VIDEO: Frute Brute & Fruity Yummy Mummy!

It’s been an absolutely crazy few days, and it’s all because of Fruity Yummy Mummy. (Okay. Frute Brute, too.)

If you’ve been paying attention to Dino Drac and its ten thousand social media extensions, you know that I’ve been all over the “returning Monster Cereal” news. Well, it took extreme measures, but I GOT ‘EM.

See the full review and taste test of Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute, in this video:

(Since I’m adding this info late, thank you to everyone who’s been sharing the vid!)

Some of you assumed these were freebie product samples, but… no. The proprietor of 2 Cool Ghouls got his hands on some, which you can currently find on Amazon. I was fine with the asking price, but not the wait. So I paid a small fortune for the craziest shipping option possible (whatever you think I paid, double it), and the seller was kind enough to make himself available to ship on Monday morning.

The boxes arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and I don’t know if there are words to properly describe the INSANE BLITZ to get the video shot, edited and online by that night. I mean, I knew that I HAD to, since a scoop like this doesn’t come around often. But yeah, yesterday was NUTS. Exciting and nuts!

Let’s get a closer look at those boxes!

While I gave them a positive score in my taste test, many have asked if they still “taste the same.” Well, even without knowing for sure, I don’t think that’s possible. Pretty much every cereal formula has changed over the years, to better adhere to today’s healthy guidelines. You kinda have to roll with that. They’re still good and INTERESTING flavors, though. (Cherry? Orange Cream? Not your everyday fare.)

Course, this is less about the eating and more about the experiencing. Short of Ecto-Cooler, this is the absolute #1 “spooky food” people have been praying to see again.

(Also, I touched on this in the video, but I freakin’ love the “new look” for Fruity Mummy Yummy. Goooorrrrgeous.)

Even the box-backs play up Brute and Yummy’s surprise revivals. So awesome.

Of course, the REALLY big news is that General Mills is also releasing ALL FIVE Monster Cereals in “retro art” boxes. Those will be sold exclusively at Target. You gotta give the company credit: They knew who they were playing to with this. Unbelievable. It’s tough to imagine that we’ll get this much Monster Cereal goodness next year, so guys, milk 2013 for all its worth.

You haven’t seen the last on Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute on Dino Drac. I’ll be all over those retro boxes once I find them.

Happy early Halloween!

76 Responses to VIDEO: Frute Brute & Fruity Yummy Mummy!

  1. Did you get a sample to review or are they in stores now?

  2. I cannot believe that they are release the retro themed packages along side the new ones. Lord almighty, I already have to big a collection of old cereal boxes and now I’ve got 10 more monster themed ones to add to the mix!

  3. Epic Video! I am so glad to be following your work again. I’ve been a fan since 2000.

  4. I’m pretty glad we got a Madless Matt reviewing these. Mad Matt would have been much less happy. ‘They completely guarantee that this, 2013, this will be the BEST Halloween Halloween season in recorded history’. Fuck you 2012.

  5. Matt you’re my hero! General Mills, you sick, crazy, glorious bastards thank you! I’m going to be camping out at Target like its Black Friday. Awesome work getting this up so quickly. Happy early-Halloween everybody!

  6. So, you guys won’t lynch me if I admit I only ever had Count Chockula, right?

    I wish I had a Target that was less than an hour away.

  7. Ok, now I have an excuse to make that bus ride to Target again sometime this fall. Even if I don’t buy those cereals (and I probably won’t, since I generally don’t eat the really sugary cereals), at least I can claim to have seen the retro packaging. I love retro packaging. General Mills had fun with that on some of their other cereals (Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms), and now it’s the monsters’ turn.

  8. Love the ghostbusters cereal in the background. I’m really tempted to pick some up, but i don’t know which one to get. I’m not going to get both since i barely eat enough cereal to justify getting one box, let alone two.

