Sinister Survey! (#1)

If you’re here, you’re someone who goes bananas over Halloween junk food. Don’t deny it!

In the comments, I want you to propose a HALLOWEEN MAKEOVER for an existing junk food, soda or candy.

Walk through any supermarket, and you’ll realize that there’s still a lot of untapped potential.

I’ll start you off with two ideas:

1) I still think that those garlic-flavored Doritos from a few years ago deserved a shot in the States, but I’d also settle for GHOST DORITOS — stark white chips with a generous dusting of ghost pepper. A pretty derivative idea, I admit, but I think it’d be swell.

2) Pass me a pack of Candy Apple Bubblicious, please. Red-and-white packaging with a few falling leaves. Bright red gum with a sweet-and-sour bite. Maybe we can bring back those “flavor crystals” from the Cinn-a-Burst era to really sell it?

What would *your* Halloween junk food makeovers be? Name one or more in the comments!