Photo of the Georges.

I grew up swearing that “Brain” was the best Gremlin ever.

He isn’t.

You might remember Brain from Gremlins 2. He’s the one who gained the ability to speak, and used that ability to sing “New York, New York” while other Gremlins sorted through crates of plastic explosives.

Brain was a great Gremlin, but he wasn’t the best.

George was the best.

Since I’ve written about my George obsession no less than a hundred times over the years, I’ll keep this brief.

From that gnarly-but-cute scowl to the legendary “mi-cro-waf” scene, George quietly became the ultimate Gremlin.

Better than Mohawk. Better than the one that turned into vegetables. Yes, even better than Brain.

Point of this: The toy gods at NECA semi-recently released the latest wave of Gremlins action figures, and George was among them – both in his Gremlin form, and his super swank fuzzy Mogwai form.

Because there was no way to choose between them without invoking a total mental breakdown, I bought both.

I took photos, of course. The problem is, I can’t decide which of these two photos is better:

 Is it this one, with its red-to-purple paper background?

Or is it this one, which presents George the Gremlin and George the Mogwai as rock collectors, out on the hunt?

Opinions, please? There can only be one true Photo of the Georges. If I’m going to get a hundred wallet-sized versions run off, I need to choose wisely.

Thanks in advance.

Dead serious about the wallet photos, by the way. Snapfish is open and waiting in another tab.