  9. Um…I was excited about the cereals coming back, but dropping the bombshell about the retro boxes…thanks for making me that much poorer. Holy shit, this is awesome.

  10. I’m tempted to take my patrol truck to Target…..60 miles away.

  11. “Teeth look like the Lars Homestead…”

    Motherfucker, that may have been my favorite line ever. I don’t know where you come up with this shit but now I can’t wait for this holiday season!

  12. I’m excited about the cereal, but I always like it when you do food reviews because we had those same bowls and plates growing up. Seeing them brings back memories.

  13. Outstanding stuff. You’re right, it will take quite a bit for 2014 to top this year’s Halloween. Something on the scale of the return of Mt. Dew Pitch Black II or, dare I say, Surge?

  14. If Target brings back Halloween Jones Soda and Mt. Dew Pitch Black ICEEs my f’n head will explode.

  15. WOW! I am all warm and fuzzy inside! Another excuse to head to Target! :)

  16. I stopped by my local Target tonight to check for Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy. No luck.

    Madd Matt probably found these on the black market. The *cereal* black market.

  17. I have never seen you so passionate. You really love this shit and it shows!

  18. Wow, General Mills is trying to send us into Halloween overload before September by pulling out all the stops this year. If I see FB and FYM at Target I will push small children out of the way to get to them. ;). Matt get all five monster cereals, mix them together in one bowl and eat them in perfect Halloween bliss because it’s all down hill from here. Cool music in the video!

  19. I have never had them, but now I want them.

    Awesome video Matt!

  20. My GOD – the retro packaging, too?! I always buy the monster cereal in the fall, but this year is going to be GLORIOUS.

  21. I am happy for all of those that have been mentioning these cereals every year. I might have to go to Target when the vintage style boxes come out and get Frute Brute.

    As someone that is constantly looking for the Kangeroo Wallet Caddy at yard sales and thrift stores, I would love to get Frute Brute simply because it was in the movie Pulp Fiction. When I do finally find my Kangaroo Wallet Caddy perhaps I could buy a 9×10 Pulp Fiction picture off Ebay and display them all together on a table. Or not. After I find the Wallet Caddy for myself I will still look for them because those fuckers are worth some money.

    This comment of course has gone nowhere lol. I love when companies accommodate us Nostalgia geeks. I am so looking forward to the countdown Matt.

  22. This is amazing.
    I know I’m not alone in saying that I’ll buy AND SAVE all the retro boxes. I would like to see someone weigh in on Frute Brute and if it tastes like the original or not.
    If Post brings back the Smurf Berry cereal I will be all set.

  23. Never thought I’d find cereal sexually arousing, but here we are.

  24. Like most everyone else, I was extremely excited to see these being added to this year’s Monsters Cereal line up. I know that I’ll be eagerly searching my nearest Targets for the “old school” packaging for all five cereals. Here’s hoping I can find a complete set. :)

  25. Soo pumped! I loved this video, Matt. Great, as always. This season is going to be an absolute blast! Major props to General Mills for listening to the fans and bringing these cereals back in modern and retro boxes. This is a huge wake-up call to companies like minute maid who produce Hi-C. Ecto-Cooler would be a huugee hit! Nostalgia is in!

  26. Matt, you lucky SOB. So jealous right now. I was hoping you’d mention it in the review, but does FYM taste like the original version at all? I remember the taste pretty well so I hope it’s close.

    And the news about the retro boxes? Holy shit. I’m hitting Target up every day until I find those. I don’t care what kinda looks I get from cashiers or customers, I’m loading up a cart with them.

  27. What makes this even more epic is that you have the exact same bowl as my parents. It’s like find the same pattern in the jungles of Belize, which happened to me once.

  28. AHHHHHH! A couple things:

    1) I have never in my life shouted at a tv or movie of any sort. Today I really shouted “DON’T SPILL IT” when Matt almost overfilled the bowl of Yummy Mummy. Thank You Matt.

