Sinister Survey! (#4)

For this week’s Sinister Survey, all ya gotta do is share a happy Halloween memory.

Can be from when you were a kid. Can be from last year. Can be about something that happened on Halloween proper, or just something that took place during the season. The only rule is that it’s gotta be a happy memory for you!

Here’s one of mine:

Every year, we’re extra generous with the trick-or-treaters. It’s easy to do, because after spending two months writing about Halloween candy, I’m left with more than I could/should eat. When the kids come knocking, they always get a bunch of stuff.

But one year in particular — I’m guessing this was in 2008, or somewhere around then — we spent the night before Halloween building killer goodie bags STUFFED with candies, little toys, stickers and other things. A whole dang grab bag of stuff, for every creature of the night.

We didn’t get very many trick-or-treaters that year, but the ones who knocked couldn’t believe their luck. Virtually all of them gasped as we handed over those big Ziploc bags. Given that I can still remember which houses gave me two Blow Pops over thirty years ago, I have no doubt that we created many lasting memories that day.

Your turn! Share a happy Halloween memory, in the comments!

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