Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Went to an NXT live event last night, if you were wondering why there was no After Dark update. For those who don’t follow wrestling, NXT is basically the WWE’s minor league — a place for newer stars to find their footing before they’re called up to the big stage. Great show!

So between that and the fact that it’s Saturday, this seemed like a fitting pick for tonight. Here’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, from November of 1989. (The video title says it’s from October, which is technically true, but it didn’t air on TV until the following month.)

Even a lot of non-fans remember this show, which occasionally ran on NBC instead of SNL. Even the lamest of ’em always had that “big event” feel, and I have so many wonderful memories of staying up late to watch Macho Man do his thing.

(In fact, I’ve already written a whole tribute to another SNME episode!)