Vintage Vending #8: Small Parts A’Plenty!

This is a special video edition of Vintage Vending, because I am just so tired of writing.

…though I guess I should write a little, for the sake of Google hits from people searching for “fuzzy bear brooches” and “birds with tools for heads.”

This time, the prize assortment is completely random, and for the most part, yucky. There are some chasers in play, but it’s mostly as if someone raided a kitchen junk drawer and filled a vending machine with its contents. I can’t be the only guy with sea shells and two inch plastic dogs in his junk drawer.

See it all, in video form:

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Below are a few close-ups of the better prizes, because I couldn’t justify standing in the freezing cold for just one photo.


The prizes aren’t much individually, but they work together nicely. I like to think of them as one big happy family.

  • Neg

    So someone else already identified V3. Fantastic. Another Rider fan in the house.

    Fug yeah~

    I’m not sure if that’s completely accurate, anymore, considering I’m not one to dabble in Showa era, and I feel like the franchise has gone in the shitter. OOO is the worst tv show I’ve ever seen, they destroyed Fourze in the last couple episodes, Wizard is empty and horrible.

    Kuuga through W, minus Kabuto. Golden times. Golden times.

  • mandy_Reeves

    oh my god! this totally brought back an old joyful memory! My aunt at the time, her mom worked at a Roy Rogers, and someone gave her a load of vending machine toys, and she gave them to me and my brother! oh wow…it was like christmas on crack on crack! bendy animals, key chain wallets(the chaser toy I believe) sneaker key chains, duffle bag key change purses….oh maaan.

  • Angela

    I miss stuff like this :(

  • Elyse

    Those puzzle balls would have been GOLD for me. I remember I was at Caldor with my mom and grandmother once and grandma gave me a quarter (probably after much begging and pleading on my behalf) and I got my first puzzle ball. I took it apart and then had the WORST time ever putting it together…but then again, I was probably about six or seven, and those weren’t easy to work – but when I finally got it assembled, I felt the greatest sense of achievement that I have ever experienced. Probably even more so than graduating college or being on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? COMBINED.

    tl;dr Puzzle ball = best prize, haters to the left.

  • Rob

    OMG!!!! This!!!!,91638/

    Sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else and I didn’t see it but Roseanne’s freakin house is for sale. And under $130,000. We could totally start a fundraiser or kickstarter for dinodrac to buy it. I want Matt doing Vlogs with Roseann’s fireplace in the background. I want posts with pictures taken on Roseanne’s kitchen table. I want this site to end with Matt sitting in the basement explaining the whole site was fake.

    And if that doesn’t happen then I at least pose this question, lest say the house next door is roughly the same and also for sale how low does the price need to be before you pick that one over “Rosseanne’s” house? For me its $60,000 and I have to pick the other one but $60,001 asking price I’m saying I’d rather pay more and have Roseanne’s house.

    Yes I know I have issues.

  • Jugendsehnsucht

    “I can’t be the only guy with sea shells and two inch plastic dogs in his junk

    That was the finest line-break I’ve ever seen. Bravo, sir.

  • Traveling Pics

    My faves: the dogs and the green bunny, Yeah!

  • Terminal83

    LOL Does someone have you at gunpoint during these videos? Blink once for yes, and twice for no.

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