!- was a guest star.

  25. Nah, MB, that’s his deal. I’ve blocked people on FB, but mostly because they say really upsetting stuff and don’t realize how much they’re ruining other people’s good times by crapping all over the internet.

    I am sorry for the disconnection, but maybe they need the time to figure out what is making them miserable, and hopefully fix it.

  26. Wait a minute – she’s just a girlfriend? She won’t last then. If there’s a real commitment there, OK, but as a “GF” if he’s getting problems this controlling, he’ll most likely hit the silk soon.*

    *Parachute, not sheets.

  27. I saw this in Toys R Us last week and thought of you, Matt. Eerie.

  28. Muppet Baby- One of he most galling things about these Dan Schneider shows (he wrote pretty much everything bad on Nickelodeon) is the sheer number of reputable actors who have sullied themselves with it: Jane Lynch, Josh Molina, Tim Russ, Mary Scheer, the list goes on…

  29. Muppet Baby: That is so lame :( Why people gotta be so mean? Why can’t people just be relaxed and groovy instead of psycho? Sorry, I’m just…losing a little bit of faith in the human race again. Don’t mind me.

    TC: I concur about the politics thing. I’m getting tired of going on Facebook and seeing people getting religious about chicken sandwiches and generally being jerks about the whole thing. I don’t want this place to get like that. This is a happy place.

  30. I agree that there’s nothing more galling than logging onto Facebook and seeing people you like posting all sorts of political/religious rants. It leads to a lot of “do I REALLY want this guy as a friend” soul-searching.

    No pun intended, but I religiously avoid posting anything on FB that might be possibliy divisive, if for no other reason, than the whole world is reading, so you’re bound get into a fight with somebody. Life’s too short to get upset about something posted by someone you don’t even know and will never meet. Heck, I made an offhand comment the other day that my neighbor was mowing his lawn at 9pm, and even THAT got some prickly comments (“Mowing at night is better for the ozone!”), so I wouldn’t dare comment on any real hot button issues.

  31. Absolutely guys. Glad that we’re kinda on the same page. Everyone has a right to their opinion – but when you start airing it out for everyone, it’s only natural that not everyone is going to agree with it.

    Also, FB tricks you into thinking there are no consequences from what you say – but without context, facial expression and such, people can misinterpret what you say very easily, and you wind up hurting people. The worst offenders are the ones who never figure that out.

    Anyway, boring stuff is boring. Cleaning out my old Beta tapes today, wish me luck!

  32. I’m “friends” with some people who have to throw their $.02 in on FB for every single thing in the news like it was their job. Gets tiresome.

    @tanta07: If you mow your lawn at night how you suppose to see what you’re doing? :)

  33. Muppet Baby, short answer: his loss, you are awesome.

    Tanta, I’ve cut people readily from FB because they didn’t pass my ‘I’d go out for a drink in the pub with them’ rule. If they display any sign of not being a person I want to hang out with, they don’t get kept. Having said that, I’ve also cut people because their friends are jerks, but I hold on to the whole ‘you can tell a bit about a person by the company they keep’.

    Mowing at night is better for the environment, because after he’s done it enough times someones going to beat him over the head with the mower and he’ll never burn gas again.

  34. Muppet Baby, that has happened to me once or twice – pre-Facebook, but male friends whose girlfriends objected to my existence and put a wedge in. In my case I totally get it – I can be pretty objectionable – but you’re lovely.

    Whenever I’m tempted to feel wounded by something like that, I realize that if my husband ever genuinely took issue with a friend of mine, male or female, and put me in the position where I HAD to make a choice…I’d choose him. I wouldn’t be happy about it and I wouldn’t leave the friend hanging without a word, but I’d have to respect his wishes.

    That said, I didn’t marry the kind of person who would arbitrarily get jealous and crazy and force me to sever friendships that were important to me. I hope your friend comes to his senses.

    I block people on FB ALL THE TIME. Life is just too short to deal with a lot of the stuff that gets spewed on there. I’m sure people block me, too, and they are welcome to do so. Not everybody is meant to love everybody else. FB just forces us to confront that fact more than people used to have to.

  35. Can it be SNT now? Kinda bummed. At least it’s raining though.

  36. It might as well be SNT now. I think there’s plenty of precedent for starting the weekend on Thursday night. The base I was stationed at had “Ladies Night” on Thursdays. It was originally “Mug Night” but they felt that offering to fill any size mug you brought in with whatever was on tap for a $1 a pop all night long encouraged excessive consumption. So, naturally they changed the name.

