Macabre Movies of the Week! (#1)

Welcome to the first edition of Macabre Movies of the Week! Every Friday between now and October 31st, I’ll share three spooky videos that are sure to put you in a Halloween mood — whether you’re a fan of long, gory things or shorter, happier things!

Trick or Treats!

Released a few days before Halloween in 1982, this slasher is arguably most famous for its badass VHS cover, which featured a bloodied candy sack.

I’ll swipe the description from Google: “An escaped madman comes home at a time when his son is playing sick jokes on the babysitter.”

Needless to say, it’s rated R. My read on Trick or Treats is that it’s one of those movies every horror fan has heard of, but far fewer have actually seen. Well, here’s your chance. You have all week! Consider it homework.

Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Episode 15!

One of the stories in this episode is Cold Blood Warm Hearts, which we covered on the podcast several months back. It’s about a sea monster with a passing resemblance to Gill-man, and I hope that’s enough to pique your interest!

Unsolved Mysteries, Season 1 Episode 5!

I admittedly only picked this episode because it had a handsome thumbnail of Robert Stack instead of some rando from the reenactments, but that turned out to be a lucky break. This ep includes one of the all-time creepiest segments, Friends to the End, about a pair of teens who got killed by a speeding train late at night. As bad as that sounds, the full story is way more unsettling. This is one of the segments that truly haunted me.

Enjoy the vids! You can binge them all this weekend, or spread ‘em across the week. I’ll be back on Friday with another trio.