Dino Drac’s April Funpack is here!

Well, this month’s Funpack post is going up late, but here’s the good news: If you’re a subscriber, it’s already been shipped out!

For the rest of you, I’m afraid to say that spares are VERY limited this month. If you’d like to get on the list for one, please email me! (dinosaurdracula on gmail) The cost is $25, shipped to anywhere in the United States. First come, first serve!

The April 2024 Funpack is a knockout, in my opinion. Keep reading to learn about everything in this month’s box!

Leading the charge this month is a freakin’ awesome and adorable Aliens plush doll! MOST of you (as in, the VAST majority) will receive that super cute (and super yellow) smilin’ Facehugger plush. That was actually a special Loot Crate item back in 2016, and they’re all officially licensed, with tags still attached, in brand new, untouched condition.

While most of you will receive the Facehugger, just a few will receive the larger Neomorph plush (the sweet blue guy in the back), also in brand new condition with tags. The Neomorphs are being randomly packed and are in short supply – I mostly just needed them to make sure I had enough dollies for everyone!

To continue the Aliens fun, I’m also tossing in a random stack of six vintage Topps Alien trading cards, from the rare 1979 set! These are super old school, from back when trading card sets were one of the only ways for us to get still images from the movies we loved!

You’ll receive six cards at random. (Or five cards plus one sticker, though that’s rarer.) I can’t guarantee that you’ll see a Xenomorph in your set, but I’ll make sure you get six different cards!

Next up is a 1992 issue of McDonald’s Fun Times Magazine, featuring the stars of ABC’s Dinosaurs TV series – who also happened to be featured in a then-current Happy Meal!

These newsletter-style magazines are just a few pages long, but they’re packaged with photos, puzzles, and of course, greasy nostalgia. While unused, please note that many have address labels on the back. (Apparently these were shipped to various medical offices as free reading material!)

Since it won’t fit in the box any other way, each magazine will be gently folded like you see in this photo.

Next up is a fresh pack of Slammin’ Strawberry Big League Chew. These are the regular retail packages, coming in at over 2 ounces! If you’ve only ever had the original flavor of Big League Chew, you’re in for a tasty treat.

This strawberry stuff is magnificent, and honestly one of the most delicious gums on the market right now. While your pouch includes more than one serving, I doubt you’ll be able to resist killing it in a single round.

There’s still more! You’ll each receive ONE of these three vintage 1980s sticker packs, in never-used, unopened condition. The photo doesn’t do these justice at all – they’re so colorful and SO retro.

In the mix is a set of Hallmark arcade stickers, a set of ‘80s “charm” stickers, and a pack of “Tang Trio” stickers. You’ll get one of these, slipped into your Funpack at random. I genuinely can’t pick a favorite!

Oh, and you’ll also get one of these Pocket Box blind bags, made a while back by Breyer. This is their “CATS” edition, meaning you’ll get an adorable box stuffed with two super cute cat figurines.

If you’ve never heard of these, I get the impression that they were mainly sold in the United Kingdom. There are TONS of cats in the series, so don’t expect to see the same two in your Funpack!

Wrapping things up, we have this month’s 5×7” cardstock mini-poster, starring a Pepsi Big Slam bottle from the ‘90s. Your former weekend fuel! Joining it is a 2×2” sticker, featuring Beetlejuice holding a Game Boy. Yeah.

You’ll also get this month’s Funpack Newsletter, plus an exclusive essay that will never be reprinted on the site! (This month’s essay is about my late father’s favorite junk food… which is really just my excuse to gush about some long-discontinued ‘80s snacks.)

So yep, you’ll get all of the above for $25, shipped anywhere in the United States!

If you’re already a subscriber… you’re all set! Your Funpack is already on the way and will be there before the month is over.

If you’re NOT a subscriber and you’d like to purchase this Funpack, please email me! (dinosaurdracula on gmail) If you make it in time, I’ll send you an invoice and you’ll be all set. I have very few spares this month, hence why I’m handling it through email – I don’t wanna oversell!

Thanks, all! I hope you enjoy the goodies!