    Few tribulations in life compare to the rigors of a beer-soaked Friday PT session at the crack of dawn.

    And speaking of horror, when I was growing up we used to stay up late on Thursday nights to watch movies with my Dad. Nothing important ever happens in school on a Friday anyway, you’re just running down the clock. We had a couple of cable movie channels and usually one of them would show cheesy horror/sci-fi movies starting at 10 pm. That’s how I discovered an old favorite called The Vagrant. It’s a black comedy starring Bill Paxton who plays a guy that lands a great job and moves into a new house — only to be terrorized by a homeless squatter who previously lived there. The bum is some sort of former Psych professor who snapped, so he plays a lot of head games. Starting with being framed for the murder of his own girlfriend, to watching his own mother have a heart attack at the trial, and eventually with him being sexually assaulted by an overzealous and overweight female neighbor after handcuffing himself to his bed, the whole movie details the slow disintegration of this man’s life at the manipulative hands of the hobo. As horrible at it is on paper, it’s even funnier on the screen.

    I give the movie bonus points for having the guy from Total Recall with the weird mutant in his gut play the homeless guy.

    I turn to these memories when the week gets too long and depressing.

  37. Why so down, TC?

  38. TC: What kind of Beta tapes? Do they have old commercials on them?

  39. I bought 3-4 beta players and could only get one to work for like an hour. Yeah, there’s tons of em with no labels, stuff of early 80′s TV, but I guess I’ll never see it. :(

    I dunno, just down a bit because of stuff in my church (people having a hard time, some sickness, cancer). It’s kind of like being everyone’s dad, and you worry about them sometimes. Also, the sermon is grueling this week, as it’s the meaning of life. I already put in and took out a joke about 42, I don’t think they are MOnty Python people.

  40. That sucks. I’m sorry things aren’t going well for the people around you :\

    If you have tapes with old commercials on them, maybe you should look into sending them to the guy who runs 80s Commercial Vault on Youtube.

  41. What is it about Thursdays that get people down? I was feeling a bit down myself, not for any real reason, just one of those things, I suppose. On a happier note, I think in another day or two I can win enough tickets for a razor scooter knockoff. It’d be a great way to get around town while I’m in Merced, sine I haven’t been able to put my hands on a cheap bike. Maybe at a yard sale this weekend…

  42. TC: Sorry to hear that man. That whole “meaning of life” thing reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural. I don’t know if you watch the show, but there’s an episode about a magic well that grants wishes with a dark twist. The two heroes eventually meet a little girl who wished her teddy bear to life. They find the bear sitting in a recliner and having a full-blown existential crisis as he watches humanity at its worst on TV. He’s just sitting there muttering to himself until he suddenly looks up and exclaims “Why am I here?” Before the heroes can answer, the exasperated little girl shoots back with “You’re here for tea parties!”

    There are times when I wonder if maybe that’s as good an answer as any.

  43. The meaning of life?
    That’s easy.
    “Every rose has its thorn, like every night has its dawn. And every cowboy sings a sad sad song.”

  44. And ladies, on the flip side of the coin, sometimes when your fella is uncomfortable with you hanging out with someone, sometimes it’s for a good reason.

    When my wife and I were still dating, there was a guy in her circle of friends that made it fairly obvious that he was into her. He would call MY house to chat her up (knowing full well I was there), told her how she should dump me so they could ate, etc. Well, she thought he was basically a nice guy. What she DIDN’T know was the stuff I had witnessed when she wasn’t around. Dude made lewd and crude remarks about every woman within sight (and I’m sure he made similar remarks about my girlfriend when I wasn’t around). When she was around, he was Mr. Sweetie Pie and she had no clue. I let her know I wasn’t cool with her hanging out with him, and she blew it off, figuring I was just jealous.

    Well, long story short, she didn’t realize what a jag he was until he got fired from his job for sexual harrassment. It took that much for her to realize maybe he wasn’t Mr. Sweetie Pie after all. She even offered up a half hearted defense, suggesting he was framed, but I think deep down she finally realized she was being played.

    The moral of the story? Don’t immediatley dismiss your guy if he says he thinks a friend of yours is bad news.

  45. The Olympic Ceremonies would go up in quality 1,000 fold if Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer could just SHUT UP FOR TWO SECONDS.