    2) I went to my local Target today here in Costa Mesa, CA and no luck. There was about 3/4 of the rack filled with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, we’ll see….

    3) My local Ralph’s has Halloween Candy gently placed on pumpkin boxes and that made me smile.

    4) Matt, your excitement and reaction to this really made me happy because I thought I was the only grown man who felt this strongly about monster cereals. I’m a narcissitic jerk.

    5) I’ve NEVER had Frute Brute or Yummy Mummy (I’m 31) and I can’t wait for it.

    6) Thank You General Mills and thank you Matt for posting this up so quickly.

  29. Hubby says that he is excited about yummy mummy too….he rmembers it as a young kid, and was describing the commercial….but Fruit Brute was gone n the mid 70′s

    Pleased to see that ‘mummy’ is orange creme flavor…I don’t know how well that will translate with milk though…hoping it won’t curdle

  30. Matt, thanks so much for getting this video and information out. Had I not seen or heard of it here, it may have missed my radar. Especially with the “retro” report. I’m gonna scout those Targets when I get a chance. :D

  31. –>> The past 2 designers ( for incarnations of the monsters within’ the past 6 – 7 years or so..) on the Monster characters have been phenomenal.

    Interestingly, not this current designer but the one prior .. the lady contacted me thru’ my flickr account a few months back.

    You can currently see her designs on the Monster cereal HOT WHEELS mattel has been putting out within’ the past year and a half or so. Her styles aren’t necessarily reimagings of the mascots but updated ” animated – like ” versions of the 1970s looks of the characters.

    ~ t

  32. My favorite part about Yummy Mummy are his teeth. In addition to the Lars Homestead, I think they also have that classic Jack-o-Lantern look.

  33. All five monster cereals in retro boxes, new Chucky film which has already received great reviews, a Toy Story halloween special… yes, this will be one helluva Halloween!


  34. I’m so stoked to get my hands on Yummy Mummy. My one work buddy and I have been imagining that it’s basically Kohr’s ice cream the cereal.

    Target – as usual – isn’t gonna know what hit it.

  35. I was going to get the cereals regardless but when you mentioned the retro boxes coming to Target I’m like, “Fuck yeah, I’m doing my Halloween shopping only at Target this year!”

    By the way, I mentioned this on the YouTube Comments section for this video but I’ll ask it here as well: Is that a box of Tiny Toons cereal in the background? I honestly don’t remember ever seeing Tiny Toons cereal and I was a huge fan back when it was on the air.

    Also, am I the only one psyched about this year’s Halloween season but can give less than two shits about Christmas? Usually I’ll slip in a Christmas song here and there into my normal music sometime after the 4th of July but this year I haven’t had any desire to. Oh well, maybe that will all change come November 1st.

  36. Soo awesome! I can’t wait to get those retro boxes! I’m a bit confused though. The “Monster Mallows” headline was the same one from the fake Fruity Freaks mockup. Did Fruity Yummy Mummy have that before? I’ve only ever seen the box with the bat marsmallows advertised.

  37. Those retro boxes will look really nice next to my old Spanish box of Franken Berry with the cut out El castillo embrujado on the back…

  38. RetroBJ: I’m not much of a fan of Christmas these days either. Too many bullshit family and social obligations for my liking. Halloween is just fun. However, I will take any excuse to watch White Christmas.

    Anyways HOLY SHIT THE RETRO BOXES. I’m gonna be all over that shit. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with all that fucking cereal but it doesn’t matter. I need those boxes. (As an aside, cereal boxes are pretty good for storing papers and documents.)

    Also Matt, your enthusiasm is the cutest thing ever. I love that you love this stuff so much. It’s like a shining beacon of sincerity piercing the dark fog of irony and cynicism. Being too cool for school is for chumps.

  39. I haven’t seen someone that excited in a long time! It really upsets me that actual, sincere childlike excitement is getting rarer the older I get. Thanks for reminding me that it’s still possible.

