Mad Mascots Vlog: Mr. Lymon!

The Mad Mascots series continues, with THIS THING:

I call him Mr. Lymon. He’s really old.

Based on the phony fruit that gives Sprite its taste, Mr. Lymon makes everything right with the world. Unlike some of those other mascots who merely dance around product logos and call it a night, Mr. Lymon actually practices what he preaches. He drinks Sprite.

This is his story, in video form:

Click here to see the video in larger form.

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  • Joker

    Just wanted to report that I drank my Sprite at lunch at it was delicious. If My. Lymon was on the label it would have been perfect.

  • M. Oleman, Lymon enthusiast

    “embittered veteran of the fruit wars” one more thing to come of Matt’s mouth that has probably never been uttered by another human being before.

    We can never let up on Matt. He must push himself harder and harder to entertain us like Soupy Sales or that guy that did the crazy commercials for the furniture store in New York. You must harden your heart. But, yeah I sure wouldn’t mind another review of that upstate getaway.

    Come on, Matt. Take a vacay and bring your video camera.

  • FangsFirst

    I continue to love the Sun Fizz commercial for Sprite…

  • Whalley Range

    @M. Oleman — a reference to Soupy Sales all but requires me to mention “And God Spoke…” Has anyone seen this? Hysterical faux-documentary about an independent film crew shooting a movie based on The Bible. Sales plays Moses, who appears with the Ten Commandments AND a six-pack of Coke (the film’s sponsor).

  • Scott

    That vlog made my day.

  • The Manimal

    That mascot is in my PowerPoints!

    SPRITE is used as an acronym to teach Social Studies (Social, Political, Religious, Ideas, Technology, Economic)

    In sync, as always

  • DrNobody

    Does Mr. Lymon drinking Sprite make him a cannibal?

  • starwenn

    I have to admit, I’m not a soda drinker, but I do like Mr. Lymon. He’s cute. Love those striped legs.

  • Teddy Ray

    I had completely forgotten that Sun Fizz commercial AND the commercial King JLA posted! I don’t have any memory of the Geoffrey Holder 7Up commercials, though. This was always my favorite 7Up commercial:

  • LukeWarmwater