  46. The opening ceremony is pretty awesome! I gotta agree that the play by play commentary is a bit annoying.

  47. Muppet Baby, I’ll be your friend! : )

  48. Only tangentially related by way of the Beta discussion, but I saw something interesting at a yard sale last week. When people bring up dead video formats, Betamax is usually the first thing mentioned along with Laserdiscs. But that’s not what I saw a collection of. What I saw was a totally rubbish format that never caught on; something that I had only read about, but had never before seen in person. Behold, boxes of the lamest commercial video format ever—the Capacitance Electronic Disc!

    Anyone else remember the CED videodisc? Marketed by RCA as “SelectaVision”, they were an analog video disc that was actually read with a stylus, like an LP. They came out after the Laserdisc, but were crappier quality; only marginally better than VHS. 60 minutes per side, and like laserdiscs, you have to flip it over half way through the movie. Even the commercials were horrible.

  49. Ewww. I remember CED – and seeing the abandoned boxes of them at resale shops. Yuck.

    Also, slightly better mood now – the sermon turned out great, I’ve got a buyer for a giant item I don’t need on Craigslist, and I’ve got a delivery of a big crafty storage thing for my wife scheduled! Woohoo!

    Hope all the buyers/sellers show up on time.

  50. Why have thou forsaken us?

  51. “Ewww. … Yuck.”Terror Claws

    Haha… every single response I’ve had to mentioning that yard sale has either been variations of that, or “Videodisc? Are you sure you aren’t thinking of laser discs?”. I can’t think of another media format so universally abhorred; there is practically zero happy nostalgia for them. Even crummy old 8-tracks seem to fare better in people’s memories. Maybe DCC tapes would be the audio equivalent. They were a total flash-in-the-pan thing that arrived well after CDs, and I think I knew even back then that they didn’t stand a chance.

  52. My uncle had a RCA videodisc player. Freaky when the disc skipped. Imagine The Muppet Movie sud-d-d-d-denly going into Disc-c-c-c-o Remix mod-d-d-de.

  53. I think the main error was combining video with record technology. The disc came out of it’s cartridge enough to be read by a STYLUS.

    LaserDisc kicked this things butt hard.

  54. to be honest i would of bought those things how much where they going for

  55. Oh lord, the laserdiscs. I had a college professor in a class that was all about film scores who only showed us movies in laserdisc format. It was the first and only time I’d ever seen one. I couldn’t believe how big they were, and like someone said before, he always had to stop the movie half-way in to flip the disc over. He swore by these things and said they would be the wave of the future.

    Speaking of obsolete tech, does anyone else remember the Nintendo Virtual Boy? I remember messing around with one of these in a Wal-Mart when it first came out and thinking even then that it was terrible. It was Nintendo’s stab at 3D and “virtual reality”, and I use that term very loosely. Realistically, it was Nintendo’s stab at making unplayable games that were annoyingly washed out in red.

  56. Happy SNT! I’m beginning this party with beer and a ghost pepper salt challenge.

  57. Just got done doing my garage sale and did pretty well. Even bought a couch with the money I made

  58. Thanks, BILL. Thanks, Guise. Thanks, Rev. Thanks, XE, er— I mean, DD. :) Still no word….I am cut off. Rough. I didn’t do anything, except be his friend. I wouldn’t be so upset if I hadn’t known him for 5 years longer than she has. Oh well….chicks be crazy. I hate chicks. (Says a chick).

  59. I had a girl who wanted me to delete friends on FB. So…I deleted her. Having balls to stand up for people you care about is part of being a man. Dude needs to be a man.

    Honestly, he’ll be back because it sounds like he is dating a jealous crazy and those never last. Make sure he earns the right to be a friend again.

  60. Fear Muppet Baby’s muppety hotness! LOL. Yeah, he’ll come around. No one likes a controlly controlerson. Also, thank God for SNT. No really, I do. Thanks God.

    And thanks to you fine folks for being here and not being jerks. It’s awesome. If I could watch crappy horror movies tonight, that would rule.

    Actually there’s a 2 for 1 at the Video Store. I’m thinking some Friday the 13th and maybe some classic Freddy?

  61. I actually have a Virtual Boy. Bought it when Wal-Mart was having to close-out on them. I have RedAlarm, Galactic Pinball, TeleRoboxer, and of course the Tennis pack-in game. I’m squirrelling away money to get a 3DS XL when they hit the US stores in August.

  62. Jugendschlager: HOLY SHIT, CEDs. I might be one of the five people in existence that finds them utterly fascinating. I mean, a video record?

