2021 Holiday Season: Week 2!

It was slow around these parts last week. Maybe people weren’t aware that After Dark would remain updated through the holidays, or maybe Halloween is just a bigger draw. Doesn’t really matter — whether a thread gets 300 comments or just three, I’m gonna keep a “build it and they will come” attitude.

So, here’s your thread for Week 2 of the 2021 Holiday Season!

This month has been busy as hell. The Funpacks and podcast are always on the monthly to-do list, but since everything kinda needs to be delivered before Thanksgiving to have any relevance, I don’t have my usual wiggle room. Still, it’ll get done. One way or another, it always does.

My fam finally locked their plans for Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a smaller party than usual, though “smaller” in my giant Italian family doesn’t exactly mean “small.” To be honest, I’m all for having a more low-key TG this year. After all of the exhausting craziness of 2021, I’d rather have a reflective, relaxing holiday.

This week’s background noise: Garfield’s Thanksgiving, the 1989 TV special that made us love Grandma Arbuckle that much more. (Bonus points: This is an official upload from Garfield’s people, so the quality is excellent!)

Oh, and since last week was pretty quiet on After Dark, maybe I can liven things up with a survey:

In the comments, name a holiday dish that you’ve always heard/read about but never tried. Preferably something you really want to try.

I’ll go with oyster stuffing. I’ve been reading about it forever, but to date have never even seen it in person, let alone had a chance to sample it. I followed a recipe for Stove Top with minced clams last year, and since that was surprisingly good, I’m betting that homemade stuffing with oysters has gotta be a winner, too.

This is your free-for-all thread for Week 2. Answer the survey question if you wish, but you can also talk about whatever ya want, all week long!