2021 Holiday Season: Week 1!

I hope everyone had a nice transition from Halloween into the HOLIDAY SEASON — if you’re ready for it, that is!

I’ve been taking it slow myself. Giving myself a moment to survey the landscape and figure out what I wanna do, both on the site and IRL.

For me, it kinda needs to be a low maintenance holiday season, so I’m gonna apply the same take-it-as-it-comes attitude to November and December that I did during September and October.

On the site front, I gathered up all of the Christmassy VHS tapes I’d purchased in the last year or so, and I’ve been mining them for old TV commercials and more. I’m glad I remembered to check, because I had some heavy hitters in this VHS batch. You’ll see some of those goodies very soon!

For tonight, here’s a wonderful compilation of Thanksgiving-themed TV commercials from the ‘80s. This isn’t one of my comps, but it really grabbed me. Such a fun mix of holiday and “general” TV spots from that decade. Should put you in a good mood!

I’ll be back next week w/ some new stuff. Working the kinks out of a few videos and articles, and of course we have the podcast on the horizon, too. For now, here’s your first free-for-all thread of the 2021 holiday season. Talk about whatever!