1990s Action Movie Trailers!

Well, would you look at that? A new post! Thanks for keeping down the fort, guys. I know I’ve been beyond spotty with the After Dark updates, but it tickles me that there always seems to be at least a pulse in the latest thread, night after night. That said, I’m sure it was frustrating for the regulars to see nothing new here for that long, so here you go:

Here’s an IMMENSE playlist of 1990s action movie trailers. Well, action movies and sci-fi movies and other, weirder movies. When I say “immense,” I mean it: With hundreds of trailers, you’ll never get through it all. Seems like tremendous background noise, tho!

Things are still crazy, so I hope you guys are all hanging in there. Living in NY, I can never be sure if I’m getting an outsized impression of just how nuts all of this is, but yeah, at least around here, our “new normal” isn’t normal at all. We limit outings unless absolutely necessary, and need to “suit up” for even the tiniest errands. It’s wild, but obviously a lot better than needing to deal with the virus directly. Stay safe, and find your pleasures where you can. Like maybe with some old action movie trailers? Enjoy!