American Gladiators!

Here’s a random episode of American Gladiators, from 1992:

Mixed emotions about this show. As I recall, American Gladiators aired after all of the cartoons wrapped up on Saturday morning, signaling a long stretch of hours where there’d be nothing on television.

So, I’d be sitting there watching people bash each other with those giant foam turkey legs or whatever, completely dreading those final minutes. Once American Gladiators ended, all I had were news programs, grainy movies from 1972 and the occasional car race.

Tonight’s survey:

…has nothing to do with American Gladiators.

In the comments, tell everyone about one of your favorite giant monsters.

You can take “giant monster” however you like. Godzilla, Stay Puft, Falkor the Luck Dragon… whatever.

Can be from a toon, show, movie, video game — doesn’t matter!