Unsolved Mysteries!

Here’s an episode of Unsolved Mysteries:

This is one of the “Farina episodes.” I’ve joked about those before, but really, they’re fine. More than fine. Binge-worthy, even.

There was only one Robert Stack, but Dennis Farina was a cool cat, too. Whatever minor gripes I have with this semi-sequel are more from a post-production standpoint.

The Farina episodes reused many classic segments from the Stack era, but they were almost always edited for time, with wonky effects used to mask hard cuts. You probably wouldn’t notice those things unless you were a hardcore Unsolved Mysteries fan, though.

Our DVR is perpetually stuffed with the Farina eps, which are the only ones that still air on television. The Stack eps definitely create a creepier mood, but we like these just fine when we’re sick of watching the news. Which we always are.

Bonus points: This particular ep features a UFO segment!