The Binge Survey.

…well that doesn’t sound quite right, but let’s roll with it.

Tonight’s survey:

1) What’s the last show you BINGED on?

2) What’s the next show that you NEED to binge on?

You can take “binging” a few ways, but just assume it means that you watched all available episodes of a certain series at a ridiculously fast pace. Meaning you probably threw more important things aside for the sake of just one more episode, man. You generally can’t binge on a show unless you really dig what you’re seeing, but it’s just as true that binging imparts a certain “flavor” that watching a show week-to-week doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a good flavor, other times not.

My last binge: Westworld, and yeah, it held up to the hype. Really great series. It took me under two days to devour all 10 episodes, if that’s any indication. The twists were amazing and I was completely wrong on so many guesses. About midway through, I thought it was going to be a show that was great to watch once but only once, but after the first season concluded, it pretty much mandated that you go back and watch every episode again.

Next on my list: Stranger Things. Still haven’t seen it. Don’t yell at me. I know I’m gonna love it.

Your turn!