30 Minutes of Christmas Commercials!

It’s after 1AM right now, which isn’t exactly an ideal time to update After Dark. Oh well, this thread is meant to last a few days, anyway.

Hello! It’s been too long!

I come bearing gifts. Here’s a mega-sized compilation of Christmassy TV commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s. They’re mostly ones I’ve already covered on the site, but I think I snuck a few new gems in there, too. It’s a solid mix of beloved classics and total unknowns, and should make for great background noise while you, I dunno, plan whatever mutant crowdless Thanksgiving you’ve got going this year.

On that note: We’re staying home. I don’t mind too much. One of my favorite Thanksgivings was just a few years ago, when we both got sick and decided to skip both sides’ parties. I always have fun at Thanksgiving, but it’s an *extremely* long day, so it was nice to spend one kicking back on the couch with holiday sitcom reruns and Black Friday circulars. I could go for that again.

We’re still going to make all of the traditional foods, though I’ll miss leaving a big party with my beloved tray of oily leftovers. Here’s a photo of last year’s doggy bag:

Mmmm. Disgusting and delicious.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the next Purple Stuff Podcast drops on the early side of next week, and if you’ve been following our pattern, you can probably guess what it’s about.

I also have a few “exciting” articles in the works — in quotes because my idea of “exciting” is super weird, and I can only get away with that adjective here on the secret late night part of the site, where there is no judgment.

Hope you’re all doing okay in this endlessly insane year we’re having!