    When I was a wee thing, we had a CED player in addition to our VCR, and we had a stack of discs. I remember it fondly, though the disc skipping thing was definitely weird. Apparently you can correct it by playing the same few frames over and over, but I’ve never tried that. Dad sold the player and discs back in 2002 without asking me if I wanted it first. Sadface.

    Apparently, Selectavision players and discs were cheaper than the other available formats, so they kind of found a small niche among people who didn’t have as much money to spend but still wanted some kind of home video option. RCA ended up losing a ton of money because of Selectavision, though. If they’d been able to release the format in the 1970s as planned, it might have fared better, but clearly videotape was going to win eventually anyway because you could use it to record things. And that was a major selling point.

    Laserdiscs were also relatively obscure; I’ve never known anybody that owned one and the discs hardly ever turn up at junk shops. They seemed to find their niche among cinephiles and videophiles, though.

    There’s a box full of CED discs at my local Vintage Stock. I thought about buying one to stick on my bookshelf, just for the hell of it.

    Sorry for the long post. I have a thing for obsolete video formats.

  63. I have a friend who still has his laserdisc player set up, with a big box of laserdiscs that he plays and worships next to it. His prized thing is the X-Files on laserdisc. He swears by this format and will not let go.

    He’s kind of a video nerd, but he sets up my teevees for me when I buy them. He mdae me buy this weird contraption that all my components plug into, and then the thing plugs into the wall. I don’t know what it does but it contains a soothing blue light so I refer to it as “the nightlight” which annoys him. He says it’s “cleaning my power”, which confuses me. My power is immaculate.

  64. I’ve never seen a CED in person before, but I’ve heard of the format. Supposedly there’s quite a bit of stuff on CED that has yet to be released on DVD or blu ray. I’ve seen a Laserdisk one time. Weirdly enough, one of my high school science teachers had a Laserdisk player and he brought it to class to show us something. It started skipping after a couple of minutes. If I remember right, weren’t Laserdisks really expensive?

    There’s an Austrian guy that came up with a vinyl video format that stored video on vinyl LPs. I guess it’s still going.

    Bill: what is this ghost pepper salt challenge?

  65. My brother got a Virtual Boy for Christmas one year. He never got much use out of it but I would play Mario Tennis all the time. The red screen was a bit odd. It would only exacerbate the rage I felt as Donkey Kong Jr. scored another point against me. That stupid monkey…

  66. My wife wanted me to delete a FB female friend even though I barely talk to her that often. I think she just doesn’t like her. Hell no, she won’t go. I need a legitimate reason for that.

    I have two Twitter accounts so that I won’t annoy friends with politics. Considering that I was a Political Science and Philosophy major, I can’t help but study current issues deeper than the average bear, so I keep more friends by keeping political and regular friends separate. No point in annoying others by pointing out falsehoods and fallacies like a dick. I’m not saying that I don’t slip, but other folks are way worse.

    Hell, I can’t help but feel as if even this post seems too political.

  67. I never heard of CEDs before and I’m old enough to remember the rise of the VCR and the VHS format, the death of Betamax and Laserdisc before DVD trumped them all. Wow, X-Files on Laserdisc, I would have never have thought it but I guess that was probably a year or two before DVDs hit the market. Buy up those CEDs, sell ‘em the the hipsters and profit! ;)

  68. I’m drunk. In jersey. Beach.

  69. Holy Hell, I’ve never heard of a CED. This sounds so horrible it’s of mythic proportions. If I ever see one in my random travels I am so buying it! There’s something I find alluring about video and stylus being said in the same sentence.

    Laserdisks creep me out. Our high school Spanish teacher had Muzzy on LD. They’re just so big! I guess I don’t find them that rare simply because the Japanese were obsessed with them so I find a lot of LD in San Francisco especially anime. Personally I can’t stand them they are so freaking slow. You can go make yourself lunch in the time it takes the player to boot up and read the disk. Just awful.

    I do know people that absolutely swear by the format and say that it’s the only decent medium for watching the original Star Wars trilogy.

  70. I had one of these in my hands in Toys R Us, but opted not to purchase him. I ended up getting a Friday the 13th/Jason mask on clearance instead. I don’t regret that decision, but it is neat to see the lightning Gremlin out of his box in all his glory. :D The most tempting thing about the figure was that nifty “Toys R Us exclusive” sticker on the packaging. I hope Toys R Us is sold out so I don’t give in to temptation. I’ve already succumbed to the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtle action figures… :P

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