1985 ABC TV Preview!

So a short while back I made some amazing VHS scores — all homebrew stuff, loaded with vintage commercials. By the time they hit YouTube they’re just… more videos on YouTube… but man, some of my finds were extraordinarily cool and rare.

I love rescuing those tapes, because I so often find ads, shows and snippets that really haven’t been archived anywhere else.

Here’s one of my finds from those tapes — a ten-minute ABC promo that ran at the tail-end of 1984, previewing the network’s lineup for 1985.

To be honest, I’m not familiar with most of the shows/things covered, and I doubt that many of you will be, either. It’s still super interesting to see. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

PS: If you missed it on the main site, there’s a new podcast and a new Funpack, waiting for your ears/wallets.