    Also, am I the last person to notice that Din Drac’s amulet is the spitting image of a NES d-pad?!

  40. Annette: The music, decorations and nostalgic specials are the only real parts of Christmas I enjoy. What ruins the holiday for me is the constant bitching over the Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays PC bullshit. Even though I am a Christian, I can’t stand these church groups who insist that Christmas is “their” holiday. Wrong! Christmas takes place during the pagan festival of Winter Solstice which had been around for years prior to Christmas even being a thought. It’s these same groups that attack Halloween for being too pagan and consider it “Satan’s holiday.” Well, hate to burst their bubble but the supposed most important days in the Church calendar, Christmas and Easter, are even MORE pagan than Halloween ever could be!

    Oh, and one other thing, December 25th is NOT Jesus’ birthday! That’s as far as I’m going with that one for now!

  41. Now, if only we can get McDonald’s to bring back the ORIGINAL “trick or treat” buckets, we can all live a little bit happier!

  42. Monster Cereals Back from the Dead

  43. I just watched a review of the Fruity Yummy Mummy cereal, this person got the vintage packaging one at Big Lots. So people if you have a Big Lots nearby, whether it’s closer then a Target or you are just curious to see if they are stocking them sooner then Target, then go there. I am starting to learn that a product being a store exclusive is sometimes a very loose term and not a solid promise. 7-11 says products are only at 7-11 on Facebook all the time and that is such bs. Anyway that is my contribution to this nonsense LOL.

  44. I spotted all of the non-retro boxes at Walgreens today! They were displayed down their Halloween candy aisle!!!

  45. Matt, I give you a lot of credit for going all out (especially, financially) to be the FIRST one to post images and video of the new Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute cereals. Honestly, for as dedicated as General Mills is with this comeback, you’re just as dedicated to Dinosaur Dracula and the people who read it. I always admire those who go the extra mile and that’s exactly what you did. Major props, brother!

  46. I wish I had a car, so that I could dress it up as a time amchine, just so I could drive to the closest Target for the retro boxes, and pretend I’m going back in Time to get them.

  47. I can’t even tell you how annoyed my roommates are at me for talking about these damn cereals as much and for as long as I have, and I ain’t give a fig. I am as excited as possible about this.

  48. Beautiful images of the boxes — you can even see the texture of the paperboard! And thanks for including the cartoon on the flip-side.

    I’m wondering if there was some kind of campaign to get these re-released. I mean, what absolute genius at General Mills proposed this idea AND managed to get it done? Did they have a ream of fan signatures as proof of concept?

    Now I want some Quisp.

  49. Whalley Range There are some places that still sell Quisp. On Ebay there are people that sell boxes of it with a current expiration date on them. Also Amazon too I am assuming has current boxes of Quisp.

    For some reason my other comment isn’t posting. I won’t repeat the information in the other comment but this is very frustrating.

  50. I’m excited to try these! I’m too young to remember Yummy Mummy, we probably never even had it. We were a Count Chocula family. But who knows! Also, I feel bad for you guys that have to drive MILES to get to your Target. I have 3 within 10 minutes of me, the closest one being about 3 miles away. I can almost see it from my house.

    My mom also has those same bowls. I’ve mentioned that before.

    Oh and I didn’t get a chance to comment on the last post. The only horror-con I’ve been to was ScareFest in Kentucky (Lexington?). It was SO fun though! I did meet George Romero. I had to, being a Pittsburgher. The only thing I bought was a book about the different horror movies called Horror Movie Freak that is a fun read.

    I start law school tomorrow. That is scarier than these monster cereals.

  51. I bet Yummy is so happy because he can play jai alai using only his face.

    That bottle of Pitch Black must be grody as hell.

  52. You will always have fond memories of that crazy rush to get that cereal in your hands and video review posted. It’s the ultimate start for the 2013 countdown!

  53. I went to Target last week, specifically in search of Halloween. It wasn’t there yet. Must be after back to school is done that they put it out. I haven’t tried either of these, so I’m certainly going to get a box of each. And you are right, this year will be the best ever. I can feel it.

  54. How would you rank the flavor of the cereals in descending order?

    I really want the yummy mummy box, but orange cream doesn’t sound very appetizing.

  55. I’m due for a run to target friday.. totally looking for these. I can very much picture rice krispie like treats with them..

  56. oh man. The nostalgia lover in me is really stoked about this. I cannot partake though, as I’ve gone vegan in the years since Yummy Mummy was on the shelves the first time around. Hope all of you track down the retro boxes and enjoy, however.

    That said, I wrote a very short lived cereal blog about 4 years ago that I just kinda stopped doing for no reason. My first post was about the GM monster cereals – I linked it here, click on my name if you want to read it.

    I legit LOL’d at “teeth that look like the Lars homestead.”


  57. Matt from Wreckless Eating found the retro Yummy Mummy at Big Lots.

    Strange things are afoot.

  58. This literally could not make me happier! Great video Matt and thanks for the purchase info. I gots to get my hands on shockingly large quantities of these this year!

  59. I’m just stoked to be able to have Count Chocula back for the season! Of course, I will have to buy all of them. I’m still a Frute Brute virgin!

  60. This video is one for the ages. It’s an expertly orchestrated symphony of awkwardness. Your look of panicked realization as you say “And then we’re gonna spend all of November trying to find a place to put 600,000 cereal boxes without totally ruining our lives” is like the final scene of The Graduate if it were reinterpreted by an alien civilization thousands of years after the Earth had been reduced to a cinder by its compulsively binge-eating sun. Words can’t even express. You are the maestro, dude.

  61. Matt, this has to be your best post ever on Dino Drac and XE. Even better than the Ultimate Warrior costume-in-a-box post from eons ago.

  62. I would bite each and every one of you if it would lead to Limited Edition Dinosaur Chocula cereal. Some of you more than once.

  63. Matt, do those boxes in the background have cereal in them? If so how do you normally store your vintage cereal? I am thinking about buying all five vintage boxes but dont necessarily want to open them.

  64. NcLovin They are empty he got a bunch of flat cereal boxes a while back.

  65. we don’t get anything but count chocula in canada to my knowledge… do all the cereals look the exact same? ghosts have very little to do with werewolves in my opinion.

  66. Actually all of those are full! Except for GB which only has half left.

  67. Re: the cartoon up top: Yummy Mummy deserves the milk, he clearly made the best pun.

  68. Found Fruity Yummy Mummy at Walgreen’s tonight. Bought two boxes. First impression when tasting it is that’s very much like orange sherbert or an orange creamsicle. But as I continued eating it there’s definitely hints of the old taste in there. It’s good. Different, but good. I really like it though and can’t believe it’s back. I hit up Target for the vintage boxes but no sign of them. Still a bit too early.

    So anyone hoping to find them early be sure to check out Walgreen’s. They had all but Frute Brute.

  69. That flicker of self-doubt at the end of the video is priceless.

  70. I wonder if Quentin Tarantino has a bought a retro Frute Brute box to replace the old one that turns up in many of his films.

  71. anyone know when Target gets all the flavors in?

  72. I have been stalking my Target for these. I am sure it is far too early but I am buying at least 2 of each non-year round flavor (which, in my area, is all except Count Chocula). They should be about $2.50 (which is what they have been in years past) which isn’t too bad considering.

  73. It’s now official. This will be the greatest Halloween since the “Soapy Windows Incident” of 1986.

  74. I know I’m late, but that video may be the best video you’ve ever done, Matt. Your genuine enthusiasm and joy over these cereals is so refreshing, really.

    I picked up all five of the retro boxes at Target yesterday. I also picked up some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese pieces, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, pumpkin spice M&Ms, and all four of the Halloween Jones sodas. It’s gonna be a great Halloween season, friends.

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